Harbor Isle Condos – The developer’s website

The Harbor Isle condo development was mentioned way back in July.  I just did some poking around the web and found the developer’s website. I figured a few of you might be interested in seeing how this project pans out. The website has a few more photos of what the final development will look like.

I actually think this is a great project. That land in Harbor Isle, just west of Island Park, isn’t a protected wetland-  it’s a Brownfield and it looks UGLY. Besides, with the exception of Long Beach, dense water-front property is hard to come by in Nassau County, so I think the demand is there.  I love the nautical look, the boardwalk and the fact that it might help revitalize the Island Park downtown. I just hope this is what the final development actually looks like. Please no fucco (fake stucco)!!

website: posillicogroup.com