State of the Blog [MEDIA ALERT]

I’ve have been running for almost nine years now. I’m always honored by how beloved this blog has been by so many of you. Heck, even the City of Long Beach celebrated my blog by giving me awards for it [here’s one of them]. I always get nothing, but positive feedback and encouragement to continue what was once the primary place for public discussion about our great city by the sea. With all that, I feel it’s my duty to at least give you, my readers some sort of explanation as to why it’s been a ghost town around here.

I am not ready to talk about everything, but eventually I will. Full details are imminent. I know the blog hasn’t been the same for the past year or so, but it’s with good reason. Oh boy, you will never believe the crap, harassment and damages my family & I have experienced. Actually, another innocent resident is somehow involved as well. I am sure she’ll want me to blog about her tale. You, my readers have damages, too. Constitutional rights have been violated (I’m fighting that as well).

To be honest, I’m not sure if I should start blogging all this now or until it’s all over. I just might wait for V day so I can just blog in one big post. For now, all media please contact me for a future Press Release, for it’s my constitutional right to tell this story.  Also, any published authors out there interested in a project? Please contact me.


Is a Wind Farm coming to our shores?

A friend of the blog just sent this in. What do you folks think?

“If everything goes to plan, New York City and Long Island will be harnessing the Atlantic Ocean’s strong and dependable winds as a source of renewable energy. 
Norway’s biggest oil company will be developing an offshore wind farm outside of New York. Statoil submitted the winning bid of $42.5 million to the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management last Friday to lease nearly 80,000 acres of federal waters roughly 14 miles off the coast of Long Island, the Huffington Post reported.

Article: Norway’s Biggest Oil Company to Build Huge Offshore Wind Farm Off Coast of New York

Image via @Statoil

Did our City Manager Jack Schnirman just start his campaign for a Nassau County Executive run?

UPDATE: I just learned it’s not an official announcement, but ‘part of the dialogue of exploratory process.’  

In the past hour I was invited to LIKE a new Facebook Group called Nassau Forward, plus received an email which goes into more detail. These invites came from Long Beach City Manager himself, Jack Schnirman. Is this the beginning of a run for County Executive?

In the email, Jack writes:

“It’s time to get our financial house in order once and for all. And we need to empower you to make an impact in your local community, as only you know how. There’s always plenty of hollow talk by the same people who have been around for years—they’ve had their chance, and they’ve failed us. What we need now are fresh leaders with the knowledge, know-how and experience to make the change we need.”

Well, it sounds like a run to me. Our current executive Ed Mangano has been in office since 2010 and is up for reelection next year. I’m really curious to see where this Nassau Forward is headed.

Ooh la la LB : Shop Local Holiday Night 12/17, 3-7PM

The holidays are approaching super quick and we wanted to get our customers into the holiday spirit so we are hosting a holiday event on Saturday, December 17th from 3-7 PM and our neighboring stores will be serving sweets and promoting our event as well. We will have a pink Santa to take pictures with, hot cocoa, baked goods, promos, sales and more!

Ooh la la LB
134 E Park Avenue
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 431-4070

FYI: Yes, Clark Street Park has reopened [like a month ago]

It came to my attention how many parents (and kids, of course) still don’t know how our beloved Clark Street Park in the canals reopened in November. I took some photos of what’s new. The equipment there has always been fine, so really just the floor was replaced in the playground section. It’s very squishy squashy. The grassy bay area now has pergolas, picnic tables and a walkway.

The Best Holiday Gift for any Parent: Brannock Junior Foot Measuring Device

Brannock Junior Foot Measuring Device: The Best Holiday Gift for any Parent

Click photo to go to the Amazon page

Yes. This is not exactly Long Beach-related and definitely not about shopping locally, but I just bought one of these devices and you should too. If you’re a parent of a toddler or infant, there is really nothing else for me to say here.  You know the pain and agony it takes to get your kid’s feet measured. This expense is totally worth it. The one pictured above measures from infant size (US) 0 to childs (US) size 5. Will measure most children up to the age of 10! [LINK]



Wildfeast Foods @ 10 W. Park Avenue [IT’S FANTASTIC!]

Wildfeast Foods opened their doors at 10 West Park Avenue just three weeks ago. I was finally able to give them a try and let me tell you, this place is fantastic! What we had was an extremely fresh and tasty meal. For appetizer I ate the PROSCIUTTO AND SHAVED BRUSSELS SROUTS, which was out of this world. My main dish was the STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST, Free range chicken stuffed with spinach and goat’s cheese. This came with potatoes and salad on the side. The Chicken was so moist and delicious. This also came wrapped in prosciutto, so I was in heaven. I seriously cannot wait to have it again. My wife ordered the LOCAL DIVER SCALLOPS IN HOUSE SMOKED BACON, which she said was cooked to perfection.

I will definitely be going back for more and more and more, etc, etc. I cannot wait to try other items they have to offer. A scan of the menu is posted below, but you can always view it on their website. Definitely check this place out.

Wildfest Foods
10 West Park Avenue
Long Beach, New York

Click on MENU for a larger view

$775,000 for Downtown Resilient Connectivity for Park Avenue Phase 2 & $300,000 for Pride on the Beach!

The Regional Economic Development Councils have announced their awards. Long Beach will be a recipient of two of them. $775,000 for Downtown Resilient Connectivity for Park Avenue Phase 2 & $300,000 for Pride on the Beach! [LINK]

$775,000 for Downtown Resilient Connectivity for Park Avenue Phase 2

The City of Long Beach will design and construct improvements along Park Avenue to create complete streets and establish a more resilient downtown. Improvements, including permeable pavement utility strips, stormwater treatment, solar street lights, streetscape amenities and wayfinding signage, will mitigate stormwater flooding, revitalize the downtown, generate economic activity, and also enhance the quality of life in this commuter rail community by making it more pedestrian friendly.

$300,000 for Pride on the Beach!

The LGBT Network is partnering with the City of Long Beach to produce “Pride on the Beach,” a “3-day destination Pride celebration” leveraging Long Island’s beaches as a natural asset to stimulate out-of-state tourism.

Guess the boardwalk Light! [It’s Game Wednesday!]

I love the boardwalk lights, but one of them confused the heck out of me this morning. At first I thought it was a bleeding elephant. It wasn’t until I got closer when I realized what it actually was. I asked for some guesses on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s what I got so far:

  • “headless mermaid”
  • “a sleigh sideways”
  • “2 goldfish playing wiffle ball”
  • “Tom Carvel says its Fudgie the Whale”
  • It looks like Snoopy, lol.”
  • “Anthony Eramo’s profile”
  • “Its a ‘phant”

Still don’t know what it is? This might help:

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