Am I suppose to write something about Hurricane Sandy?

Greek God PictureI’m hearing how our city is considering an adaption of House Sacrifice, a ritual that was used to prevent flooding in ancient times. Look for this resolution on the next City Council agenda.

How does house sacrifice work? Basically every year on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, one random house in Long Beach will be flooded by the city. This sacrifice will hopefully appease and nourish the God of Hurricane, thus saving us all from future floods.

In all seriousness, people are still not back in their homes and that totally sucks. Oh and this is happening tonight: Remembering Superstorm Sandy Unity Walk: One Community, One Future

City Hall / Kennedy Plaza
1 W. Chester Street, LBNY 
6:30pm – 7:30pm

The City is inviting you to join with your friends and neighbors on October 29th at 6:30pm in Kennedy Plaza.

Come pick up your free “safeflame” candle and blue ribbon, all joining together as a united community, in a Citywide event, commemorating how we all came together following Superstorm Sandy.

The blue ribbons will symbolize our struggle through the storm, the recovery process and most importantly the journey for those still not back in their homes.

Coffee and hot chocolate will be generously provided by Gentle Brew in the plaza outside City Hall. After a brief ceremony, we will all head to the boardwalk where West End Arts will unveil two of the panels of the “Long Beach Boardwalk Art Project “Home Sweet Home” mural.

This evening is about coming together to talk to neighbors, share stories, and be one community-one future. We hope you will join us.

We stood together as one community two years ago and we will continue to do the same until everyone comes home and the recovery process is complete.

Laurel Luncheonette & Restaurant announces renovation project. It looks awesome!

Laurel Luncheonette & Restaurant (300 W. Park Avenue) just announced they will be renovating the facade and interior of their historic diner. It looks awesome! Check out the photos and learn about the project below:

68117_635044409941633_177272804786254401_n 10407389_635044413274966_6915283646791321550_n 1390689_635044406608300_4486248168540785910_n

“We are happy to officially announce that within the next few weeks, the Laurel will commence its long planned, and long awaited renovation project. And for those of you that were not aware, do not fear – the Laurel will retain its warmth, coziness and nostalgic feel of yesteryear that you have all grown to love.

We listened to you, our die-hard, loyal customers and established a steadfast directive that we abided by during the design process. We set out to create a “refreshed” eatery that still invoked the same nostalgic emotions that the Laurel seemed to magically conjure of its former neighbor, the Laurel Theater.

So we set out to find a design team that would be able to successfully design the new, while yet simultaneously retaining the old. We envisioned bringing to the forefront even more so, the fond memories of the Theater while sipping down your favorite flavor Egg Cream, or that classic malted or “Wing-ding”. This was THE critical element that we wanted to get right, no wait, – that we NEEDED to get right, and we needed to locate a design team that would be able to bring this idea to fruition.

After a long and extensive search, we were extremely fortunate to retain the talents of a company that had a long track record in creating the ambience we were looking for; that company was the award winning design team of Morris Nathanson Design (MND). MND has an extensive portfolio of restaurants, diners, resorts, hotels and cruise lines – one that transcends 40 years. Their work can be seen at many prestigious clients such as Disneyland Resorts, BB King’s Jazz Club, Johnny Rocket’s, Loews Hotel, Manhattan Diner and the list goes on and on (for more detail visit

And now, added to MND’s list of giants, is Long Beach’s own landmark, The Laurel! We hope you are just as excited as we are and ask for your patience and support during this upcoming construction phase. We hate to have to close the doors, but we will be forced to do so temporarily as our kitchen and bathrooms will be relocated during the process. Our ultimate goal upon reopening- to continue serving our beloved Long Beach residents and visitors for another 82 years – consecutively!

Finally, we would also like to take this moment to say, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Since super storm Sandy, there was a question whether or not Long Beach would be able flourish yet again, let alone our quaint luncheonette. But we just want to say that all of you have been super to us, and without you, this could not be possible. You have proven that your resilience and resolve is so strong that we confidently and proudly make this investment because we owe it to you. We owe it to Long Beach; when the chips were down, you were there, and we have not forgotten and we will never forget. The Laurel is as much yours as it is ours…it is home.

