E. Broadway “Improvements”

I just wanted to highlight some of the changes that are happening along E. Broadway between Edwards Blvd and Long Beach Blvd.  The city is seriously doing some beautiful things along this strip, including: new curbs, street lights and new blue street signs! Here are some photos that I took that show some of these “improvements.”

  • This first photo shows you the new blue street signs on the NORTHEAST corner of Long Beach Blvd & E. Broadway.  Although, the only reason why I know it’s Long Beach Blvd is because of the older green sign.  The blue sign in this photo says “LONG  EACH blvd,” but I guess that’s due to where they placed the sign.  It’s obstructed by the way they placed it:


  • The next photo shows you the SOUTH WEST corner of Long Beach Blvd & E. Broadway. Again, obstructed view.  This is a similar view that you would see if you were driving east on E. Broadway.  Please note: Some meathead actually bent the new sign. I guess they felt threatened by the color.


  • This next photo below shows the new blue signs at Riverside Blvd & E. Broadway. Sorry that the light pole is in the way. Same obstructed view. Do you see a pattern here?


  • Yeah, here are a few more obstructed views of the new blue signs.  Mr. Magoo did a great job putting these up….


I hope I’m not coming across as a wise ass. I just don’t understand why or how these expensive, beautiful, brand new signs got put up that way. And I am not talking about one, I’m talking about all of them.  Please go there and see for your yourself.  I just don’t get it!!  I never installed a sign post in my life, but it’s not rocket science.  Didn’t they think of the readability-factor when they installed them? As of now, those expensive, beautiful, brand new signs are completely worthless!

Well, at least the new light poles are nice, which I’m guessing will eventually populate all of E. Broadway.


3 Replies to “E. Broadway “Improvements””

  1. If the signs are the same as the Walks, then they go slide over existing poles. If that is the case the signs and poles are about 350. If the signs are like the ones on the brick streets then they are new poles and they go for 1000. So my guess they went the cheaper route and used existing poles that were in place already on the street

  2. I agree if they used the 1000 dollar signs then they should have put them in the right spot. If they used the 350 dollar signs then I can see why they might be in the wrong spot.

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