King Kullen is coming to Island Park

800px-Barnum_Island_SignIt’s official.  The Island Park Herald is reporting that King Kullen is officially coming to Island Park. This will have a MAJOR impact to our local Long Beach Waldbaums, as it should.  I’ve had nothing, but bad experiences at that Waldbaums.  Yes, King Kullen is pricey, but they have a great produce, deli, meats and bakery section.   As I posted in the past: I, for one, welcome our new supermarket overlords.  Another shopping center though? hmm.. not so much.

Just a few thoughts:

  • Due to the nearby restaurants, parking has been an issue. I actually think this center will solve that problem.  Most people shop during the day and early evening.  Those restaurants get crowded at night.  Since John Vitale owns all of it, the shopping center will add more parking to the restaurants.
  • It’s just another shopping center. Hmm… I was hoping Island Park would try to rebuild their downtown, but this will guarantee its demise (see – Imagining a new Island Park).  This new center is going to add, along with a supermarket, nine retail stores. That’s a lot for an area that already has a vacancy problem.
  • Another shopping center just adds to the suburban sprawl disease that plagues Long Island. It would have been nice to see the Barnum Island Wharf redeveloped. Make it more walkable.   Maybe add next-generation apartments similar to Art-Space in Patchogue and try to keep some young adults from leaving. Create a more walkable community. The Island Park train station is nearby and Long Beach is a bridge away – that area screams for transit-oriented development.  All new development on Long Island should encourage walking over driving. Instead, this shopping center will bring that area an even bigger problem:
  • Traffic. Shopping centers bring a TON of traffic. Expect your drive over the soon-to-be-renamed “Michael Valente” Bridge to be a lot busier.

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