“The Clock is Ticking on Long Island”

This video speaks the truth and it pertains to Long Beach as well.  Long Island is becoming a home for the rich surrounded by pockets of poverty. Nothing is being done to stop it.  The housing market needs to change. Smart growth down towns need to be developed and the suburban sprawl of endless shopping centers and strip malls needs to end.  There is too much retail on Long Island and not enough industry.  Our economy can’t be built on Home Depots & Staples.  Please watch the video…. it’s kinda scary.   I’m in my mid 30s and my wife is in her late 20s. We often talk about moving out of Long Island for this very reason:

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  1. I live on Long Island and I couldn’t agree more with the video. I am a young adult. I have a family now and I am being pushed out of Long Island because I can’t afford to stay. I would have to work three jobs or stay at home with my mom until I am 30 to even start to think about having an apartment. Even when I land my job it will not pay enough to ever have a social life or provide anything for my child so there for I need to leave. It’s sad because of the fond memories I have here but, I will do what I have to do for my family. I refuse to waste time and money on rising taxes here when I can take my money further in other places. Plus I also do not like how built up Long Island has become. Where there used to be great woods where the deer can roam is now 1000 senior living condo’s. Is that really necessary? My town alone has 3,500 people living in 4 square miles. We are over populated as it is. The crime in my town also has increased lately and I live in a middle upper class town which in the past had literally no crimes that were life threatening and recently there was gun violence a house down from me scared me half to death. A string of 23 robberies into cars and homes and store break-in’s. The crime is out of control lately and I do not feel safe in my own home anymore. Sadly what made me proud of long island is fading away year by year….

  2. Over populated? There is no population growth on LI, and New York State is losing population in droves. Its so bad that even Cuomo is going to end the NYS estate tax to stop seniors from leaving for Florida, and taking their asset and tax base with them. The reason LI feels “overpopulated” to you, is because the roads and infrastructure aren’t kept up, and filled with more traffic lights and stop signs every year, adding to congestion. In the housing market, fewer and fewer neighborhoods are desirable to live in, as section8 expands everywhere and crime moves in with it. So in the remaining “good” areas, prices are bid up. What industry would relocate here, considering the massive property taxes – municipal workers make over $100K, police making $150K+, LIRR conductors retiring in their late 40s on $70K pensions. Who can afford to pay for that? The only thing keeping New York from being Detroit – is Wall Street and its tax base. Its fun to “hate the rich”, but consider that in NYC, 30,000 filers pay fully 43% of the income tax. Consider those numbers for a moment. If DeBlasio drives just 5000 of those filers out, there goes a bug chunk of the NYC tax base, which is why Cuomo is trying to stop him. But nothing will change until the last taxpayer is bankrupted or leaves. That’s the lesson of Detroit – they saw it coming for decades, but did nothing about it, they just kept rolling along until it all imploded. Two things could save NY – energy development upstate, and breaking the backs of the municipal and teacher unions. Neither of those things are going to happen.

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