Miniature Golf Course? YES!!!!!

Who else got a letter this week from Nassau legislator Denise Ford that mentions Miniature Golf for Nickerson Beach? That is totally awesome!   I welcome ALL fun activities to our area. Projects like these are exactly what government should be working on!  I really hope it comes to fruition.

Also mentioned in the letter:  improvements to the county owned parking malls in Long Beach as well as a traffic study for Austin Blvd in Island Park – aka similar medians that Lido got last year on Lido Blvd.

Here is a traffic study for ya, they don’t work!!!  I drive past those medians every day and people are driving faster than ever.  Here is an unpopular fix that would make things safer, reduce the amount of lanes from 3 to 2 and widen the sidewalks and add a bike lane!!  But NOOOOOOOOOOO. This is Long Island. That would never happen. We love our cars here – especially when we can drive 80 in a 40mph zone.