The Herald – Allegria slated for late-summer ‘soft’ start, officially opening by fall.

Since I keep following this story, I have been getting emails from concerned folks that booked the Allegria for various occasions – a wedding in October, weekend getaways, family trips, a business trip / alternative to Manhattan. All of these people have the same thing in common: “is this place ever going to open?”

Let me remind you of my Allegria website timeline. As of now (July 14th, 2009), the site still says:

Before that it said June 16th.
Before that it said Spring 2009.
Before that it said Early 2009.
Before that it said Fall 2008.
Well now the Long Beach Herald sheds some light on this topic in an article with a self-explanatory title: Read – Allegria slated for late-summer ‘soft’ start, officially opening by fall.

So hang in there folks. The bad weather in June & the current economy hasn’t been nice to us for many reasons. The hotel does look like it’s going to be a great place for events as well as a great place to stay. Let’s just hope the weather doesn’t get in the way from now until late-summer / fall.

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