Newsday – Pollution from sewage found off Long Beach

From the article: The studies were launched last fall to measure contaminants in Hempstead Bay and analyze the effects on water quality, marshes and marine life. Their final conclusions, expected in the winter of 2012-13, will help the state Department of Environmental Conservation set pollution limits for the bays.

I appreciate the fact that studies are being made and folks are looking out for the health of our bay side, but this is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  We swim and fish in these waters…. Not to mention all the wild life that is being effected.

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  1. Roslyn Bernstein (Boardwalk Stories, I spent my childhood swimming in Reynolds Channel (“the bay”) as did many of the children in the West End. We worried about oil slicks from the tankers and about sewage dumping even then. It is great to see that there is a movement to stop the Dumping in Reynolds Channel today! I support your efforts!

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