And without further ado, it is our please to share with you renderings of the new Laurel (courtesy of Morris Nathanson Design). [LINK]

UPDATED: Gov Cuomo: City of Long Beach: Downtown to the Boardwalk Resilient Connectivity: $1,063,851

Governor Cuomo Announces $70 Million in Funding for 68 Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects [LINK]:

  • City of Long Beach: Downtown to the Boardwalk Resilient Connectivity: $1,063,851

Sounds good. What’s it for? A reliable person is telling me it could be for National Blvd, from the Boardwalk to the LIRR. Don’t quote me on that. I’ll update once I hear more.  

Correction: Edwards Blvd. Read the full city statement here:

Huge News for Long Beach — not bad for a Monday!

The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a generous grant from the New York State Department of Transportation, in the amount of $1,063,851, for “Downtown to the Boardwalk: Resilient Connectivity.”

The proposed project, covered by this grant, will transform one of the major boulevards in the City of Long Beach, Edwards Boulevard, into a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly thoroughfare that includes elements of resiliency and green infrastructure. Edwards Boulevard is the gateway to the beach from the Long Beach multimodal transportation hub.

Earlier this year, the City invited residents along Edwards Blvd. to participate in a community engagement session to provide information for the grant application. The City has regularly requested resident feedback to help formulate plans for significant projects such as the Long Beach Boardwalk. Now that funding has been obtained for this project, residents will be brought into the process again to determine the future of this project.

“In 2013, the City Council approved the Complete Streets Policy, and this grant money gives us a great opportunity to implement that very policy while incorporating resiliency into infrastructure projects,” stated City Council President Scott J. Mandel. “The City’s Department of Economic Development and Planning applied for this grant earlier this year, and we sincerely thank Governor Cuomo for assisting us with this award.”

“This project is a prime example of Long Beach Listens in action,” said City Council Vice President Fran Adelson. “We invited community members to participate in a public session to provide input for the grant, and the end result is a grant for more than a million dollars to help us embark on a tremendous project. We have an incredibly connected and involved community that plays an integral role in moving Long Beach forward, and we look forward to working with them at future community-engagement meetings to ensure that this project is designed based on the needs of our residents.”

“Cornerstones of this administration include building green infrastructure, improving traffic safety, and enhancing our downtown,” said City Councilwoman Eileen J. Goggin. “These types of grants help beautify the neighborhood, improving the quality of life for our residents, and increase safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, alike.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that projects like the one Long Beach will be taking on “will help communities become more walkable and bicycle friendly, as well as show off the natural beauty that exists in every corner of this state.

“When applying to the Department of Transportation, municipalities typically do not receive funding in their first year due to the complexity of the application and the amount of competition,” said Economic Development Director Patricia Bourne. “Receiving this award the first time we applied for it is quite special – only three municipalities in Nassau County received an award.”

The projects receiving awards throughout the State were chosen through a competitive solicitation process and rated on established criteria that included public benefit and community support for the project; connectivity to an existing transportation system; how well the proposed improvements benefit walking and bicycling; impact on local or regional economies; availability of matching funds; and ability to deliver the project within federally required timeframes. The funds are made available to the State through the Federal Highway Administration and are administered by the State Department of Transportation. The program provides up to 80 percent of the cost of each project, with the remaining share coming from the project sponsor. In the City’s case, the remaining 20 percent is covered by the Public Works Department’s Capital Budget. The funds are dedicated for strategic investments in transportation alternatives and with a local sponsor match of more than $33.6 million, support a total investment of nearly $103.7 million. [LINK]

Google Earth and Flight Path for Tonight’s rocket launch

Here are some images of the flight path for tonight’s rocket launch. This one is supplied by NASA and shows as if the person was standing on the west bank of the Hudson river, we will see the same path in LB just remember we are on the other side of Manhattan in that image.,%20North%20Bergen,%20NJ_Trajectory_high.jpg

Here is one I screen grabbed from Google earth using the KML from NASA  .  If you stand on the boardwalk railing looking out to the water this is the path the rocket should take  (Attached JPEG)

We should be able to make out the first stage cutoff as well as the 2nd stage ignition.

