Bike Lanes on Broadway and riding around LB in general. Plus narrower car lanes makes the streets safer for everybody.

Sent in by a reader who is very concerned about bike safety (as she should be):

“Just curious if there’s anyone I can talk to about this… I ride my bike to the train in the morning and home in the evening. There are bike lanes on east Broadway, but most are occupied by dumpsters parked in them, cars waiting for people, or garbage trucks. This morning, I was almost hit by a car speeding out of a parking lot only looking for other cars, not for bikes. This is not the first time I’ve almost been hit trying to abide by traffic laws, and not riding on the sidewalk. Because of that, I was riding on the sidewalk on park ave last week and an older lady started screaming at me and saying it’s against the law in long beach. I know you’re not supposed to ride on the sidewalk, by what choice do you have if cars don’t pay attention to bikers, and there are no bike lanes to ride in, And the ones that are there are obstructed? Excuse me for being worried about my own safety, not the rules which don’t protect my safety. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? And if not is there a place this can be addressed? Anyone know?

(Cue is the a-holes who think bike riders are a nuisance in this town…) I said this once and I will say it again, I would rather be hit by a bike than by a car. But the goal is for nobody to get hit by anything. The person who wrote the above statement is absolutely right. And dumpsters are not supposed to be in bike lanes. YES, bikes and automobiles are supposed to share the road.

I know with speaking with our City Manager, the city is looking into narrowing the streets which would make safer roads. Now before you get your panties in a twist, narrower streets are the way to go and I am so happy to hear how our city is entertaining this. Please refer to this recent article on why 12 foot lanes (which we have on Park) should be down to 10 or less: 10-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Safer—and Still Move Plenty of Cars. The article has all sorts of charts and graphs as well. This concept isn’t something new. It’s being done all over America.

“The problem largely comes down to speed: when drivers have more room, cars go faster; when cars go faster, collisions do more harm.

“[civil engineer Dewan Masud] Karim linked lower crash rates to narrower lanes—those closer to 10- or 10.5-feet wide than to 12-feet. Sure enough, wider lanes meant speedier cars, and yet narrower lanes were perfectly capable of moving high volumes of traffic.

Oh and here is an article I did on bike lanes from a few years ago: ARE BIKE LANES ON PARK AVENUE EVEN POSSIBLE? [PHOTOS]

my frankenbikestencil: A combo of both the decobike and old boardwalk stencils
my frankenbikestencil: A combo of both the decobike and old boardwalk stencils

A new trend: Homeownership is going down and apartment living is going up. So why do we have to give iStar a tax break?

A new trend: Homeownership is going down and apartment living is going up.  That’s totally fine, but why do homeowners have to give apartment operators a tax break? AvalonBay who partners with iStar will profit from this trend.

CNBC: Homeownership rate drops to 63.4%, lowest since 1967

“The number of occupied housing units grew, but all on the renter side. The number of owner-occupied units fell from a year ago.

“Our results for the second quarter and year to date exceeded our original outlook,” noted Tim Naughton, chairman and CEO ofAvalonBay, one of the nation’s largest apartment REITs, in the company’s second-quarter earnings release out Monday. “For the balance of the year, we expect accelerating apartment demand to support stronger performance across our business.”


Here is something else for you to read as you prepare to pay your City of Long Beach taxes, due by 07/31/2015. CNBC: AvalonBay reports 2Q results


Yay! Pacific Park Update! To be completed this Fall.

pacific_park_rendering_2The new Pacific Blvd Park project is underway. The job was awarded at the last council meeting on July 21st. In the weeks prior, City officials met with local residents to gather input and develop a final design for the new park. The approved design rendering was presented to the public at the council meeting and can be found below. The City Council and the community are looking forward to a new and improved beach front park at Pacific Blvd this fall. [LINK]

I guess the adult element never panned out. Anyone? Anyone?



NEWSDAY: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

Newsday: Nassau makes tax deal with bankrupt Allegria hotel

“The Nassau County Legislature’s Rules Committee has approved a $907,481 settlement with the owner of the bankrupt Allegria hotel in Long Beach.” [LINK]

Don’t forget this from the Herald back in early July:

“…..According to a May 2015 report on the department’s website listing delinquent taxpayers, Rosenberg and Alrose Allegria LLC owe a total of $4.4 million in withholding and sales and use taxes from December 2011 through April 2014. The latest tax lien on the hotel, according to state tax warrants,shows unpaid back taxes of $189,377 as of July 1. [LINK]




What’s new? Huff Post, C.U.R.B., Ocean Frontiers II, Blood drive, one (two?) family, Deja Vu, petitions, dem doc & Long Beach Residents Against the Istar Tax Giveaway

