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Movies on the Beach schedule

(Subject to change. Please visit Long Beach Movie Nights for the most updated Info):

  • Saturday, July 26, Virginia Beach, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 9, Neptune Boulevard, “Surf’s Up“, 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 16, TBD Beach, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” 7:30 p.m.   
  • Saturday, August 23, Lafayette Boulevard, “Casablanca” 7:15 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 13, Neptune Boulevard, “Frozen“, 6:30 p.m.

Restaurant and food updates

Granada Towers

looks so much better without the front entrance canopy. Did you know this historic building has its own wiki page? wiki/Granada_Towers


Little Free Libraries on the Boardwalk

The Long Beach Public Library, in cooperation with the City of Long Beach which granted permission to use beach entrances, has installed four Little Free Libraries on the Boardwalk near the Franklin, Grand, Magnolia and Monroe Boulevard ticket booths. Suggested by Youth Services Librarian Tanya Suárez, Little Free Libraries, which look like birdhouses, are book exchanges with approximately 30 paperbacks each. [Long Beach Public Library]

Speed Cameras on Lido Blvd

I am reading that speed cameras are on Lido Blvd near Marvel and the firehouse. So make sure you drive 20 mph to avoid a ticket. Yes, SPEED cameras, not RED LIGHT cameras. Are they functioning now? Do they only function when school is open? I have no clue, but if any of you do, please share.

These are the types of simple Bike Racks I would love to see around town. Sans the sticker, of course. bikerack

This post is me just catching up.  What else is going on?

Rickashoretours Inc. – Take a Pedicab around town!

rickashoreJason Cruz owns and operates Rickashoretours, Inc., a local business that provides an awesome, environmentally friendly and alternative way for you to get around town. Take a pedicab to the train, a romantic ride, a tour of our beautiful area or a safe way to and from the bars. Jason explains it best:

rickashore2“The Island Park/ Long Beach portion of Long Island has some of the most breathtaking views and activities in the state. There is no better way than to experience these moments in a better fashion. Kids love the rides just as much as the adults.

For more info, contact Jason @
Rickashoretours, Inc.

Kitty Condo and Sea Pointe Towers in the news

Remember this post from last Friday: RUMOR ALERT: TWO MORE GIANT BUILDINGS COMING TO LB? Well, the LB Herald fills in some blanks for us.

Read: City hires legal counsel to fight $50M lawsuit. Retains law firms after attempts to settle Haberman suit hit a snag .

Known as the Haberman property, originally 4 towers, but only 1 was built. You know, that building between Monroe and Lincoln next to the red shack filled with cats (now known as Kitty condo): Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.23.28 PM

Zoning boards, alleged-political pressure, lawsuits, two 19-story buildings later proposed, etc. Just read the Herald article for everything you need. [LB Herald]



Raiders of the Lost Ark: Virginia Beach @ 8pm This Saturday!

We are taking it back to where it all began. This weekend your hosts are the originators of Movie Nights in Long Beach, The West End Neighbors Civic Association.

This Saturday night’s show: Raiders of the Lost Ark will be shown on Virginia Ave beach staring at 8:00PM

Why not get together with some friends and make it a night? Make reservations at a restaurant perhaps at someone who is a member of the West End Business Owners or Billy’s Beach Cafe or “The Laurel” and then stop by The Barn or Key Food East End for snacks and beverages and head down to the show (Shameless plugs for our sponsors)

Please tell all your friends and neighbors to come down and help us make it another incredible night. Here is something you probably already knew, parking will be tight,(Another post about parking?  Shocking!) so if possible please walk or ride your bicycle.

Bring a friend and beach chair, we will bring the popcorn. See you at the movies

Retirement Sucks

Not to beat a topic to death, but I felt the need to do a separate followup post on MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL. I am also going to lock MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL from additional comments because I’m not enjoying the bashing and confusion that’s going on there. This post is new forum for us to bash and confuse each other (really, please don’t) on the topic of MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL.

First of all, I really appreciate and love the positive feedback that many wrote about this blog. I wish I could personally thank you all.  I honestly didn’t mean to have a sappy Going Away party. It somehow did and I am deeply humbled by all the love. Thank you!

(Great photos by Captain Obvious!)

kdCnbSh BH0jDNW

There was a ton of confusion and mindless thrashing and bashing in that thread. I just want to make my point clear:

