Report: Residents of Asbury Park, NJ are NOT happy with iStar Residential

Superblock developer iStar Residential has been facing lots of opposition with their projects in Asbury Park, NJ. Different than the two buildings proposed here, iStar has ambitions to load this historic New Jersey beach community with townhouses galore [see:].

Steven, editor from the local blog Asbury Pulp, gave me a rundown on why so many are upset with this plan:

“The biggest issue is one part of the development: 16 townhomes along a stretch of waterfront that has long been a popular spot with surfers and fishermen – referred to as North Beach, where Deal Lake meets the ocean. Many want iStar to let the county buy this parcel at market value with Green Acres funding. But as of now, iStar still plans to build the townhomes.

Elsewhere, some feel the aesthetics and scale of proposed other buildings do not fit the character of Asbury Park. Their project here stretches along the entire boardwalk and goes several blocks in. Already, some buildings that many felt had historical value have been demolished to make way for new condo buildings. This also hasn’t been popular with a lot of people.

In some ways this is different than what we’re worried about here: The historical building on our superblock has been long gone. Aesthetically, the superblock is pretty damn ugly as it is. We do have overdevelopment fears in common. That being said, it’s interesting to see another nearby beach town deal with iStar, development and the future of their beloved community.

SBTC is a Long Beach blog, so I won’t go into the specifics of this Asbury Park/iStar opposition, but here are some of the greatest hits:

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$5,000 Bethpage FCU Summer Breeze Volleyball Tournament

 $5,000 Bethpage FCU Summer Breeze Volleyball Tournament Coming to Long Beach

Presented by Spalding

East End Volleyball is running the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Summer Breeze tournament on August 2-3, in Long Beach, NY, co-sponsored by Spalding.  This tournament will be the largest beach volleyball tournament on Long Island this year with the largest prize purse. Continue reading

Social Bicycles: Bike Sharing in Long Beach Update

socialbicycleslongbeachWord on the boardwalk (the SoBi tent off LB Road) says that Social Bicycles (SoBi) will have 40 bikes in Long Beach by this fall with hopefully around 140 by next summer. The holdup? The bikes are currently being made in China. The electronics will installed here in the USA after they arrive.

The bikes are pretty high tech with a solar panel, computer and bike lock. The one on display doesn’t have lights installed, but I was told that they will be present and will turn on when needed.

There will be some bike kiosks on the boardwalk, but these bikes can be locked at any bike rack around town. More on how all that works will come later. In the meantime, go over to their tent every Sunday on the boardwalk off Long Beach Road and check out their bikes.

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RUMOR ALERT: Two more giant buildings coming to LB? [UPDATED]

City Councilmen Anthony Eramo kindly took his time to update us on this property:

Anthony Eramo

Hey guys – just saw this. This property has been in litigation for decades. We just brought in outside counsel to deal with it. Though we can’t comment on details of the case, I can assure you that absolutely no members of the city council or administration support a project of this magnitude.


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ATTN: All NYC people who moved to Long Beach or are thinking of moving to Long Beach. This post is for you.

nyclbAttention: NYC folk. Let’s talk. I know you are out there. According to blog statistics, the 2nd most views come from Manhattan, while the 4th from Brooklyn. Of course, you can all just be people from Long Beach and just work in those areas. But I am going to ignore that for now.

For those from NYC and just moved here: What brought you to Long Beach? After living here for some time, what does Long Beach lack that you wish was here?

For those who currently live in NYC and either plan on moving here or are just thinking about it: Is anything holding you back? Are you scared of losing anything in particular?

This is more of a curiosity post. I moved here from NYC, but I’m an easy date. All I need is coffee and a beach and I’m good to go, but Long Beach has so much to offer. I am curious hear feedback from those who just moved here or are thinking of moving here. Yes, I made this post NYC-specific, but feel free to chime in if you’re from other areas as well.

(don’t pay attention to the photoshop at the top of this post. it makes no sense whatsoever.)

JAWS. Lafayette Beach. Saturday. 8pm. Smile, you son of a…..

jawsOn Saturday July 19 at 8:00PM the CityMD’s Saturday Nights on the Beach will present JAWS.  The movie will be shown on the beach at Lafayette Blvd. Please tell all your friends and neighbors to come down and enjoy another incredible night in Long Beach. If possible please walk or ride your bicycle.

Last year when we saw the size of the crowd we said to ourselves “We’re going to need a bigger screen”, since that is the largest we can get, this year we have decided to get 2 screens and place them back to back so we can present JAWS “In the Round.”

Bring a friend and beach chair, we will bring the popcorn. See you at the movies.



(A Minor) Long Beach Cinemas Update [Don't get too excited, yet.]

Exactly a month ago I posted an update on Long Beach Cinemas, with the promise of bringing you more news soon. Well, just like the theater with their March teaser-LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING sign, I got a little delayed, until now. This morning I finally got an update (PRAISE THE LORD!), albeit a minor one (god dammit!).

I am now hearing that the Long Beach Cinemas Grand Re-Opening holdup is due to “equipment order delivery delay.” This morning I took a peak inside the theater, saw some folks and tried to get as much additional info as I could.

  • Equipment Delay? Yes.
  • Any changes to the theater? New seats.
  • I told one gentlemen (who looked important) how many of us residents are hoping for some independent films: He said, “We know. Right now we are just hoping to get open soon.”

So there you go, folks. Long Beach Cinemas is still allegedly opening. I don’t plan on dancing my pants off in celebration until I actually see the theater open with my own eyes. In the meantime, we have Jaws on the beach this Saturday night: Lafayette Beach @ 8pm. Be there or be shark chum.

Mini Golf Grand Opening is this Thursday at 1pm


(Photo provided by @sean516)

Barefoot Mini Golf! Come on down for the grand opening tomorrow at Riverside Blvd and the Boardwalk.  Starting at noon they will be hosting 25 kids from Long Beach Special Education Department, followed by open play for the public at 1pm!

10426821_341826712636280_2635034918388596186_nNormal hours will be from noon to 9pm, 7 days a week! Bring your ID that shows that you’re a LB resident or family beach pass for a discount on weekends.

WEEKDAYS: Children $6,  Seniors $7,  Adults $8
WEEKENDS: Children $8, Seniors $9, Adults $10

For more info, visit:
Barefoot Mini Golf on Facebook
516.897.SAND (7263)

Stop, In the Name of Love. Before You Break My Heart, Neck and legs. [Caution: Profanity Up Ahead]

imagesI would like to apologize for the profanity that I displayed on this blog the other night regarding a taxi driver incident that I encountered. It was inappropriate of me to publish the F word without warning. I deleted the post right away, but those who subscribe to the blog saw it. Sorry about that, folks.

[WARNING] I am now going to use profanity, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see it. [WARNING] Continue reading

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