The Allegria: a love/hate affair

First of all, I want to say that I am tired of doing posts about the Allegria… haha.  I just hope that out-of-towners don’t think this is the only thing going on around here in Long Beach.  Here I go:

Screen shot 2010-08-04 at 10.39.41 AMIt makes me wonder why the Allegria Hotel gets so many mixed reviews.  People either love it or hate it. Some can’t wait for it to fail, while others welcome it with open arms as something this community desperately needed.

Something just isn’t right. Usually after 86 reviews, an average is created.  If the place really sucks, then the majority of the reviews should reflect that, but they don’t.  According to Trip Advisor, 43 people think the Allegria is poor & terrible, but 43 people think it’s average to excellent. I would be such a confused out-of-towner looking at these numbers wondering If I should even bother!

So what’s up?  Does it just boil down to consistency?  Is the Allegria really just that inconsistent?  I would love to hear from people who have been there multiple times.  Has it been the same every time you went? Speak up!

The following are my experiences:

  1. The first time it was just for coffee & dessert – awful service. overpriced & small dessert.  This was a month after it opened, so of course I’m going to give it one more chance. You need to let the dust wash off the pans.
  2. The second time I went for dinner at the restaurant. I thought the food was fine; pretty much on par with the majority of restaurants that I’ve been to. Of course I have my favorite restaurants and those are the ones I visit all the time and there are some restaurants I would never return to.  My experience wasn’t that horrible that I would never go there again. I did like the organic menu and the service was better.  Not perfect,  but a big improvement over the first time.
  3. The third time I actually stayed there for a night and ate at the restaurant again.  The hotel staff was friendly and helpful when we needed them for a few things regarding our room.  Dinner had much better food. Was it the best food I ever had? No, but I did enjoy my meal.  The service was actually too fast.  I would say it was the same type of service that you will find at most restaurants anyways.  Some will expect better service since the meal is so expensive.  I’m fairly easy going, so what works for me might not work for somebody else.

For me, the Allegria gets 3 1/2 stars: 4 stars for the room & 3 for dinner – with hope that it improves, because I do think this hotel is a great addition to our community.  I also know that it takes time for a new business to find its groove.  Maybe the Allegria just needs a little bit  more time than normal.  A lot was invested in that place. If you absolutely hated it, wait a year or so. Give them a second chance.  That saying,  I wouldn’t discourage people from going there to try it out themselves.

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  1. I have not been there to eat or to stay, so I can’t comment on the food or the service. My personal pet peeve is the empty lot of broken rocks and weeds adjoining. I’m not sure this is owned by the hotel, but if it is, I think it’s high time they made some lemonade from those lemons.

    I can easily envision a simple, but hip space that could go from being used for morning coffee sippers to handling the overflow from the bar or restaurant at night. It would be a great place for a night cap and a nice space for corporate meetings and events.

    I’ve watched enough HGTV to suppose it fairly easy to put some down concrete or pavers, add a fire pit, a water feature and some containers filled with native grasses and flowers. They do it on Yard Crashers all the time! And then they would have a useful space that would not be an eyesore to their guests and the community.

    If I were a paying hotel guest I think I would be disappointed to look out of the window at the mess there now.

    Oh. And what’s with all the guys standing around in black suits?

  2. Victoria, it was commented a while back that the Allegria doesn’t own that lot. They are trying to purchase it from the owner, but he won’t sell it to them.

    I thought they owned it as well, since the old building in that lot was knocked down when the Allegria / Kind David manor renovation started.

    It’s funny how you mentioned “native grass and flowers.” I’ve been wanting to toss a bunch of native wild flower seeds just to make the lot prettier.

    If I find any news on that lot, I’ll post it.

  3. Own it or not, it should be cleaned up, it’s a terrible eye sore, and as someone else said, the hotel guests as well as the people surrounding the building should not be subjected to that unsightly sight.
    This seems to be a poorly-managed hotel. It would only take a few of their employees about 2-3 hours to clean it up. Why leave it messy for the whole time that they have been in existence?
    As for all those Men in the Black Suits, they are bouncers that work for the Hotel. Kind of like what you’d find at a hip-hop Manhattan club where they expect problems.

