BOARDWALK STORIES: Long Beach in the 1950s-1970s! by Roslyn Bernstein

I grew up in Long Beach, moving to the West End from Brooklyn when I was a very young child. I spent my summers on the beach, worked the switchboard at the Hotel Lincoln, swam in Reynolds Channel, and fished for pennies under the boardwalk.  My Long Beach childhood was filled with many memories and I began to write a collection of short stories–fictional tales–all connected by the theme of life in a boardwalk town and all based loosely on Long Beach during the 1950s-1970s.

Once, when reading one of the stories at the Long Beach Historical Society, I learned that my LBHS classmate Dr. Lawrence Tydings was going to show vintage boardwalk photographs taken by his father, Dr. Kenneth S. Tydings (the town podiatrist) the following week. When I saw the photos, I realized that they were a perfect match to my stories.

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About the Book:

Boardwalk Stories is a collection of fourteen linked tales spanning the decades 1950-1970 which invite us into the private lives of the colorful denizens of a boardwalk community.

Set in the shadow of the Cold War, the boardwalk characters, many of them misfits and wannabes, share their joys and sorrows in a world where kewpie dolls and prizes are often the only consolations for lost dreams. Included in the cast are Beverly the Queen of the Skeeball arcade, Jollie Trixie the fat lady, Arnold the king of Playworld, Miss Lydia the famous ballerina, and Joey the orphan.
Each story is paired with a vintage black-and-white boardwalk photograph capturing the mood after World War II when a day out meant breathing in the bracing salt air and feeding coins into the machines at the penny arcade.

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  1. This is an absolutely wonderful book. Elegantly written
    and the stories are a seamless web of the author’s travel
    through memories of days gone by.

    You can taste the custard at Waller’s and Izzy’s Knishes.

  2. My Dad grew up in Long Beach during the 1930’s and my Grandpaents lived on W.Olive St for many years afterward,up until they retired in the early 1960’s.I have many fond memories of Long Beach because I would spend time with my Grandparents every summer.I especially remember spending alot of time on the Boardwalk.Those were great times and I find myself thinking about those days alot lately,mostly because of the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy.I’m glad to see the Boardwalk has been rebuilt.

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