JAWS this Saturday night. 8pm at Neptune Blvd beach.


The weather last week for Star Wars was pretty crazy. We rightfully got kicked off the beach around 4pm because of the lightening storm. The weather then looked like it was going to clear up around 7pm. The forecasts even said so, but wind knocked the screen down around 10pm, with the movie being cancelled shortly after due to rain. We can never predict this crazy weather, so I am not even going to try to post updates on here. The best place to go is Long Beach Movie Nights for all up-to-date info on this event.  


The RALLY 4 REUSABLE BAGS @ CITY HALL seems like it made an impact. Based on some photos that I’ve seen, there appears to be support coming from our elected officials. During the City Council meeting, this fine gentlemen appeared with the following sign:


If that costume doesn’t make an impact, I don’t know what will. I’m personally tired of seeing plastic bags attached to trees all over Long Beach. I’m tired of seeing them in our waters, flying around our streets. Sorry, plastic bags, You are not as cute as that red ballon from that old French film.

Ok, I get how not everybody wants to walk around with a cloth bag. We should at least use alternatives; ones that are biodegradable or paper. Heck, even bags you can eat!

I do want to apologize to the organizers for not being able to go, but Tuesdays are always my worst nights to do anything.  That being said, major kudos to all those who did go.  I hope to hear some positive news from your cause soon!

Allegria auction updates

A few of my friends were hanging around the hotel auction eavesdropping, reading lips and wearing invisibility cloaks- trying desperately to get whatever info they can. Here is the latest:

“It just sold for $27.4 million to a man who allegedly represents the mortgagee.”

Well… I’m sure we’ll read more about this in the Herald. They have better eavesdroppers, lip readers and invisibility cloaks than my crew.

City Hall: Rally 4 Reusable Bags [July 19th]

There is going to be a rally for reusable bags at City Hall next Tuesday. Here is the event info:

“THIS IS IT!! Let’s take a stand against the epidemic of single-use plastics and show our City Council we want to BRING OUR OWN BAGS!! Bring your friends, family & neighbors to Kennedy Plaza for ONE NIGHT ONLY to show your support for bag legislation in the City of Long Beach! We’re gathering right in front of City Hall immediately before the next City Council meeting to let them know that LB residents are in support of this positive step! Together, we can make a great change for our community and our environment.

City Hall
Tuesday, July 19th

Event page: facebook.com/events/893591457451017/


I’m perplexed by this story that was published in the NY Times: The MysteriousMetamorphosis of Chuck Close

READ: The MysteriousMetamorphosis of Chuck Close

Yes, Chuck Close is a legend. We all know that. The part of the article that pertains to him was very well done. Bravo! I see Close around town and always get starstruck. I know how special it is to have someone of his caliber living in our beloved city by the sea. I am just so puzzled by the offhanded remarks the author wrote about Long Beach. He just comes across as this pretentious asshole who cannot believe why somebody would chose to live here. I’m not alone on this, read through comments on the NY Times website or even the facebooks:

“Loved the article but hated that the author chose – repeatedly – to backhandedly ‘bash’ Long Beach. The reiterated ‘why would he end up in Long Beach’ sentiment – annoyed me. I felt offended. Long Beach is OUR paradise. Meh.

“The writer struck me as quite pretentious, with the snobby disapproval of Long Beach and the hoi polloi and the tourists, ick!”

“It’s clear from this piece that the writer knows nothing about Long Beach and yet he evaluates the city as if he is some sort of expert.”

My sentiments exactly. I mean, what is this?

“bwomp-­bwompingnightclubs along the strip”

What strip? What night clubs? Who even still uses the term ‘night clubs’ these days!

“If all this sounds like an odd place to find one of the world’s most celebrated painters, a master of the modern portrait whose work is displayed in the great museums, all I can tell you is that pretty much every close friend and relative of Close’s feels the same way”

Was this article solely written to bash Long Beach? I don’t get it! Long Beach is actually home to an array of amazing people, not just cops and firefighters looking to blow off steam, as the author suggested. Wow, what an insult to cops and firefighters. But don’t worry, you won’t see any of them at any artist colony. Again, pretentious….

“crowded isolation of Long Beach” 

sigh…. I just can’t…. I love Love LOVE Manhattan, but I felt semi-isolated when I lived there with the hustle, the bustle, tall buildings, etc. In Long Beach, I just walk down to the beach and I’m in Zen. To each his own, I guess….

The author contradict’s himself [sorta] when he wrote:

“Six months later, he was back in Long Beach with the canvas nearly complete. It was the darkest painting he’d ever composed and, to my eye, one of the most beautiful.” 

Perhaps the heart and soul of Long Beach was exactly what Close needed. Who am I to say, I’m no artist, but I do know this: Long Beach has a very strong heart and soul. It doesn’t come packaged in a pompous goody bag. You have to actually live here to realize how special, unique and magical it is. To me, the backhanded-bashing of Long Beach comes across as very High School/amateur hour. I guess us LB-folks can never and will never be part of the cool crowd. Come to think of it, I am actually ok with that.

NEWSDAY: IDA sets ‘final’ vote on Long Beach project’s tax breaks

“This has been one of the most thoroughly examined and vetted applications that the IDA staff has gone through,”  [IDA Executive Director Joseph J. Kearney] said. “I think everyone who has expressed an interest in being heard, has been heard and, frankly, the board is of the opinion it has to decide one way or the other what it is going to do with this application, out of fairness to the applicant and to the residents of Long Beach and Nassau County.”

July 28th. Please read the full article over at Newsday:  IDA sets ‘final’ vote on Long Beach project’s tax breaks

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