Going to stay at the Allegria

My wife and I are actually staying at the Allegria this weekend for our wedding anniversary. We live five blocks away. Sound crazy? Sure, but I am so curious about this place.  I’ll post a review with photos as soon as possible.

While booking the room, I asked the lady at the front desk how business has been. She said that the weekends are almost at full capacity; the weekdays get a lot of single business travels that need to be close to JFK.  I’m not exactly sure if I believe any of that – if you pass the hotel at night time it seems kind of dead and dark.  We shall see…….

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  1. Anthony we also live very close by and stayed here the other night. what a great time. The food in the restaurant was excellent. It is all organic so i can see some people not liking it. WE loved it. What a breathe of fresh air for our town. I cannot wait to see how the summer will be. Cheers to the Allegria. I am proud to have it in our beautiful town.

    When we stayed i would say the hotel was more than half full. We stayed on a Monday Night,

  2. Ate dinner there recently and we were not to happy about either the food or the service or the attitude of the waiter. If you want good food and service, this place is not for you. Outrageous pricing, small portions .We will never eat there again, I’d give it a ONE star review. It don’t deserve any more…

  3. I live only 3 blocks away myself and I pass by this place daily, I don't think that I've ever seen more than 4 rooms lite up at night on any night.

    As for the restaurant, I was there one night with a group of 6 people. Yes I was impressed with the beauth of the place, but not with the restaurants food . From what I had expected it to be, I found it to be a let down.

    But I'll give it another try when they get their act together. I know it's unfair to judge a place when they have only been around for 3-4 months.

    I do hope they get it together, Long Beach needs an upscale restaurant.

  4. I'm sorry to say that I Did Not Find This Place To Be As Good As The Rewiews below state.

    I was a guest a a wedding here and stayed for one night. I did not find this hotel to live up to it's hype. The rooms were tiny the service was slow and the staff were not to eager to please.

    It took forver to get my car when I asked for it.

    As for the restaurant there it had mediocre food, with a really nice atmosphere.

    But as stated in a previous review this is not a 5 star resort by my American standards. If you get a good deal and are just getting away for some sun in the summer on Long Beach than it will probably be fine.,,,

  5. All good points. I didn't have to park my car at the hotel, so I can't speak for that. I also thought the rooms were small, but good enough for me and my wife. We didn't plan on spending that much time in the rooms. My big problem was the hallway noise that was going on outside the room. As far as the restaurant is concerned, I went there twice. the First time the service was awful and the food was so-so. The second time the service was too fast and the food was above average. maybe it depends on what night you're there. It definitely isn't a 5-star resort.

  6. I think we are all missing the point here. I could care less if it is a 12 star hotel, the fact is that it is WAY nicer than any other place to stay in the area.

    I had guests in from out of town last year before the ALlegria opened and they had to stay in Rockville center.

    Let me tell you something about those hotels in Rockville Center! Stay away. I welcome a beautiful clean hotel in my town. Congratulations to the Allegria.

  7. Billy, I agree with you too. Maybe people are expecting too much from the Allegria?

    The fact is, the place is beautiful and it makes a great alternative to all the other hotels on the area. Plus, I totally see it working as a weekend getaway for NYC folks – train ride, no car needed, beach. I welcome it with open arms, even with it's few minor flaws.

  8. I really do hope the Hotel succeeds. Maybe if they make enough money they can pay us the $19,000 they still owe us for the light fixtures they paid for with a bad check last summer. Thanks to Alrose group (owners of the spa) and Adam Gever we are out of business. According to Alan Rosenburg, who clearly was uncomfortable speaking to me on the phone in December:”We don’t have any money”.
    Daniel Olson (formerly of European Lighthouse)

  9. I have heard several stories like Daniel Olson’s above.
    I have been here at the Allegria myself and from the experience that I had, I am not suprised. Especially at the restaurant.

  10. I love the people who say “well its better than the orange King David!” you my friend are an idiot.

    Shit, lets put up a roller coaster and a ferris wheel while were at it too since ANYTHING is better than the orange building. This town would’ve been 100 times better off selling that building to a developer who would make apartments out of it and done it right. Not piss off every other person in the area as well as the one guy who could sell you the land for a garage. Not to mention the few local business owners who the hotel gave the shaft to, see Daniel’s post.

  11. Yeah thats what we need another CONDO building. What an idiot

    Why can’t we have a nice place in Long Beach?

    You like condo buildings that no one maimtains and look like shit?

    We live in the “area” and we love it!

  12. WoW Daniel Olson
    I thought i was the only one going out of business because of Allegria Hotel.
    We have Done Laundry service for them. They would give us a check that bounces faster than a rubber ball.
    They tell us to redeposit the check which we did even that bounced they gave us a new check and it also bounced.
    They owe us close to $50,000.00
    Nobody is reachable over the phone you leave messages they do not answer back so i decided to show up at the place and all they said was we do not have money. ?
    I mean what the hell owner is buying huge properties in queens to make an IHOP he is driving 3 Hundred thousand dollar car.
    Many vendors they have not paid we are no different.

  13. We must have stayed at a different Allegria Hotel! Because our experience was certainly not like that in the restaurant. On fact it was so bad we haven’t been back since and we also live in Long Beach.

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