Mapping out Long Beach

I’ve been in conversation with Matt over at East End Neighbors over this topic. How would you draw up the different neighborhoods in Long Beach?

We have the obvious:

  • The Walks
  • The West End
  • The East End

But then we have these:

  • The Canals
  • North Park
  • President Streets
  • Westholme
  • Central Commercial District

I am guessing the five that I just listed are part of the East End, which is everything east of The Walks. The West End is basically everything west of The Walks. Am I right? Wrong? Am I missing any?

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  1. Hav ing lived in LB on and off since 1938 I am certain that east and west align with the postal addrsses. E is east from edwards; W is west from Edwards.

    Some may recall when there were a west, central and east elementary schools. attendance was based on your address.

    Perhaps a central added to E and W would make some sense.

  2. Living on Lindell I never felt a part of "East" or "West"–but I don't like "Central"–we need to come up with a better word–and then become an association and make cool t-shirts

  3. Although I dont live in LB any longer, I spent over 30 years growing up there, and my mother lived there since the late 20's. I also worked as a Real Estate Agent in LB years ago, so I feel I can tell you where each of the areas are.

    The East End starts at Long Beach Blvd, and runs east to Roosevelt Blvd. It also includes Broadway and Shore Rd to the eastern city limits.

    The President Streets area is the area south of Park Ave, running from Roosevelt Blvd to Maple Blvd. Most of the north/south streets in this area are named after presidents.

    The Canals area is north of Park Ave, running from Roosevelt Blvd to the city limits. This area is called the Canals because there are several canals running into the neighborhood, from Reynolds Channel.

    Westholm is the area south of Park Ave, running from Long Beach Blvd to Grand Blvd. Westholm also includes the area north of Park Ave, from National Blvd to New York Ave.

    North Park is the area north of Park Ave, between Long Beach Blvd and National Blvd.

    The Central Business District is the area on Park Ave, from Monroe Blvd to Laurelton Blvd. Some may say this area ends at Magnolia Blvd, and others may say it ends at Lafayette Blvd.

    The Walks is the area south of Park Ave, running from Lindel to New York Ave. This is the area where the houses are built on small lots facing "walks" instead of streets.

    The West End is the area running from New York Ave to the western city limits. The streets in the West End are all named after states. Originally, the narrow streets were designed to be service roads for the homes built on the wide streets. They were not intended to have houses built on them.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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