Bob’s Natural Foods signature hot cereal dish. A review by Richard of the LB Doms

This is Bob’s signature hot cereal dish. It’s base is oatmeal plus that’s Yogurt at the center. Bob’s chefs compete with each other, to create the best looking version of it. Comparing Bob’s to any other oatmeal dish, is a waste of time. There’s nothing like it. – RICHARD, LB DOMS

Bob’s Natural Foods
104 W. Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561
516  889-8955

City Council denies boardwalk booze at city-owned concessions

Liability. Drunk people. Overcrowding. Peeing all over the brand new ipe (probably). That’s the gist of the 4-1 vote of NO regarding alcohol sales at our boardwalk concessions. I can see both sides of this, so I won’t slam our council for their decision, but still… Don’t we all love to drink craft beer with our tacos? I feel like something could have been done with lots of rules and regulations attached.

There’s been talk about alcohol being mentioned as a possibility in the lease the boardwalk businesses signed with our city. Last summer I acquired one of the ‘proposed’ leases, but cannot find that claim anywhere. I just see one small mention of alcohol at the bottom of Section 3.7. Unless lease was amended or what I have was never even used, 

Well, I guess if you want alcohol on the boardwalk, you can always go to the full service bar at the Allegria Hotel, or wait for the new developments at the superblock and HALB property. I’m sure those will feature some sort of booze establishment.

Long Beach is not affected by the recent Cuomo law that blocks the disposable bag fee [At least, not yet.]

A reader named Michael contacted me with the following question regarding the recent Cuomo-blocking of the disposable bag fee in NYC:

“As you probably know, last fall Long Beach passed an ordinance requiring stores to charge 5 cents for plastic bags in order to encourage the use of reusable bags. I believe it was to go into effect on April 22nd.  But this week the State Legislature passed a law and Governor Cuomo signed it, restricting NYC from doing exactly the same thing and descriptions of the law seemed to make it sound pretty sweeping and to apply across the state.

Do you know if the ordinance in the City of Long Beach is still going into effect or what the City plans to do?

But before I was able to do some research and respond,  Michael got back to me with this:

“The law only covers cities over 1 million so LB is ok to go.

Here is my take. NY State will most likely want to make money off these fees. I bet they issue the ban state-wide for every size community, then work out a plan to collect the fees themselves. Just my two cents (or five  cents). 


A new ‘THE PARK’ rumor has emerged: A Music Venue? [RUMOR]

My friends over at Project 11561 

I’ve been screaming about a music venue in Long Beach for years [An example from 2011: Somebody please buy this building and turn it into Performing Arts Center / Music Venue].

We do have a great venue space at our public library, but I see that more as a community center.  An actual music venue that sells alcohol and attracts named acts would be amazing. Personally, we have enough sports bars in Long Beach, so I can only pray this rumor comes to fruition.  Buuuuuuuuut:

  1. Is a cabaret license needed in Long Beach? Or is that just a NYC thing.
  2. Along those lines, It just seems like this is a change of use and would require a zoning board vote. I don’t think a music venue with a stage can just pop up out of nowhere. Of course, we don’t know how big this ‘rumored’ stage is or what the actual details are, if any. Or, it could just be a little corner nook  carved out for live music while people drink and eat.
  3. The sign on the window says they are closed for February, Can one build a stage and transform an entire bar into a music venue in just one month?

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Alcohol on the boardwalk. I seriously couldn’t care less about this.

If serving alcohol helps the few businesses on the boardwalk, so be it. The Allegria Hotel already serves, so I’m not even sure what the difference is between the Allegria and Beach Local Cafe?  Long Beach is going to vote this Tuesday the next City Council meeting.

Ordinance to Amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of Long Beach Re: Ocean Beach Park.

Legislative Memo: This amendment would allow for the sale of limited alcoholic beverages at the concession stands adjacent to the boardwalk, pursuant to the strict terms and conditions to be placed in their concession leases with the City [LINK]

You can read more about this topic at NEWSDAY:  Long Beach may allow alcohol sales at boardwalk concessions

Popular Sports Bar ‘The Park’ is closed for the month of February for Upgrades and Maintenance

Several folks have asked me about The Park at 20 West Park Ave, which currently features a sign that says they are closed for the month of February.

I went to their website looking for answers, but was greeted by a ‘Website  Currently Under Construction’ sign.  

Now what? Well, I guess we have to wait until March to see what happens next. I honestly don’t know what’s going on, but let’s hope they come back next month.

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