I’m Back. Let’s talk about the Allegria….. again.

Sorry  for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy working – paying off my $300 a plate Caviar addiction over at the Allegria….. j/k.


Speaking of the Allegria (and we all know how much we love to talk about that place), here is a recent review for your reading pleasure: Post.gazette.com –  Hotel Review: The Allegria in Long Beach, N.Y.

My Take: I agree that the rooms are small, but I lived in a tiny apartment for five years, so I can’t complain. Wi-Fi for $12.95 a day IS insane.  Any room at has even the slightest view of the ocean is an ‘ocean view’ –  even if you have to climb outside the window and stretch your neck to see it.  $32 for a room service omelet sounds about right – that place is expensive! The review says nothing about the beach, boardwalk or Long Beach itself.  Oh wait, correction. From the article: “The nine-story hotel, which was a nursing home until its recent exhaustive makeover, is flanked by several ugly condo buildings.” Gee… thanks.