Ooh la la Boutiques is kicking off the holiday season with these amazing sale events

Ooh la la Boutiques is kicking off the holiday season with these amazing sale events, starting off with a free gift with purchase in all Ooh la la locations on Black Friday. For Saturday November 28th, which is Small Business Saturday, any customer who uses their American Express will receive 10% off their purchase and a free gift. Lastly, on December 4th to celebrate our annual Pink Friday Sale, all stores are 15% off.

Ooh la la Boutiques
134 E Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561 / (516) 431-40700ab2cca9-b5b5-439b-bd91-c1ba486c2f29

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Shop local at the Mermaid!

Mermaid Art StudioPop up shopping! Saturdays: November 28th, December 5th, 12th & 19th
The Mermaid Art Studio will hosting an Arts & Crafts Holiday Marketplace from 12-5pm featuring handmade merchandise by local artisans and vendors, including original artwork, paintings and cards; warm & wooly knitted accessories by Beach Girls Purls; jewelry by NY artist Micci Cohan, handmade blank books/art journals; Long Beach gear by Rebuild The Beach; cards and photography by Arden Designs; original creations by Karen Michel and more.  Different vendors week to week!
The Mermaid Art Studio is located at 
891b W. Beech St. Long Beach, NY

Loop Parkway Bridge Repairs?

Loop_Pkwy_ShieldOver at Project 11561 was the following rumor:

“Getting word that the Loop Parkway bridge will be worked on soon and, there is a very good change the Parkway will be shut down for a extended period of time.”

A quick scan on the DOT page points to this project, which is currently in development [LINK]:

Project ID No. 080925

This project proposes to provide repairs on two drawbridges, Meadowbrook State Parkway over Sloop Channel and Loop Parkway over Long Creek, including electrical and mechanical system improvements. Town of Hempstead, Nassau County.

Project Status
  • The current status of the project is In Development.
  • The Bid Opening is expected to be in Fall 2015.
  • Construction is expected to begin in Winter 2015/2016.
  • Construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2017.

This is obviously big news, as that bridge is in desperate need for a fix. Those who got stuck on it this morning know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s going to be a major nuisance, but it’s inevitable. Let’s hope it’s done quickly and correctly. Bonus points if they add a bike lane on that bridge for a future path. 

Bottle Cap mural Saga. Artists and Community are completely heartbroken. [Opinion]

“The mural was a symbol of respect for all living things, and this was an act of disrespect. “

Words from one of the artists who helped create the mural.  Was it miscommunication or a lack of communication from the city? Either way, the Bottle Cap mural which brought much color and smiles to the West End is now gone.


Photo from Long Beach Matters To You [Facebook]
 Is now this:

Photo from Long Beach Matters To You [Facebook]
I’m sure the original rebuilding plan involved some type of beige wall. That has since changed now that the city responded to the social media outcry with a promise of some sort of community art project for the new wall. But…… a community art project was there already. And it was a special and unique one.

From The City of Long Beach:

Earlier this week, the City’s contractor responsible for reconstructing the Maryland Avenue parking lot inadvertently demolished the wall that surrounded the lot without first taking down and fully securing as planned the bottle cap artwork project that had been there since 2013. The construction company, in light of the situation, has stepped up and they will be donating $5,000 to the City towards a new community art project.
Once the City was notified that the wall was being knocked down, inspectors were immediately sent to the site to stop work and attempt to salvage what was there. Prior to being inadvertently damaged, the City had reached out to the community who helped create the artwork project to discuss what would be done with it in the future. We will now work with those involved and the children in Long Beach schools who collected and gathered the bottle caps, along with the Council for the Arts, to find out how best to display a component of the project going forward. The Council for the Arts will also now work to place a new community art project in that area in the near future. [LINK]


Well… here is what one of the artists had to say:

“Yesterday, @Lisa Be and I [R Hunt ER] received some awful news. The public mural that Lisa spent 2 months constructing in Long Beach, NY after Hurricane Sandy was demolished.

We were given no warning, no notification, no opportunity to preserve the art before they tore down the wall on which it was mounted.

When we first moved to Long Beach, Lisa grew frustrated by the lack of art/color in our community as well as the presence of plastic and garbage on our beaches. She felt the city held more potential. So, after the hurricane destroyed our town, she saw it as an opportunity for a clean slate.

