I want a Whole Foods Market in Long Beach or close to it.

I’m going to ask you all for a big favor.

I am not a big fan of Waldbaums. I try to stay with “organics” & “free-ranges” when it comes to my food and Waldbaums just doesn’t cut it. I love Trader Joe’s, but it’s really only great for snacks and specialty stuff – not for real shopping needs.  Oceanside has  Wild By Nature, but it’s extremely expensive and not as “natural” as it claims, plus it’s extremely expensive. Did I mention that it’s extremely expensive?

Well, I want Whole Foods Market. It’s a great supermarket with great prices and I think they would be very successful here on the south shore. We only have two on Long Island: Jericho & Manhasset. Both are extremely busy because everybody loves going there! Well I don’t because they’re too far. I want one in Long Beach or close to it.

If you agree with me then please go to their store request page and request a store for Long Beach! Go to this link.  Under CONTACT US VIA EMAIL / CHOOSE TOPIC select Store Location request. It just takes a second. They just want your name, email address & zip code (11561).  They won’t add you to any mailing list (at least, I hope they won’t).

Whole foods currently has no new stores in development for Long Island, but maybe we can change that. Please, I beg you. Please let them know that we want a Whole Foods on the south shore. Please!!

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  1. I like Whole Foods well enough for some products, I do however question the “Localness” of their Local Products. I remember when they opened on 14th Street in NYC. I was working for the Greenmarket at the time as their Inspector and it was a big deal with the Union Square Market right across the street. So I strolled in to see what all the hype was. What I did see were photos of NY State Farmer’s that I personally knew sitting upon crates of oranges and tropical fruits that were definately not grown in NY State.

  2. I agree, although I don’t think any major supermarket chain can compete with a local Farmer’s Market when it comes to local food.

    I can’t wait for the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market. My wife and I have almost completely eliminated all processed foods and we feel a thousand times better.

  3. Wow, thanks for that video. It does seem like most of it is frozen food which I don’t buy, but it is misleading and wrong. Either way, I am looking forward to the Farmer’s Market. A few more months still, right?

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