50 W. Broadway (That empty lot next to the Allegria Hotel)

A few people have emailed me regarding the empty lot next to the Allegria Hotel. They wanted to know if I knew what was going on with it. I don’t.

What we know so far:

  1. It’s not owned by the Allegria Hotel, but they did try to buy it at one point.
  2. There was a bank auction on September 28th. Who won the auction? I don’t know yet.
  3. It’s zoned for commercial (remember the old Turquoise On the Boardwalk?). Maybe mixed use will be used?
  4. The site is approximately 17,140 square feet (Yeah, I got that from the banner in the photo below.)


  1. Barnes & Noble looked at it. (Not sure how true this is, but it’s fun to talk about.)
  2. 12 story residential tower. (That was emailed to me. Not sure how far it got or how true it is.)
  3. Parking for the Allegria (Not going to happen) The hotel apparently has some financial troubles; they aren’t going to spend millions of dollars for parking.

What will probably happen:

I’m guessing that we will see something that is mixed-use:  Parking at street level, retail on the boardwalk,  two or three stories of condos above that.  I don’t think anything more dense will be appropriate, unless it provides enough parking to accommodate it. (1.5 spots per apartment is the going rate these days.)

What kind of commercial-use would work on the boardwalk?   A Restaurant/Cafe?  Retail?  Both? (See Barnes & Noble Rumor)

We already have the over priced and inconsistent Atlantica @ the Allegria next door.  Another food joint would be nice, but it would have to be different. More casual? Better food? CHEAPER? Yeah, that all works for me.  I’m scared that the only thing that keeps the Atantica afloat is booze.   I would love for Long Beach to have its staple – a place that Long Beach is known for. Such a location could do just that, as long as it’s good and cheap.

Can retail work on the boardwalk? hmm… What kind of store would work there? A clothing store? A surf shop? Can such a place survive the winter months?  Barnes & Noble (presumably with Starbucks) sounds very interesting. I’m just not sure where the book industry is going with all these Kindles, Nooks & iPads taking over.  Then again, sand and sun aren’t kind to technology, so books are the way to go as far as a beach is concerned.

As always, I will post whatever info that I can dig up.  Tell me your thoughts!