Newsday – 3 rescued from Long Beach waters; one hospitalized

Three people in distress were pulled from the waters off Long Beach on Friday by beachgoers and lifeguards, a day after city officials reversed a decision to keep people out of the water after the drowning of a middle-schooler there earlier this week.

A 21-year-old man was hospitalized but was responsive, according to a city official.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene in which a group of young people swimming near Franklin Boulevard began yelling for help shortly before 2 p.m., prompting beachgoers to rush into the water to save them.

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5 Replies to “Newsday – 3 rescued from Long Beach waters; one hospitalized”

  1. Lived in L.B. for 40 years & until they started encouraging everyone from out of town to take the train and use these beaches, events like this didn’t occur every single day!
    And I do agree that adults! should take responsibility, whether for their own safety in the water, and especially when taking care of children at a beach! Long Beach is not a police state…cannot monitor every single person – Little common sense and awareness would be refreshing.

  2. I also am beginning to believe we should make our beaches “resident only” until the official season begins and beach passes are needed. It appears that a large percentage of beach accidents involve non residents. We should not have to bear the added responsibility and costs involved with protecting persons who should not really be here to begin with. It is obvious our visitors do not show the same respect for the water as our residents do. Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge, maybe it’s an attitude (ignoring the non swimming signs that are posted), whatever it is the locals end up taking the hit. Not fair!!

  3. I completely agree with the comment(s) made by Ellen C. A little common sense goes a long way………………I also grew up in L.B., lived there for 40 years and now live a town over. While most of these horrific incidences did involve out-of-towners, there are some of us who are are smart enough to know better when it comes to the ocean and it’s risks. L.B. beaches are beautiful and people will continue to flock to them regardless; let’s just hope that people will smarten up when it comes to their safety and especially that of their children and not think that they are invincible.

  4. well i think you all are wrong! why not allow other ppl to come out and enjoy the beach. ” residents ” only isnt gonna stop ppl from drowning because im pretty sure not everybody from long beach can swim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 1 of them was my boyfriend and i am very very very thankful his is alive and well. yall sound selfish and inconsiderate!

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