Newsday ran an article the other day on how Snooki and JWOWW from the TV SHOW “Jersey Shore” are looking for a house on Long Island.

From the article:

“Jersey Shore” stars Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley told fans this week that they are planning to buy a house together on Long Island…… Commenters suggested where the BFFs should settle, from Deer Park to West Islip to Long Beach to Brookville.

I’m sorry Jersey Shore fans, I just don’t want them here. Why do I hate Jersey Shore so much? Well, because it’s all about making fun of Italian-Americans, the only ethnic group that is still allowed to be made fun of on national TV.  This isn’t about Italian-Americans though, this is strictly about guidos. Besides, not all guidos are Italian-American.

I really don’t want that guido culture dominating Long Beach anymore then it does now. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing it disappear altogether.  As a fellow Italian, I find it to be completely embarrassing. Don’t these guidos know that people aren’t laughing with them, but at them?  There is more to life than self-image. Hipsters, this applies to you too! For  those who agree with me and want to get rid the guido-culture, check out getoffourisland.com and help fight the fight.

The Guido Population Density (according to getoffourisland.com):

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3 Replies to “Hey Snooki and JWOWW, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE.”

  1. I’m an italian american. I live on long island. In babylon village to be exact. I gel my hair up and to be honest, I’m so sick of being looked at by people assuming I’m some sort of jersey shore loser. I walk into bars/clubs and immediately get the cold shoulder by every guy in there. Some girls too. It’s not right, what TV has done to the italian culture. I’m very family orientated, eat dinner together, sunday pasta, church in the morning, family gatherings very often, and jersey shore doesnt show this. It really erks me inside to be profiled by the way my skin complication and hair is because of these losers. I hope this image of “guido italians” is a fad. I’m one of those “gudios” that is a ticking time bomb..because of tv.

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