Harbor Isle Condos move one step closer to reality

1276108365_0d06Just over the Long Beach bridge and to the left you will find a tiny area off Island Park called Harbor Isle.   For a while now there has been a controversial project to bring condos to the vacant, industrial waterfront – an area that can be seen from Long Beach on the bay side.

The Island Park Herald wrote a whole article (New Plans for Harbor Isle Condos) a few weeks ago.  I suggest you read it if you want more info.


Anyways, according to Newsday, this past tuesday the Town Of Hempstead approved the project and it’s one step closer to being developed.   Buried in the Murray, Residents Spar over Hempstead’s Coliseum Plans article is this little snippet:

Also Tuesday, the board allowed a condominium development in Harbor Isle to move forward, approving a conversion of 10 percent of its 167 proposed units to rentals. In five years, the rentals must be sold to independent owners.

The waterfront development on a contaminated industrial site still must be approved by the County Planning Commission and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

I’m going to give the Herald credit for the photos.  Oh, but the poor photoshopped map below was made by me.