She wanted to raise awareness about plastic debris finding it’s way into our oceans, so she decided to construct the mural entirely out of plastic caps. She enlisted the help of the children of Long Beach. For weeks, kids collected plastic caps and brought us bags upon bags of them, excited to see what they would become. In the end, we collected 30,000 plastic caps, preventing them from reaching their usual inevitable destination…the landfill.

Lisa then spent over a month pulling 12-15 hour days riveting the plastic caps into pieces of sheet metal with the help of a small team of friends. Knowing that money delays and complicates everything, she sought no compensation from the city. She only asked for permission to install this giant piece of art on the wall facing the elementary school, so the kids could see it every day.

To find out that this has been destroyed is a heartbreaking blow to the children, to the community, to the environment, and to Lisa. The mural was a symbol of respect for all living things, and this was an act of disrespect. The mural was symbol of strength in the wake of tragedy. What’s most important to Lisa right now is making sure the children know that this is not okay. No parent should have to have a conversation with their child explaining this situation, because there is no rational explanation.

I spoke with Lisa last night, and she quickly went from mournful to determined. We’re not sure how yet, but she knows she needs to rebuild.

You don’t have to be from Long Beach, NY to care about this story. The word needs to get out for something to happen. There are communities out there that would appreciate a piece like this forever. I urge you to share this so we can make sure this isn’t the end of this story. Thank you.

UPDATE: I had this whole entire thing written out, but of course I deleted it by accident. To say I am disappointed is being kind. I wish the city had a better set of checks and balances to prevent something like this from happening again. I feel incredibly sad for all those involved who poured their heart and soul into this project. The only positive I can find is hopefully this will be an example and set a president for the future. I’m not holding my breath on that though….

Well, The Long Beach Herald has updates on the entire story if you want to read it all here:  liherald.com/longbeach/stories/Community-art-installation-destroyed,73986


PETITION: Ban smoking in Long Beach parks, the boardwalk, beach, and Kennedy Plaza

Smoking is a privilege, not a right. Much like driving an automobile, there needs to be rules. I dislike when I’m on the beach with my family then all of a sudden some person sits next to us and lights up. Now we’re all at risk.  That is something I do not ask for when I go to the beach.

It’s has been proven how second hand smoking is not good for your health. Nassau County, Town of Hempstead, and New York City ALL have smoke-free beaches and parks. It’s time for The City of Long Beach to join the smoke-free party and ban it as well.

SIGN THE PETITION: Ban smoking in Long Beach parks, the boardwalk, beach, and Kennedy Plaza

“Banning smoking of all kinds (including e-cigarettes) in our parks, beaches, boardwalk, and Kennedy Plaza will allow residents and visitors of all ages to breathe in clean sea air while enjoying the outdoor activities that make Long Beach so special. Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke causes disease, disability, and death.  Banning smoking means less garbage in our beautiful Long Beach sand and more revenue potential for the city.  Nassau County, Town of Hempstead, and New York City have smoke-free beaches and parks.  Let’s join our neighbors!  Let’s tell the City Manager and City Council we want smoke-free parks!

ShotSpotter Flex Gunfire Alert and Analysis System [Reader Opinion + These microphones are on tonight’s CC agenda]

I don’t know the deal with these Shot Spotter microphones, which are being installed all over our city by the sea, but a reader weighs in with their opinion.

“Just passing along the installation of Shot Spotter antennas around town that I noticed.  Unlike what is being told to the public, it appears that the devices are being installed across Long Beach and not just by the projects.   shotshotNext time you drive south down Long Beach Boulevard,  you can see an antenna-microphone mounted on the street lamp arm just north of East Beech Street.  There’s also one on Broadway near the Allegria.  They mount near the end of the street light arm, and plug into the little photocell on top of the light for power.  They consist of a round “lollipop” microphone shrouded with a fabric covering to protect it from snow and weather.  There is a small transmitter in a box just below the antenna.  If the power goes out they don’t work. by the way.

When the microphone hears a loud noise, it triangulates with other microphones to determine the exact location of the origin.  Then it turns on cameras (we haven’t see them yet, but we will) and sends this information to a Windows-based PC program in the police station.

Don’t have a picture [SBTC does], but I’m sure someone will be asking about them and now you’ll have the answer.