  • A lovely new article in the Huffington Post: Post-Sandy Rebuilding for Resiliency: Lessons From Long Beach, NY
  • The annual C.U.R.B. BIKE ride on August 8th. [facebook]
  • Ocean Frontiers II screening at the LB Public Library tonight. [LINK]
  • BLOOD DRIVE with LI Blood Services  at the LB Library. Wednesday, July 29 from 2:30 to 8:30 p.m.  [LINK]
  • Long Beach Matters To You posted this lovely photo of that new one family home going up: [link of the original SBTC post]. We bring this up because there is just so much confusion as to what this really is. 11755221_10204672990366487_8495776371472707664_n
  • This is interesting: Here is an old LB Herald editorial/endorsement for Denise Ford against Zapson for legislator from 2003. In light of what’s been going on with the Zapson vs Jacobs war, this all looks like deja vu (all over again?): “At a minimum, Zapsons actions seemed to violate the spirit of Long Beachs conflict-of-interest law. We continue to be troubled by his role as attorney for local developers in the face of opposition by residents residents who are also his constituents. [link]
  • oh and this is the latest in the Zapson/Jacobs war: NEWSDAY:  Nassau Dem war: Michael Zapson zaps Jay Jacobs with petitions
  • and here is some document that a million of you seem to want me to post. Being that it’s readily available on the internet, enjoy! [link]
  • (I dislike all the political stuff, but I just need to clean my inbox)
  • oh and last, but not least: Do you DISLIKE the iStar Tax Giveaway? Then LIKE Long Beach Residents Against the iStar Tax Giveaway on facebook. [LINK]11796395_541788932635394_4396116311081649475_n

The Green Room – A surf photography show [August 22nd]

unnamedTommy Helm & Empire State Studio present: ‘The Green Room,’ surf photography featuring Matthew Clark, James Katsipis, Anthony Daunt, Nate Best, Mike Nelson, Loreto Caceres and Ryan Moore. Live Music by Derek Malana & Michael Mulieri.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Camp Anchor (Lido Beach,NY), which helps disabled children & adults learn how to surf and be in the ocean.

August 22nd from 4pm to 8pm.
Empire State Studios Tattoo Gallery
222 Merrick Road,
Oceanside NY 11572

Sponsored by: Grotta Di Fuocco (Long Beach, NY) & Wintson’s Whiskey Wine Bar(RVC, NY), Sixpoint Brewing, John Harvard Brewery & Long Horn Vodka

On LIRR GARBAGE: “I’ve already doubled my commute to live on this beautiful island, please stop making me regret it every time I leave for work or come back home.”

“Honestly at this point I don’t even care about them cleaning the mess up in a hurry. I just hope enough people see it and finally get the city to act in a more proactive manor.

Human feces, vomit, broken bottles, dumped out cigar innards, and the lovely little baggies that go with them are the norm around the train station specifically the overpass.

Do I have to start tip toeing around used needless before the police are willing to patrol or put up more cameras? Maybe they need to have a violent crime make the news?

The tourists they are dying to bring in must pass through this hub. A large number of tax paying, residents, and voters pass through here daily. Why are they doing nothing to make this a safe and clean place? It couldn’t physically be any closer to the police station, yet the waiting room is full of vagrants, bikes are constantly being stolen, and despite the new bathrooms all manor of bodily fluids can’t seem to find the bowl.

I’ve already doubled my commute to live on this beautiful island, please stop making me regret it every time I leave for work or come back home.

Strong words by a resident named Frank. I haven’t been at a computer all day until now, otherwise I would have posted all this earlier. I have no idea if this ‘LIRR party’ was cleaned up or not, but what Frank submitted is still relevant in my opinion. Garbage/vomit/feces has been an ongoing problem at our LIRR station. Do we need better enforcement at the LIRR at night time? Security cameras?  Does anybody even care?

Do you object to the iStar tax abatement request? This handy guide will help you voice your objection.

Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building
1550 Franklin Ave., Suite 235
Mineola, NY  11501

Phone: 516-571-1945
Fax: 516-571-1076

E-mail a Team Member Directly:Joseph J. Kearney
Executive Director

Joseph F. Foarile
Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Pereira
Administrative Director

Nicholas T. Terzulli
Director of Business Development


Huffington Post: The Best Beach Towns to Explore on Foot. Long Beach is #5

Huffington Post:The Best Beach Towns to Explore on Foot

Long Beach #5 Walk Score 87:

“Known as “The City by the Sea,” Long Beach boasts 3.5 miles of sand and surf. Whether you’re seeking the adventure of extreme watersports or fine dining and nightlife, Long Beach has something for everyone. Other activities include a free summer concert series and weekly movie nights on the beach.”

LB Wake & Watersports: It’s never flat @ LB WAKE!

