The ABC NEWS “YOU’RE FAT” hidden video

I’m just not sure how I feel about this whole thing, but it was filmed on the boardwalk so it’s Long Beach-related! Read the article and make sure you watch the video.


Read & Watch:  Mom Slams Daughter’s Weight: What Would You Do?

“What Would You Do?” wanted to know: What would you do if you saw a parent berating a child for “looking fat” in her bathing suit on the beach? We hired actors to play the belittling mother and her ill-treated teen daughter. They play out the scenario at a boardwalk in Long Beach, N.Y. with our hidden cameras to find out.

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One thought on “The ABC NEWS “YOU’RE FAT” hidden video”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    The entire time I was watching that I was thinking, “GET OUT OF THE BIKE LANE!” It was driving me crazy.

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