  4. I don’t know anything about the mess next door…. All I know is that Ittended a wedding at Allegria, and so many things that were not up to par…almost too many to list. The marriage took place in a tent on the beach. This was NOT a private beach so all the local people were able to walk around the tent and glear at us. The promised rooftop was not complete (will it ever be). So there was NO smimming pool and NO Spa! ……. The walkway at the entrance of the tent was unlevel and dangerous. They put a tarp over the sand…very unsteady. The cocktail hour was held in the upstairs lounge. Try to find a hor d’oevre…. Actually no one felt like eating because there was no air conditioning in that section. Air conditioning issues seem to be an ongoing theme. While the ballroom is very nice, the food was not very good at all. The only restrooms available are downstairs. These restrooms are shared by the entire hotel – They were not clean, had overflowing thrash and no hand towels. And then there’s the treat of the guest room…..disaster. Again, no A/C. Just think abiut it NO ari conditioning in one of the hotest summers I can remember! And they have the nerve to ask and charge over $500.00 a night for that! The staff is rude and could not even begin to address all the issues this hotel had. My advice, close your doors, straighten out your problems, and reopen using a new name.

  5. Hi
    I attended a wedding at The hotel last weekend and it was Awesome. The food was fabulous the reception was elegant and the service was top notch! There seems to be a group of people (many of whom live across the street) that want the hotel to fail. Well I can tell you first hand that the place rocks. we stayed overnight and loved it!
    cheers to the new allegria! The whole wedding party was in awe!

    There are NO rooms in the wedding block that cost 500 so loves to travel get your stories and rumors straight!

  6. My point taken. 2 reviews of a wedding at the Allegria and they are both complete opposites. The love / Hate continues….

    Just a quick note, Loves2travel, Long Beach is a public beach, not private. It’s is a community.

  7. Anthony said; “Just a quick note, Loves2travel, Long Beach is a public beach, not private. It’s is a community.”

    Exactly, so why does the hotel advertise that they have their own “Private Beach”?
    I think that was his point.

  8. earl says:


    Excuse me… Read this!
    * Air-conditioned public areas;
    * Ballroom(s);
    * Elevator/lift;
    * Gift shops or newsstand;
    * Patio;
    * Private beach;
    * Smoke-free property;
    * Tours/ticket assistance;
    * Wired (high-speed) Internet access – surcharge;
    * Wireless (high-speed) Internet access – surcharge


    Eugh why do I bother. GET A LIFE DUDE

    Private tunnel to beach with full beach service
    Plush complimentary robes, luxurious bath amenities
    37-inch flat screen TVs
    L’onda Lounge with ocean views
    Fitness center overlooking Atlantic Ocean
    24-hour in-room dining

  10. I had looked forward to going here, but I was quite disappointed. The food was good, although it’s not anything to write home about. – For sure, it was not the best meal of the year, but decent .
    Hit or miss on the food. Hit or miss on the staff. The wine was wonderful, but reception and wait staff was slow, and uncaring, it seemed as if they were just checking off the “things to-do ” list.

    Too much hype and too much $$$ for the food we got. Service was fair but nothing more than that. . But not much else to say.

  11. Although the food and service were not at all great,the restaurant is extremely noisy and full of wise-guy wannabees.
    As for the food, all of our entrees were all over-cooked, and dry.
    Spoke to the waiter and he didn’t seem to be too concerned.
    The service was vert amateurish. Not worth the high price for sure.

  12. I’ve been to this Hotel/Restaurant 3 times and each time the food and the value got progressively worse. My first visit I thought was too soon after their opening so we gave them a second try. My second visit we also had a bad experience and said we would never return here again. But friends of ours convinced us to give it a third try so we did. My last and final visit was on 8/8/09, my wife and I went with another couple. My app was overpriced and my wife and I each had fish and our check was $125. We each had 1 glass of wine ordered by the glass. For Manhattan this is high but for Long Island it’s criminal and shows a clear lack of regard for the customers. Ritzy ambience for sure, but the food is simply NOT that good. P.S. – They also try to peddle $12.00 a bottle wines for $85 and up.

  13. Skipthis place. This is the most poorly-managed hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It’s new, so there’s hope there will be a management overhaul, but until then stay away.

    I stayed for a few nights and some family stayed for a week.
    Most of the hotel employees seem to be about 18-year-old, far too young to be running an establishment that’s so expensive and trying to be so upscale.
    The air conditiong did not work, there was NOT any pool there at all and the DO advertize that there is!.. No Spa either, and the PRIVATE beach they advitize is a PUBLIC beach. The shame of it is that the location is beautiful, the rooms are very nicely appointed, and the beds are quite comfortable. One can only hope for new management and employees who have been in the hotel business for more than 6 weeks, because this bunch is not at all heplful or curtious.
    As for the restaurant…. Forgetaboutit unless you are one of the singles that are desperate for a date.

  14. Anthony, this town is fed-up with the way The Allegria has been taking advantage of our town.
    This city does not belong to them, but they seem to treat it like it does.
    The break every rule and they do not conceder the feelings of their neighbors.
    And why the town lets them get away with this is a puzzlement

  15. We are part of this town and we love the place. We are fed up with the white trash west end bar scene and people pissing all over our Homes. Welcome Allegria!

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