Newsday – DEC cites City of Long Beach for illegal dumping

A state environmental agency has cited the City of Long Beach for illegal dumping of construction debris on public land, state officials said.

The city deposited an estimated 1,000 cubic yards of dirt, cement, bricks and other material without permission alongside the edge of Reynolds Channel west of Long Beach Boulevard, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, which issued a notice of violation on May 7.

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Come on Long Beach, this is a disgrace! I don’t want to live in a city that just dumps garbage along the shore line. There are other ways of controlling erosion or flooding and this isn’t it.  Charles Theofan, I don’t want MY city property (yes, I am a homeowner/taxpayer) protected by garbage. It makes MY property look like garage.  What’s wrong with a few bags of sand? Or better yet, construct a bulkhead.