Dogs on boardwalk? Condo Flooding?

Jerry Asks:

“My wife and I thinking of buying a condo at LB in near future. own a dog. Can I walk the dog on a leash on the boardwalk in off season without problems? also one of the condos is a duplex right on the boardwalk…concerned with flooding over boardwalk and of course some loss of privacy. what do you I being paranoid? appreciate your insight.thanks”

Since I neither own a dog nor live in the boardwalk, I was hoping some of you can help answer these questions.  Thanks! – Admin

3 Replies to “Dogs on boardwalk? Condo Flooding?”

  1. I live in a dog friendly building 1/2 block from the boardwalk. Don’t own a dog.

    A lot of people walk their dogs on the boardwalk and beach in the off season. It appears without many problems. The police don’t patrol as much in the off season. Apartment/condo life is very different than living in your own home. But you get used to it. It can be as private as you like.

    Can’t talk about the Townhouse condos along the boardwalk. It would appear to me that privacy would be an issue for the lower units.

    It hasn’t flooded past the boardwalk, on my block, in the nine years I’m living in LB.

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