As an added bonus viewers on the boardwalk should be able to see the International Space Station fly past just after the launch.  At 6:51PM the ISS will appear 36 degrees above the horizon to the west and will be visible for 4 minutes and disappear 10 degrees above horizon in the SSE

This image will help explain where to look and more ISS sightings can be found at

Some good things happening

Written by Ed Glister

Two positive events occurred last week that may not have been seen by many members of our community. On Tuesday, at the City Council meeting, there were 50 people supporting the continuation of Sunday mass on the beach. It was great to hear each supporting voice and the priest describe the joy they had celebrating mass on the beach and asking the Council to continue this next summer. And on Friday evening there was the 25th anniversary of Project Challenge; an organization whose mission is to help our children. Let’s be thankful for these two bits of good news.

#GOANTARES – NASA Rocket Launch visible in Long Beach – Monday October 27 -6:45PM

The Long Beach Astronomical & Sky Society thought this may be of interest to your readers.

Please note this launch takes place over 200 miles away and chances are good that you will see the rocket in flight.  And while it may not seem all that incredible to adult viewers, perhaps, just perhaps one child will look at it, understand what is happening and say “cool” and maybe lead to that child showing a deeper interest in science and technology.  At worst the kids get out of the house for a little while.

nasa-logoThis coming Monday Oct. 27, 2014 at 6:45 p.m. EDT NASA and Orbital Sciences Corp will be launching on an Antares rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility. The mission “Orbital CRS-3″ will deliver cargo and crew supplies to the International Space Station.  The mission will originate from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia.  This spaceport is approximately 206 miles SSW of Long Beach.  As you can see in the attached launch Visibility map ( this launch will be visible to residents in the mid-atlantic states including Long Beach, weather permitting.

A previous Antares launch was in fact visible and viewed right here in Long Beach.  Nasa TV’s Coverage of the Launch of Orbital Sciences’ Antares Rocket and the Cygnus Cargo Ship to the ISS will be available online on Monday Evening so bring along a smart phone or tablet so you can listen and watch.  It will be broadcast on all the Nasa Channels and you can select one and see the schedule here:  At 5:15PM on Monday they will show video of the processing of the Orbital Sciences/Cygnus CRS-3, followed by launch coverage beginning at 5:45PM.  For past launches they have posted Google Earth files which allow you to view the projected flight path from your location.  They have not posted those yet, if they do post them we will forward them on to you.

To view this launch simply head to our beaches/boardwalk and face towards the ocean.  Think like a clock and directly in front of you will be 12:00, look to your right (west) to around 1:00 and approximately 150 seconds after launch you should see the rocket streaking across our skies headed east.

NASA has created a “What’s Up at Wallops” App and it is available on Google play and shows a compass that will show you where the launch will take place relative to your location as well as a google earth file to see the projected flight path.

Elevation Map

“First Sight” Map

More Info


RUN, RIDE, REBUILD: Long Beach Community Run (Saturday, October 25th) – Event Reminder

10641014_777852102271844_1025137432839625484_nIn cooperation with the City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL) and 1156Run, you’re invited to join the Long Beach “OFFSITE TEAM” for a 5K community run to support Hurricane Sandy rebuilding.

Register here, select OFFSITE TEAM and answer YES to Long Beach question:

LONG BEACH runners: October 25 at 8AM. New York Ave. and the Boardwalk. Participants receive R2R tee, Clif Bar nutrition and post-run breakfast at Shine’s Bar. Proceeds benefit the RUN, RIDE, REBUILD event coming to Long Beach in 2015!

Join the Event on Facebook. Questions? Email us at

Those phallic-looking fire hydrants

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.25.24 AMNewday has an article on those phallic-hydrants that are popping up (no pun intended) all over our city [LINK]. All jokes aside, these hydrants do seem to be really cool and I’m assuming are a much needed upgrade to our aging hydrants.

For those who are looking for a more technical take, check out this article and video from the popular tech blog The Verge: Finally, a fire hydrant for the 21st century

“Virtually indestructible, the Spartan is made of stainless steel and ductile iron, and covered in a powder coating that makes the design non-corrosive even in the face of storms and salty water. An efficient internal drainage system prevents the damage that freezing water can inflict. The hydrant can be opened within seconds—but only with a special wrench, discouraging tampering. [LINK]

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