Rumors, Rumors, Rumors: Barnes & Noble by the Sea? W Hotel?

I generally don’t like posting rumors, but this new one is extremely interesting. The second one is just an update.

1. Do you know that vacant lot next to the Allegria Hotel that we keep complaining about?  A few weeks ago it was mentioned that the Allegria doesn’t own that lot and the owner had no plans on selling it to them.  Now, keep in mind, that lot is actually zoned for retail. A strip of food shops used to exist there, but were knocked down during the King David renovation – thus making it seem like it was part of the Allegria development.  Fast forward to today:  a reader named Hank commented that Barnes & Noble are now in the picture:

Heard they want to build a Barnes and Noble on the Ocean with a Cafe. They were there surveying the property.

Barnes & Nobles does in fact have absolutely no stores in this particular area of southern Nassau County.  Could a Long Beach location make sense for a company that is now battling book sales against Kindles & iPads?  Maybe destination, gimmick stores with cafe’s on the ocean are exactly what Barnes & Noble needs to keep the profits coming it- an evolution in retail.   Can anybody fill us in on any truth or updates to this?

2. W Hotel taking over Jackson by the Beach? About a year ago I posted that the Jackson was for sale.  In April it was brought up whether or not the hotel was still open because it looked like it went dark.  With that, it was posted in our forums and I got an emails from two separate people that W Hotels were looking to take over.  Current status: Well, the real estate listing that I originally posted has since been taken down.  I recently gave Jackson a ring and they are still alive and kicking.  It doesn’t look like anything is gonna happen soon.   Anybody got updates on this rumor?

Of course I could just be getting duped on both these rumors, but I am willing to take a risk… this is a blog after all, not a newspaper. Why not have some fun with them?