  • What I posted was of my opinion on mobile billboards. It was not to bash an individual person. It was not to bash pedicabs. It was solely on bashing mobile billboards. Look at the photo that I posted. It’s of a bike with a billboard attached to it. Look at the headline. It mentions Mobile Billboards and not pedicabs. I have no issue with pedicabs.
  • I am sorry, but I don’t like billboards that serve no other purpose than to advertise. That’s my opinion which cannot be changed.
  • Somebody wrote: “Lets turn the tables and question if opinions like this are appropriate and if the love of hateful opinions are out of control?????”     How can having an opinion on not liking billboards be inappropriate? I am dying to know!
  • There is nothing green about mobile billboards. I’m sorry Joe if you believe that. Riding a bike towing a billboard is not being green. If you meant Pedicabs? Yes, those are green, but I wasn’t talking about pedicabs. I meant a bike with a billboard attached. See the photo in my original thread as well as the headline [LINK]. I never mentioned Pedicabs.
  • I said I don’t like mobile billboards, but that was not directed at the individual who runs the business. Jason seems like a really great guy. I appreciate him commenting on the blog and giving his side of things. I love his pedicab service and how he gives seniors free rides. I mean, that is amazing and he should be commended. I am a big fan of pedicabs and love them as an alternative to taxis and cars. I do think pedicabs are an asset to our Long Beach area and will without a doubt promote that business for him on this blog for free.  But I want to make it clear that my original post was not about pedicabs. It was on mobile billboards. Two different things.
  • I have often blogged on how I dislike billboards (see: tacky by the sea) with the negative connotations they bring , plus the fear of it going out of control. I personally don’t want LB to become another Atlantic City or Seaside Heights. Maybe some of you do. This is my blog where I post my opinion. If you like billboards, go with that angle and start your pro-billboard blog. You have all the power in the world to do that. youradhere
  • I dislike when people attack me personally and tell me to write real stories. It’s a blog. What did you expect? Believe it or not, but some actually kinda like what I write. There are other websites where you can find topics that may suit your needs. I suggest you check those out. Or, If you have a story suggestion, tell me nicely. We are all neighbors, but to say that I have no imagination or skill to write good stuff is a direct shot at me. It also makes you like a bully in a school yard. I was not a bully towards Jason. I simple said I don’t like billboards. I didn’t put him down personally in any way, shape or form. Some of you posted comments as if I did, but if you actually read what I wrote, you will see you’re wrong (please go back and read everything I wrote). In fact, I am the only person who was put down personally as an individual. What I said about billboards does not reflect how I feel about Jason. Like I said, I commend him with his pedicab service. Pedicabs are awesome.
  • Direct quote from a reader:  “If 1 bike is allowed, its only a matter of time until there are 20. Soon there will be people dressed as elmo bothering people for pictures!” That is what I am worried about! Again, no issue with pedicabs. My issue/opinion is with bikes towing billboards.
  • That all being said, we cannot rent or sell every square inch of this city to the highest bidder. In the past several months we have seen a major increase in billboards around town (green corners & standalone billboards to be specific). By this trend it will get worse and worse. In 5 years you’re going to look back and say “oh shit, what have we done here.” I will be here on this blog saying, “I told you so.” We need to protect what is left of Long Beach before our boardwalk and beach becomes a place of endless pop-up ads. The boardwalk and beach need to remain being our escape: we it’s imperative that we keep it that way.
  • THE POLL: As of this writing, 16% of you would rather live in an area littered with signs over a quiet and peaceful beach. Liar liar pants-on-firepants on fire.

End of story. As far as the future of this blog goes, I am a liar liar pants on fire.

This is an opinionated blog with offbeat topics. I am very proud with what was created here – especially with no writing/journalism background. Yes it shows, but I’m fine with this blog not being perfect. I am still very proud of it, not just with my ramblings, but also with all the contributions I have received from many of you, the amazing people I have met because of it and whatever positive changes I was told it brought to Long Beach. I really don’t know what else to say, other than: Chances are you aren’t going to like everything I write. Too bad, because Johnny Depp says so:



Report: Residents of Asbury Park, NJ are NOT happy with iStar Residential

Superblock developer iStar Residential has been facing lots of opposition with their projects in Asbury Park, NJ. Different than the two buildings proposed here, iStar has ambitions to load this historic New Jersey beach community with townhouses galore [see: asburyparkwaterfront.com].

Steven, editor from the local blog Asbury Pulp, gave me a rundown on why so many are upset with this plan:

“The biggest issue is one part of the development: 16 townhomes along a stretch of waterfront that has long been a popular spot with surfers and fishermen – referred to as North Beach, where Deal Lake meets the ocean. Many want iStar to let the county buy this parcel at market value with Green Acres funding. But as of now, iStar still plans to build the townhomes.

Elsewhere, some feel the aesthetics and scale of proposed other buildings do not fit the character of Asbury Park. Their project here stretches along the entire boardwalk and goes several blocks in. Already, some buildings that many felt had historical value have been demolished to make way for new condo buildings. This also hasn’t been popular with a lot of people.

In some ways this is different than what we’re worried about here: The historical building on our superblock has been long gone. Aesthetically, the superblock is pretty damn ugly as it is. We do have overdevelopment fears in common. That being said, it’s interesting to see another nearby beach town deal with iStar, development and the future of their beloved community.

SBTC is a Long Beach blog, so I won’t go into the specifics of this Asbury Park/iStar opposition, but here are some of the greatest hits:

Continue reading

$5,000 Bethpage FCU Summer Breeze Volleyball Tournament

 $5,000 Bethpage FCU Summer Breeze Volleyball Tournament Coming to Long Beach

Presented by Spalding

East End Volleyball is running the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Summer Breeze tournament on August 2-3, in Long Beach, NY, co-sponsored by Spalding.  This tournament will be the largest beach volleyball tournament on Long Island this year with the largest prize purse. Continue reading

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