An updated schedule for the Army Corps of Engineers project

Here is an update from the City of Long Beach regarding the Army Corp Project. I’m using it as a press release since it’s basically a copy and paste. Important info, nonetheless.
An updated schedule for the Army Corps of Engineers project was released from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)….
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Zoning, development and potential of skinny jeans in North Park [opinion]

Rendering courtesy of the City of Long Beach

Concerning the North Park section of Long Beach. Read this Long Beach Herald article: Long Beach looking to overhaul zoning code.

So our city has this Comprehensive Plan [LINK], specifically to come up with new zoning guidelines. The vote by our city to move forward was postponed due to North Park resident concerns.

“residents concerned about gentrification [AKA Skinny Jeans]

“Residents feel that their voices aren’t being heard,” Marcus Tinker, a member of the Concerned Citizens of North Park, said after the meeting. “We feel that this is going to displace a lot of residents. We’re not against development; we’re against people being displaced.” [LINK]

I feel for the many great people who live in the North Park area. Nobody wants to be displaced or pushed out of their homes by some dude in skinny jeans. Unfortunately it’s an area where guns fire, some are even fatal. It’s a situation that needs to be changed, because status quo just isn’t going to cut it. In my opinion, Shot Spotters just aren’t enough to curb all the violence.

What type of change should there be? I don’t know. I don’t live in that particular neighborhood, so it’s unfair for me to say what the fix is. Of course I’m an opinionated blogger and have some suggestions:

  • Water access . Natures does the body good. That area on the bay is not pretty. [Please see my 2011 post of that area which still hold true today: THE FORBIDDEN ZONE OF LONG BEACH: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY]. Cleaning up and bringing better access to the bay would do nothing, but bring positive change. The comprehensive plan includes linking the North Park bay west over the LIRR tracks with a promenade. How could you be against that? Right now with the LIRR, LB BLVD and Stop&Shop, North Park is trapped inside a wall. Let’s open it up. “TEAR DOWN THE WALL” – Pink Floyd
  • Along the lines of water access, a marina could mean jobs. Jobs are good, right?
  • Stop & Shop center needs to be redeveloped. [Again] it’s basically a wall blocking much of North Park from the rest of Long Beach. I dislike that shopping center, so I have no problem getting behind any plan that involves redeveloping it.
  • That Channel Park housing complex needs to be torn down [I’m sorry, but it’s the truth] since it appears to be the main culprit of all the crime [see articles below]. They even have bedbugs.



That time when Long Beach marked the end point of the NYC marathon [Long Beach History]

From Doug Sheer of the Long Beach Island Landmarks Association

The Long Beach Marathon

While Long Beach hosts many runs along its 2.2 mile boardwalk, there was a time when Long Beach marked the end point of a NYC marathon. In two consecutive years, 1927 and 1928, the NYC – Long Beach Marathon was one of the headline runs in the country. The star of the 1927 marathon was a Native American from the Hopi Tribe of Arizona by the name of Quanowahu along with his tribal brother Pohoquaptewa. Their local competition was the well-known runner, Albert Michelsen from Stamford, Connecticut. The marathon was held under the auspices of the Lions Club of Long Beach and the Metropolitan Association of the American Athletic Union. The course started at 59th Street and 6th Avenue at noon and crossed the Queensboro Bridge. Participants ran along Queens Boulevard through Jamaica and then along Merrick Road to Lynbrook where they headed south to Long Beach and ended at City Hall.

Though Quanowahu had come in second place in a recent Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona the conditions could not have been more different. In Arizona, participants ran across the hot desert, often dodging rattlesnakes and gila monsters along with their constant need for water. In NYC and Long Island they encountered an altitude difference of roughly 7,000 feet, the fumes of thousands of cars along with the danger of dodging traffic and the Long Island Railroad. For Quanowahu the most difficult task was running it rubber soled shoes on hard pavement, so different from the giving sands of the desert.

With 136 starters taking off from Manhattan the field started to thin out once on Long Island. While Quanowahu had yet to break a sweat because of the cool ocean breezes, Michelson however was wet from head to foot. Twelve miles from the start it was Quanowahu in the lead with Michelson second and Pohoquaptewa in third place. In Island Park, as Quanowahu crossed the LIRR tracks just ahead of a passing train, Michelson had to stop and lost about14 seconds waiting for the train to pass. As Quanowahu crossed over the LB Bridge he sprinted on to City Hall and was greeted by Mayor Dalton and 10,000 spectators. The winning time for Quanowahu was 2 hours, 47 minutes and 43 seconds while Michelson came in more than1minute later. Quanowahu and Pohoquaptewa recuperated in the Nassau Hotel as their feet healed from their marathon run. Long Beach also gave them a chance to view the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The following year was the second and last NYC – Long Beach Marathon won by Joie Ray.


Help us Get 1 Million Bags Off the Streets..

With the bag law coming into effect in Long Beach on earth day (4/22/17), there is a huge need for reusable bags that are

  1.  good quality
  2. washable
  3. shopping bag size
  4. most eco-friendly material we can afford
  5. easy to transport and remember to bring.

We are going to fill that need with your help, and with Earth day events coming up, we need bags to give away so everyone can bring their own bag and be a steward of our environment and proud member of our community. Together, we do great things. I thank you for your support!

