Corporate Boardwalk

I was just reading McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win on the and I want to single out an interesting item that was said by city counsel newcomer Mike Fagen. From the article:

Fagen also said he wants to seek other non-tax revenue streams, including an Adopt-A-Highway program that would allow businesses to sponsor sections of a newly constructed boardwalk, and naming-rights deals with corporations to finance the ice arena and Recreation Center.

1752863852_be2ca45c85_bNaming rights is a great idea for the arena, but corporate sponsor sections on the boardwalk? I’m sorry, but the beauty of the boardwalk is the idea that it’s an escape from reality. I love that OUR boardwalk isn’t overrun with restaurants and stupid stores like Atlantic City or Coney Island.  When I ride my bike or take a walk on the boardwalk I don’t want to be reminded of Subway-five-dollar-foot-longs or the latte-Mocha-Frappachino-Starbucks-flavor-of-the-week.  Besides, aren’t those corporate-sponsored flag signs attached to the lamp posts enough? I just don’t want to see OUR boardwalk look like the Jersey Turnpike.  Ok, I’m done with my rant.

You can read the full article over at the –  McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win