ok, so I had a few minutes to think about this..

First of all, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the little girl’s family. This is such a terrible story – one that I absolutely hate to hear. Unfortunately, this story gets told and repeated every summer.

I just want to say this one thing & I am saying this after reading comments on various news pages: The School is at fault 100%. People can say things like “the beach should have lifeguards on duty 24/7”, “not enough signs”, “it’s the ocean’s fault”. The fact is, this school had the class trip.  Now, I’m not sure how many ocean beaches there are in Harlem, but the ocean is a dangerous place and it should be respected. You should not be allowed to swim in the ocean, unless you know how to swim in the ocean. Sure, you can say that lifeguards should have been on duty, but guess what? Lifeguards cannot be on duty 24 hours a day! They do their best job when they are, but we still need to be responsible whether they’re on duty or not. This tragedy could have happened anytime! You must respect the ocean and understand that it’s a lot different than swimming in a pool. The ocean is unpredictable. I’m not saying that a 12 year old girl should have this responsibility – kids will be kids. The adults that brought her to the beach should. They should have known that the waters could be dangerous and made sure these kids are going to be safe – whether that’s lecturing them beforehand on water safety or working it out with Long Beach to have a few Lifeguards on Duty for this trip.  That is why I think the school is at fault 100%.

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  1. I agree with you 1000 percent, Anthony. As a retired teacher of 22 years and a former school administrator, I would have done things a bit differently. I would have needed more than three adults for 24 students at a beach. One of the adults was a student teacher, not legally responsible for these students. Second, I would have assigned buddies and required all students to stay with their buddy in the water. With no lifeguards present, I would have not let them go past their knees, or perhaps not in past their ankles! Finally, I would have checked to make sure that Long Beach had proper supervision by emailing the city office to see if lifeguards or extra police could be arranged on the afternoon of the trip.

    This is a sad situation, and we can all point blame to Long Beach for its lack of lifeguards, but teachers and schools act in loco parentis, meaning they need to safeguard the students they are supervising.

  2. In no way is this LB’s fault. The City doesn’t have the guards up yet, they start when school is out. Let’s put blame where it should be with the irresponsible teacher who takes her class to the beach and lets them swim.

    There is a reason that drownings rarely happen to residents. RESPECT

  3. two great comments. I was just saying this morning how it’s always people from out of town. No respect for the ocean and they don’t want to have any responsibility for themselves.

    I really feel bad for the girl and her family, but if I were a teacher bringing 24+ kids to the beach, I would make sure they are safe by either lecturing them on do’s and dont’s or by contacting Long Beach and seeing if they can provide lifeguards for this special event.

    Unfortunately, some in the media are painting it as LB’s fault. I’ll post an article about that in a little bit.

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