Please Visit: All Our Energy & LI Greenmarket’s Reusable Bag Printing Fund
All Our Energy

Check out the Dueling Pianos perform at THE JUNCTION (formerly The Park)

Check out the Dueling Pianos. This Sunday, March 19th, at the new JUNCTION (formerly The Park) near Gino’s across from Long Beach LIRR from 4 to 7 pm.  Featuring T J Zino.

The Junction
20 W Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561

Yep, you heard me. THE JUNCTION, formerly The Park. Is it a music venue like what the rumors suggested (link)? Well, based on the photo that Project 11561 posted, it sure looks so.

Photo courtesy of Project 11561

Come on, Junction, what’s your function? Are you a music venue? A sports bar? BOTH?



2017 Lindell Bunny Shoot – A Night of CA$H Raffles and Fun [April 1st]

The Lindell PTA is thrilled to announce this year’s Bunny Shoot.  On April 1st we will be hosting the 2017 Lindell Bunny Shoot – A Night of CA$H Raffles and Fun.

Don’t worry this Bunny Shoot doesn’t require any weapons or ammunition – only community supporters who are willing to spend a little money on the chance of winning part CASH prizes. The night will consist of rapid fire 50/50 raffles for CA$H prizes with some goodies thrown in. There will also be a raffle table with great prizes such: Laptop – Flat Screen TV – A fully loaded beach cart and more! Buy your tickets and see if you get lucky! The pace is fast and the atmosphere is festive as everyone is there for a good cause.

Every table is its own party. Please note this event is BYOB and BYOF, so get a group of friends together and book your table now.  Book a table of 10 for only $100.  Bring a cooler, a big sandwich, a tray of buffalo wings, table games and whatever else you need to make your table the best party table of the night.  Single admission is available for $15.  Each paid admission includes a raffle for a basket of cheer.

Reserve your party table today or 718-490-9293 or

Saturday April 1st Doors open at 7:00PM – St Mary’s Community Hall

What will you win that night?

‘Mob Hits’ and Delicious Breakfast: Saturday mornings at Bungalow West

Richard of the LB Doms is reporting that Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin music will be played at Bungalow West on Saturday mornings. It’s a great menu, so check it out!

Bungalow West
945 W Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

I know many of you are wondering what’s going on with the Bungalow East location at the former-Geri’s location. I’m hearing the menu is still be perfected, but hopefully soon (yeah, Richard told me that). 


Austin Blvd ‘improvements’. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE same mistakes as Lido Blvd [I am scared they might]

Be honest. Does anybody think Lido Blvd is safer than it was before those improvements they did back in …. what… 2011? Well, it’s not. See:

I found those from a really quick search, but there are much more buried in the blog. That being said:


I drive Lido Blvd daily and see the same speeding, especially past the schools. I see the same confused pedestrians taking risks running across the street. I watch kids on bicycles on sidewalks, just feet away from automobiles going 30+ over the speed limit. Don’t even mention those shrinking planters filled with mowed weeds.

That median was (apparently) supposed to be a safe spot for those crossing the highway street. Is standing on a platform between six lanes of fast moving traffic really something you’d consider to be safe?

Let’s move to Island Park. With a $5 million federal grant, t looks like Austin Boulevard will be getting a much needed make over sometime this year.  According to the Long Beach Patch (read: Island Park’s Austin Boulevard Set For Major Improvements) here are some key points we should be seeing:

“Widening the road’s center left-turn lanes from nine to 11 feet, allowing cars to have more maneuverability. [link]

I’m not much of a religious man, but I do find myself praying whenever I make left turns on Austin, so I can get behind that.

The regular travel lanes and parking lanes will also be widened.[link]

Parking lane. Yes. Many businesses count on street parking, so that definitively needs  to be wider. But the regular travel lanes do not. This is safety 101. The wider you make the travel lanes, the faster automobiles will go. In my opinion and experience of perceptive-driving all day, those lanes are wide enough.

“pedestrian safety upgrades made to the seven-lane road. New crosswalks with pedestrian crossing lights will be added, and the lights will have a countdown, so pedestrians know how much time they have left to cross.[link]

STOP THE PRESSES! Seven lane road? So they are sticking with the 3 on each side with one in the middle? This is exactly what they did in Lido Beach (see articles above for Lido Beach Mistakes)!

If I recall, originally on Austin Blvd the proposal was to eliminate one south bound lane, but leave three going north for evacuation. So does this means NO bike lane? With all this new residential development that’s happening  (or might happen) in Island Park/Harbor Island, we are still expecting everybody to drive to Long Beach if they want to come to the beach? HOLY CRAP, THEY NEED TO TURN ALL THOSE EMPTY BEACH-FRONT LOTS INTO PARKING GARAGES. Heck, knock everything down and bring in more parking. Glorious Parking Garages-By-The-Sea.

I know people will tell me “Anthony, with beach traffic, three southbound lanes are needed,” but is it really? I’m not much of a gambling man, but I’d wager better timed lights could and would solve that issue.

Other upgrades involved: pedestrian crossing lights, bump-outs, blah blah blah.  All that is good, but seriously, no bike lanes? Whatever…I guess read the entire article over at the LB Patch: Island Park’s Austin Boulevard Set For Major Improvements

What did we learn from all this? Nothing.

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