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LBPFA logoIt looks like there is a Stop the Long Beach Firefighter layoffs blog. So for those who want to follow up and support the cause, here is the link:

This is all in response to this: The City of Long Beach – ICMA Public Safety Management- Emergency Response Study Public Meeting Documents Continue reading New ‘Stop the LBFD Layoffs’ Blog

Project 11561 is asking “What are your top 5 Priorities for LB?” What are they?

10347493_738687422894650_6540223310965142114_nPretty good topic @project11561. Since we all have different opinions on every aspect of this city, what are your top five priorities? Of course I want everybody back in their homes, but I’m concentrating on five that are more city-specific. Here are mine in no particular order. What are yours?  Continue reading Project 11561 is asking “What are your top 5 Priorities for LB?” What are they?

Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]

415515_363882036984522_585145579_o(image of skatepark in Far Rockaway

From Long Beach:

“The City will be hosting a public engagement session regarding development of our new Skate Park on Thursday, March 5 at 7PM on the 2nd floor of the Long Beach Public Library. All residents are welcome to attend and participate. [LINK]

I, for one, am excited about this skatepark and I don’t care how unpopular that opinion is. I’m tired when people complain about one topic by dragging in something that’s completely unrelated: e.g., Why do we have a new boardwalk when our hospital is still closed. UGHHHHH

I don’t want to turn this into a hospital vs. Skatepark issue and it might come across that it is, but my point is this: don’t politicize the skatepark. It has nothing to do with other issues, such as the privately owned Long Beach Medical Center. Continue reading Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]

What ONE movie would you and your family like to see on the beach this summer?

UPDATE x2:  Long Beach Movie Nights needs more Old Time Classic suggestions.

  • Kid movie / cartoon (Pixar, Disney, Toy Story, UP, wall-e, etc)
  • Teen / Family movie (Goonies, ET, etc)
  • Classic big budget movie (Jaws, etc)
  • Old Time Classics (Casablanca  Citizen Kane, etc.)
  • Musicals (sound of music, wizard of oz, etc)
  • Adult (rocky horror, etc)

UPDATE: I am being told that Star Wars will most likely never happen.

Long Beach Movie Nights is asking: What ONE movie would you and your family like to see on the beach this summer? 

My personal favorites include: Jaws, Star Wars (original, non-se), Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Godfather 1&2, Godzilla vs Mothra, Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended versions), original Dawn of the Dead, Rushmore, Spinal Tap. Or how about a wacky movie like Kentucky Fried Movie, Midnight Madness or Troll 2? Am I the only person in Long Beach who loves TROLL 2?? What are your personal favs?  Continue reading What ONE movie would you and your family like to see on the beach this summer?

Crabs can stay, but please put away those snowflakes :)

A reader asks:

“Great blog… Any idea why the Christmas lights are still up on the light poles? I’m a Catholic and love Christmas but it is almost March. I guess you can make a case to leave up the beach theme lights, but there are Christmas trees and candy cane lights in the east end. Long Beach is like that lazy neighbor who leaves their lights up all year. Not a good look….

Facebook group Project 11561 just brought this up the other day with the same idea: maybe leave the beach theme lights up, but xmas lights really need to be put away. I’m tired of looking at snowflakes when all I want is spring!  I actually kinda like the idea of the nautical lights being up all year round. Is that crazy?

Judge: Long Beach owes landowners $5.5M [LIBN.COM]

You need to subscribe to Long Island Business News to read the entire article, but you can get some info here:

and here are some highlights from the LIBN article:

“On Jan. 14, a state appellate court upheld the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling that real estate investors Louis Bombart and Steve Silverberg, who owned less than an acre of the six-acre “Superblock” project site, are owed an additional $5.5 million plus interest over the $3 million they initially got from the city when Long Beach condemned the property in 2006. [LINK]

City vows to appeal award for condemned property [LINK]

and regarding iStar:

“They have always said that shovels will be in the ground this summer,” said Long Beach Corp. Counsel Rob Agostisi.

An iStar executive didn’t respond to a request for comment. [LINK]

Read more:

Medical Marijuana: Five state-wide locations will be selected for growth and distribution. Should Long Beach be one of them? [OPINION]

In 2014 New York State passed legislation that will allow healthcare providers to recommend the use of medical marijuana under carefully controlled circumstances. Doctors will then be able to prescribe the Ganja in a non-smokable form to patients with serious illnesses.

Of course, this will all be heavily regulated. Under the Compassionate Care Act, five manufacturers state-wide will be selected to grow and operate four dispensaries for distribution. These exact locations have yet to be determined, but Plattsbugh, NY wants to be one of them:

“Plattsburgh, N.Y.’s Common Council said it wants local entrepreneurs to get into the marijuana business. The council voted last night in favor of a resolution that encourages companies in Clinton County to seek permission to grow and sell pot legally..[LINK].

Should Long Beach follow their lead? That is a question one reader asks, who adds, “[Marijuana] would bring people to town and do wonders for that new bakery in the west end!” Of course, on a more serious note, sees it as an opportunity for our city financially:  “It might even be more impetus to get the hospital open so people can get prescriptions, or they could just make the hospital one huge grow house and a small office for prescriptions.”

With the aging population of Long Island, medical marijuana is sure to find it’s way on our Island somewhere. Making Long Beach one of the five state locations to grow and distribute is something that could create jobs and really boost our local economy.



Should The City of Long Beach have a Garage Sale to raise money for city-wide beautification? I SAY YES!

garagesaleWe have two humvees which are gas guzzling, prone to breaking down, and quite douche-baggy to own for non-military use. They are not needed. If we are under attack, I trust our fine and brave military will protect us.

I say: let’s sell the humvees and whatever else our City has that’s not really needed. Don’t we have segways collecting dust? or did Sandy take those? Anyway, the money raised can be used for beautifying our city! What else can we sell? I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! Continue reading Should The City of Long Beach have a Garage Sale to raise money for city-wide beautification? I SAY YES!

I’m not sure if any solicitation was involved, but we got those hummers for free. Satisfied?

I received an email from a worried LB taxpayer regarding the LBPD hummer/ humvee* photo that I posted yesterday. I just want to clarify how those vehicles came from army surplus a few years ago:

The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce the acquisition of numerous vehicles and equipment from US Army surplus, at no cost the City of Long Beach. Included in that acquisition, among other equipment, are two Humvees, a dump truck, crane, and a high axle 5 ½ ton truck. [LINK]


Why are they really needed? I have no idea. Buuuut.. some of you might remember how these vehicles where key in our failed attempt to annex neighboring territories back in April 2014:  (Read: BREAKING: CITY OF LONG BEACH TO ANNEX EAST ATLANTIC BEACH, ATLANTIC BEACH, LIDO BEACH AND POINT LOOKOUT)

*I know it’s a Humvee and not a hummer, which is the ‘civilian’ vehicle brand. I just couldn’t pass up on a  bad joke.

Welcome to rants, rumors, insanity, personal feelings, opinions and maybe some news. Welcome to the unofficial blog of long beach, ny. #longbeachnynotcalifornia

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