Restaurant Rumors!!! Don Juans & Peter Luger

I know folks in the real estate industry, so I hear things… Two things that I recently heard are:

  1. Don Juans, the Mexican Restuarant that was once on Old Country Road in Westbury, is coming to a spot somewhere on Park Avenue in Long Beach. Where? I have no idea. Just heard it will be on Park Avenue.  I’m guessing it might be the vacant space in that new shitty looking center that no-longer has Chase Bank.  Don Jauns still has a location in Massapequa, for those who want a preview of whats to come (besides diarrea).
  2. Peter Luger is coming to Island Park and will occupy the former SHOGUN Japanese Restaurant lot, which is right over the soon-to-be-named-Michael Valente Bridge.  Voted ‘Best Steakhouse’ in NY for 26 years in a row, Jimmy Hays could be in for some serious competition.

I am not sure how valid these rumors are, but both would be welcome additions to the area.  I have a personal vendetta against Panchos in Island Park, so any cheap-gringo style mexican food that will compete with Panchos is fine with me. Peter Luger is great if you are a big man and like to smoke cigars. I’m not, but I do like butter, which their steak is drenched in.


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  1. I never found Peter Luger’s steaks to be drench in butter at all, you may be thinking of Ruth Chris. Peter Luger steaks are great, that’s why they are always rated number one in New York. The service is sometimes rough,and the waiters are old fashioned steak house guys, but that’s part of their charm.. But the steaks are amazing. No one even comes close, This place has been around for over 100 years! There must be a reason for that.

  2. For people who love steaks you can not beat Peter Luger’s as for their service I personally always found the service to be quite good. The steaks are always was cooked perfectly, and just the way you order it. I think it is just about the best steakhouse I’ve ever been to in my life! Unfortunately because of their reputation, it’s hard to get a reservation.

    The Food at Don Jauns is awesome & the service is outstanding..Whenever My wife and I think of having really good Mexican food, I think of this place. We love this place – the food is consistently good and the place is a fun place to be at.The Mariachi band on the weekends add to the experience.

  3. As for Jimmy Hays, if you feel like being ignored and abused at the rate of $70/$85. a person, come here. Host ignores people that are not his regulars when they come in, I can understand it if he’s busy, but how hard is it to acknowledge new customers and tell them you will be right with them and then sit done and have a drink with your reguglar customers? The friendly Bartender all but saved us from walking out.

  4. I ate at a restaurant near Long Beach and I had left overs so I gave the steak from my meal to my neighbor’s dog…even he walked away from it.

  5. i have seen several website posts about a luger….but nothing confirmed and nothing from a journalist writing a story . I have also heard that fast food enterprises were interested…. I hope it does not end up being another fast food joint …one thing for sure it is WAY too small for a lugers

  6. The last thing needed in Long Beach is another Fast Food Joint, that will attract the White Castle clientele. We have more than enough of those places here.
    A New Steak House would have been a very good idea that would attract the middle and upper class.

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