Avenue Café – REVIEW (formerly Monterey [formerly Corbin & Reynolds])

So I went to Avenue Café (20 West Park Avenue ) this past Saturday night. It opened the previous weekend, but I like to wait a week before I try a new place. You need to let the dust wash off the pans. The previous-joint Monterey, which I reviewed a few times (onetwo)  was just a disaster & the Monterey-Hell’s Kitchen make-over didn’t make it any better.  While I appreciated the organic menu, it lacked identity and taste – and all with a high price.  So when I heard that Monterey closed, I wasn’t surprised.  Now we have Avenue Café.  How was it? Well, to sum it all up, it’s basically a glorified diner and I am perfectly fine with that.

When I go to a diner, I’m automatically in the mood for breakfast, no matter what time it is. So I ordered a Spanish Omelet which came with a spicy tomato sauce. It was delicious.  A little pricey, but delicious. Not greasy and they used real eggs. I’ve been to some diners that don’t (sad, but true).  The coffee, which is one of the most important aspects of a diner, was great too.  I drink my coffee black with no sugar, so I am a coffee snob; good coffee is very important to me.  My wife ordered minestrone soup and a chicken & veggie dish – all delicious.

The decor seems to be the same as the previous joint-Monterey and it should – they spent a fortune on it. It would of been a total waste of $ on a full-makeover.  Some of the colors might be different, but I can’t really tell when they’re washed out. Nothing bold, just safe and typical.  The place was crowded. We got there around 7:15pm and had to wait around 30 minutes before we were seated.

I, for one, welcome our new glorified diner to Long Beach. I will gladly pay the dollar or two more for a better meal than what is offered at other similar places. Just don’t go there expecting a fancy meal. We have enough places in Long Beach for that. This place is more affordable than Monterey and feels more fitted for our community. The sign outside says 24/7 which is freakin’ awesome. This town needs a place to go to at 3am when you are drunk and in the mood for cheezy fries and gravy. Not sure how long the 24/7 will last, but the location is perfect, the food is great and it steps up the game as far as diners go in a town already crowded with diners.

  • FOOD: Great
  • DECOR: A diner in Monterey-clothing
  • SERVICE: Typical Diner service: Old men wearing black pants, white shirts and black ties. Diner-professional.
  • PRICE: A few bucks more than your normal diner, but I think it’s worth it.


Side note: The owners of Avenue Cafe are actually the same people that owned Ocean Park Diner– which I am hearing will be converted into a bakery / ice cream shop. Not sure when and if that will happen. Can somebody place confirm that for me?




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  1. Ha, that’s pretty funny. I feel that way about a lot of places. We need a lot more NYC influence with some of the the restaurants down here… They are far from “hip and young”.

  2. I went there again tonight for dinner and thought the food was fine. The service isn’t that great, but I still think it’s better than the other diners in town.

  3. And much better than that Over Priced clip joint that was there previously.
    Lets hope that this time the Owners keep it nice, clean and reasonably priced.
    And keep the panhandlers and people that hang out, OUT!

  4. Yes let’s hope that the Owner will try to keep this place a bit more up-scale than his old dump was.
    And keep the “Street People” out.

  5. Sounds to me like the last person IS the owner to Laurel….

    Your ENTIRE party got sick? Really? You called everyone up to see if they got sick and they ALL did?

    how lucky you are that u had a forum about the place to voice your concern….HAHAHAHA>>>..

  6. My advice is that they keep the prices down…If it gets to the level of Billys Beach Cafe prices people will just to the drive thru at Tacobell…

  7. The original Ocean Park was a diner, Avenue cafe is a very weird looking diner. I became good friends with a waiter there but I don’t think I will ever go back. The place is filled with yenta’s and cramped tables in the back. My thought, the place will close by the end of the year.

  8. you obviously didn’t have a good experience because everyone loves that place. I think you should give it another shot and stop being a baby.

  9. If you like being treated like crap and wasting your time… this is the place for you. Rudest waiters ever! Waited 10 minutes to be seated.Then another 10 for the waiter to appear. 15 minutes later, still no SOUP! Got up and left. This place reminds me of the saying…. You can put a dress on a pig but in the end it’s still a pig! NEVER AGAIN!

  10. Yes Mel, you are right, but I highly doubt that it’s going to happen.
    This place seems to attract these people, and the owner don’t seem to care.

  11. When you walk in the door, you are surrounded by beautifully decorated place, but it all ends when you get served and when you look around at the other patrons who look like the bunch that hang around the Waldbaums parking lot.

  12. My husband and I, along with our toddler, frequent this diner for breakfast since we live nearby. We always experience great service and staff that are helpful and friendly in dealing with a messy toddler. We are always happy with our food, and they offer great deals on weekends before 9. In our opinion, this diner is a great addition to a town of true beach people, who like good food, a friendly environment, and don’t mind sharing space with “street people”

  13. c maybe you should lunch at the outside mall in the Waldbaums shopping center, you can meet lots of “STREET PEOPLE” there, same as tht Park Cafe.

  14. I don’t know if they mean day trippers. They may mean “citidiots.” But, as much as I like to trash citidiots, they are great for the restaurants and dumping money in town.

  15. With that awful attitude it’s better that you are disgusted by local establishments-take Care and stay away! Avenue cafe is a diner, not a 5 star restaurant, and they don’t claim to be one. The eclectic and diverse population in this town, from and including those who are struggling as well as wealthy beach goers, is what makes this town relaxed and beautiful. Too bad you think you are better than others…must be sad to be so miserable and judgmental.

  16. I have eaten at The Avenue Cafe many times, and I did enjoy it about the first 4 times I went. But the service is too slow, their kitchen is downstaris (as explained by our Waitress) and if you ask for a lemon wedge or a pickel, you have to wait for her to travel a bit to get it, God forbid you want a side of fries, you might as well forget it! The Ruben was delicious the first couple of times but then I had soggy bread and when I told them they took it back and I waited a long time and it came back soggy again. I dont think you should say the higher prices are worth it, dont encourage them! I agree that this is a glorified diner, i have always said that since it opened and i was just wishing for something a little more unique. I am going back to IHOP!

  17. If you read the description before they opened then you too would have expected more of this place. The article was written and the owners described thier great dishes and how you could get wraps and eggs at 2 am, etc. They never said they were a Diner (which they should have) because that’s what they are and thats what they were. The minute you get handed a menu you know then that you are in a diner. Its diner food plain and simple. Not that there is anything wrong with that but the article made it sound like a trendy, new hip place to hang out and eat great food. When you read that, then it becomes a big disappointment.

  18. Not sure what you mean. I was just saying that the place had the same decor from the previous restaurant.

    They do have a big menu! You can pretty much order anything you want there.. although I Haven’t gone back in a while.. i wonder how it is these days.

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