The Superblock? That’s a joke, right?

superAfter making zero news appearances in 2009, the Superblock has already been mentioned twice this year.  Does that mean things are heating up? Probably not.  This project has been dragging on for so long and the current economy isn’t going to speed things up. I know most in Long Beach are against over development, but we know the inevitable – something will get built there…. eventually. At least the current design is a lot smaller than the older proposals.

So here are the two mentions:

Lb Herald – New asphalt for beach-going motorists

Newsday – a link for those who have access. For those who don’t:

Projects associated with eminent domain

Project: Superblock
Location: The site is located between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road and between Broadway and the boardwalk, City of Long Beach.
Current: Vacant.
Proposed: A beachfront hotel and luxury condominium project facing the Atlantic Ocean.
Rationale for using eminent domain: Blight.
Details: The project has been in the making for more than two decades. The City of Long Beach used eminent domain to condemn six acres of vacant privately-owned land in 2007. The City paid $39 million for the land using the developer’s money. Within weeks of taking title, Long Beach transferred ownership to the developer.

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