Want to read one of the best written articles that highlights our amazing City by the Sea? Check out this one, written by resident Darren Paltrowitz for Downtown Magazine NYC:


My work is done here; Darren pretty much covers everything we need to know about Long Beach and more. Amazing job! Oh, the blog is mentioned, along with a couple of quotes by yours truly. Thank you, Darren and Downtown!


Kennedy Plaza Farmers’ Market is open today! [REMINDER]

Cookies, pretzels, apples, fresh veggies. Did I mention pretzels and cookies? Head on down to the Farmers’ Market today at Kennedy Plaza, 1 West Chester Street, Long Beach NY. It’s still running on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9am to 2pm until November 23rd.

Speaking of cookies, visit Butterscotch!

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Neptune Blvd lights. I wish the city installed pedestrian/sidewalk ones instead… [OPINION]


I appreciate the fancy new lights on Neptune Blvd, but now that the sun is setting earlier, I’m remembering why I’d rather have pedestrian lights off the sidewalks instead.

Quite frankly, the placement of these new lights make no sense. What are they illuminating? The automobiles? Roofs of automobiles? The ability for drivers to find their keys as they enter their automobiles? Automobiles already have lights. They don’t need more. Pedestrian lighting makes so much more sense, espeically on this road because:

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    They allow pedestrians to yield to dog poop.

  2. They illuminate the sidewalk path which should encourage more walking around town at night time.
  3. They give better ‘pedestrian’ visibility to drivers, including those pulling out of or into driveways. Safety for all.
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This is especially true for right in front of East Elementary and Temple Emanu-El, both on Neptune. screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-3-13-40-pm

LB Road/N. Park Intersection [Reader Letter]

Original Post: Unsafe Intersection: There is literally no safe passage across Long Beach Blvd, north of Park Avenue

The following was sent in by a reader of the blog. I did mention how that corner is in Nassau County jurisdiction, but any feedback we can send out regarding this dangerous interaction is a step forward.

“In regards to the post about the LB Road/N. Park Intersection, you are spot on. I am a cyclist and have almost gotten hit numerous times. I’ve been yelled at many times and continue to simply point to the “Yield to Pedestrian” sign.  I agree with the commenter that this sign is absolutely not visible enough to those in the turning lanes due to the poles.  I reported it on the Long Beach Response App 2 months ago, with pictures, and never got any sort of response. I’m not sure of where else to take it.
Anyway, thanks for bringing this to light.  Hopefully it gets some attention.

Should we have a community-wide ‘garage sale day’?

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Proposal: A community-wide garage sale in Long Beach. I was discussing this idea with my gang (LB DOMS) over at Gentle Brew this morning. We came up with some benefits and couldn’t think of any negatives. I got the idea from Sea Cliff, where this an annual event:

“The entire town [Sea Cliff]  is having a Village Wide Garage Sale Extravaganza! This annual event encourages everyone in the town to hold a garage sale at their houses. It is a pretty nice area, so who knows what can be found there?” [LINK]

Courtesy of the Sea Cliff Civic Association
Courtesy of the Sea Cliff Civic Association

Should we copy our artsy neighbors in the north and do this in Long Beach? Pick one day or weekend in early spring so it coincides with the spring cleaning ritual we all should be doing anyway? The benefits would include: meeting your neighbors, getting rid of junk, finding gems, beneficial for new residents who are looking for furniture, etc. Personally, I would love to have a sale, but never have enough crap merchandise to draw. A community-wide sale, on the other hand…. I would definitely be out there with a table hawking my wares. Discuss….


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