NEWS12 – Officials: Swim without a lifeguard, expect a summons

I’m not surprised…..   Time to call city hall and complain: (516) 431-1000.   This is a something that deserves to be protested.  Maybe we can start to organize something. As a homeowner and tax payer in Long Beach, I do no approve of this at all. – Officials: Swim without a lifeguard, expect a summons

(06/24/10) LONG BEACH – There is a new crackdown at a popular Long Island beach after a student drowned. Officials say if you swim without a lifeguard on duty in Long Beach, expect a summons. The move follows Tuesday’s drowning of 12-year-old Nicole Suriel of Manhattan. Suriel was at the beach on a class trip and there was no lifeguard on duty. Lifeguards will start staffing beaches on weekdays beginning next week.

UPDATE: I just called City Hall to confirm this story and complain. The person I spoke to told me that the City had to do something since there has been so many drownings this year. It’s not something that they will fully enforce, unless the water is extremely dangerous. I told them how I didn’t think it was the city’s fault & that this enforcement could kill the entire surfing industry in Long Beach.  I also said that it’s a shame how us residents have to suffer. I think the more people that call up, the less they will enforce it. So get those phones going! (516) 431-1000