Politically, it sucks to live in a neighborhood that needs “Shot Spotter”.  Pathetic action in my opinion.

These Shotspotters happen to be a topic on tonight’s City Council agenda:

“Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement with ShotSpotter Flex Gunfire Alert and Analysis System and to Amend the Budget.

Legislative Memo: This is the second step in the implementation of this system. ShotSpotter is a state of the art law enforcement tool designed to provide law enforcement agencies with the benefit of real-time gunshot alerts that identify the location where a gunshot incident occurred, obtain situational intelligence of what transpired, reduce law enforcement response times, and act as a deterrent to gun violence. Funding in the full amount is provided through an Inter-Municipal Agreement with the County of Nassau.

225-229 E. Park Avenue. Some movement? [Laundromat & Nutritional Supplements/Smoothie Shop]

On the Calendar for the November 17th City Council Agenda, there is a resolution for a Laundromat at 225 E. Park Avenue. But there is already a Laundromat at 223. E. Park Avenue. Seems like they are expending:

“Resolution Authorizing Publication of a Notice of Public Hearing of an Application to Waive the Off-Street Parking Requirements for Premises: 225 East Park Avenue (street floor), Long Beach, New York. Re: Laundromat

And next door there is this:

“Resolution Authorizing Publication of a Notice of Public Hearing of an Application to Waive the Off-Street Parking Requirements for Premises: 227 East Park Avenue (street floor), Long Beach, New York. Re: Nutritional Supplements/Smoothie Shop

Nice to see some businesses moving into a strip that’s been vacant forever. I actually have the real estate listing for that building, so I wonder if it was recently sold.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.58.47 AM

Youoffice coming to Long Beach? “Looks an awful lot like the building next to ‘The Barn'” [RUMOR]

Regarding 359 W. Park Avenue. From a reader of the blog:

“Have you seen this?  They have a Long Beach location coming soon. Looks an awful lot like the building next to “The Barn”.


Youoffice appears to be a concept, similar to Bridgeworks, which I blogged about last summer (see – Bridgeworks Long Beach): Office campus with flexible hours, rates and a magnitude of services and amenities.

Here is a current image of the building next to The Barn, followed by the Long Beach ‘COMING SOON’ image from the Youoffice website. What do you think? I just emailed Youoffice, hoping to get more info. Stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.29.52 AM

Youoffice appears to be a flexible office

#CrashNotAccident 11/15/15 Event

12235651_10207866211394582_1394043398_oWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is Sunday November 15, 2015. Long Beach Streets NY alongside partnering organizations & civic groups will be wrapping  ribbons at over 2 dozen locations of traffic fatalities in Long Beach and Lido this weekend.
Please  join us this Sunday, November 15th at 9:00am at Gentle Brew Coffee where we will lead a walk & bike ride to locations East and West (two groups).
This will mark the  launching of a campaign #CrashNOTAccident. We need our elected leaders and officials to take the lead in culture change starting now – pledge to stop using the word “accident” to describe preventable tragedies. #CrashNotAccident is about changing language and perception that these things are unavoidable.
You can read more about the #CrashNotAccident campaign on LongBeachStreetsNY.com or via crashnotaccident.com.

‘Bags of Hope’ reminder: Food Drive to help feed 300 LB families [Saturday, November 14th@ Farmer’s Market]

Girl scout troop 2005 is having a food drive for BAGS OF HOPE (to help feed 300 families in LB). The Items they are requesting: non-perishable food items (Stuffing, mashed potatoes, canned veggies, cranberry sauce, bread crumbs, canned yams, Jiffy mix. etc).

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2015.
Location: Long Beach Farmer’s Market @ Kennedy Plaza
Time: 9am-2pm


The Oceanside Rotary Club is hosting its 11th Annual Art Heyman Memorial Tip-Off Classic on December 4. [Long Beach Vs. Oceanside!]

The Oceanside Rotary Club is hosting its 11th Annual Art Heyman Memorial Tip-Off Classic on December 4. For the first time, the Long Beach High School Girls and Boys varsity basketball teams are participating. The proceeds from the event go to college-bound seniors from Long Beach and Oceanside High schools. We hope you can join us for this fun and worthwhile event.12226519_10208254475986169_1640839998_n

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