11666197_1594264524196086_8333187568905065303_nLB Wake is your premier watersports company! From beginners to expert we will keep those smiles going for miles! We offer Lessons & Sessions behind our Centurion SV233 & Yamaha 212x. We also offer Jet Ski Rentals, Clamming & Crabbing Tours, Paddle Boarding, Fishing Charters, and Pleasure Boat Charters!

All our captains are US Coast Guard Certified and all of our instructors are CPR Certified surfers and watermen!

Contact Us Today for More Information!
2 Empire Blvd, Island Park NY 11558

Learn how to play Bocce this Friday from 7-9pm!

From Barefoot Mini golf & Bocce: Our Bocce Leagues are in full swing. We had our first big showdown last night with Fuhgetabocce facing Joanie Loves Bocce in the battle of the unbeatens, and Joanie Loves Bocce won this round.

We see lots of people watching as these leagues are taking place and a common thing we hear is that people don’t want to get involved because they don’t know how to play. That being said this coming Friday night, July 24th, we will be hosting a beginners night. The cost will be $10 a head and we will teach everyone in attendance how to play and afterwards you can get competitive with the other attendees. We hope to get a nice turn out so if you are interested come down and join us on Friday Night from 7-9! Riverside Blvd & The boardwalk, Long Beach, NY. 10687138_510864929065790_5814799096901478452_n

Going on five weeks: Road construction at E. Beech and Franklin


From a resident:

“[The] attached picture shows the corner that was ripped up the week before Independence day and this is how it still looks this morning. This is the type of quality of life stuff that infuriates me, why rip it up unless you were going to repair it right away.  The only silver lining is it forces everyone to slow down at that intersection but then they slam on the gas once they are passed it.


Volley America: EEVB – Bethpage Federal Credit Union Big Money Open

unnamedThe Bethpage Federal Credit Union Big Money Open will be taking place on August 15-16 on the beach at Riverside Blvd. $3,000 Men’s Open Prize Purse, $1,500 Women’s Open Prize Purse. Men’s Open Finals will take place on Sunday
  • Saturday: Open divisions 8 am, other divisions 8:30 am
  • Sunday: 9 – 9:30 am for all divisions
Volley America Membership required for all players. $15/player ($20 if done at the beach) All memberships run from 1/1 to 12/31 or the calendar year. Membership fees will be used to fund the $35,000 Grand Prix for all same sex & coed divisions, a National Ranking System, end of season championships and insurance coverage.

Looks like we will be getting a Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop to get 9 new LI stores in A&P bankruptcy

“The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. LLC has entered into an agreement to acquire 25 A&P stores in New York and New Jersey for $146 million, the company announced Monday. The stores include Waldbaum’s locations in East Hampton, Southampton, Baldwin, Massapequa, Long Beach and Huntington…”

Indi Surfs, a children’s book written by Chris Gorman (who lives in Long Beach and was original drummer for Belly!)

Here is a shoutout to Chris Gorman, original drummer from the awesome 90s’s indie band Belly! He now lives in Long Beach and wrote this really cute book called Indi Surfs! [amazon link].61ct1N5A+7L._SY401_BO1,204,203,200_Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3

“From surfer dad and photographer Chris Gorman comes Indi Surfs, the story of a little girl who braves the ocean to find the perfect wave. Gorman’s evocative images and text capture the essence of beach culture and the surfer’s journey in the story of a young girl who takes to the waves. Challenged by the ever-changing ocean, Indi shows how patience and persistence pay off in pursuit of the ultimate surfing goal. Readers will cheer when she gets her reward–a transcendent ride for Indi when she finally catches her wave. [amazon link]

LB MLK Center: Basketball Fundamentals and Mentoring Clinic Scrimmages, guests speakers, and more!

The Long Beach Martin Luther King Center Inc, in partnership with Remember Our Youth Inc. presents:
Basketball Fundamentals and Mentoring Clinic
Scrimmages, guests speakers, and more!

FREE – registration is required.
When: Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24; 10 am to 1 pm
Where: Long Beach Martin Luther King Center, Inc. 615 Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY
Who: Youth – ages 12 to 16 (male AND female)
See Mr. Terrell Holloway, Mr. Henry Hall , Mr. D’Andre Cohen or Mr. James Hodge at the MLK for further information call 516-889-6300

Question: Would you be interested in joining a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers against iStar?

One resident (whose name will probably be identified if and when he comments) is very interested in bringing on lawsuit against iStar, for what he calls “bait & switch tactics by iStar against us taxpayers.”

Basically, iStar first tells us they need to build these towers an unprecedented height in order for it to be sustainable. After that was granted, iStar pulls the IDA card looking for tax abatements, basically saying they need these breaks or they can’t build….. but they should have told us that when they first announced this development, no? Anyway, this IDA request came as a major shock to many residents still trying to survive in our post-Sandy city.

While this is all talk for now, how many of you would seriously be interested in joining and/or even contributing to a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers against iStar? Raise your hands.




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