Another Article on local LB Surfer Balaram Stack. Talks LB.

I have a feeling we are going to see a ton of articles regarding the Quiksilver Pro NY which takes place in Long Beach this September. This one is from From the article:

Tell me about the break.
It’s in Long Beach. It’s like a way better version of Newport, I guess. It’s kinda like, smaller jetties, all lined-up. They help keep the sand together. It’s just beachbreak barrels. There’s a coupla points out east – they have their days, but for the most part they’re pretty mushy. It goes: Point Lookout, Lido, Long Beach, Atlantic. Long Beach is pretty much the centre of it, it’s not very big at all. From Long Beach to Atlantic Beach it’s pretty much just all jetties, which hold the sand together. But right before the jetties start, about half a mile before the jetties start until the first jetty, that’s where it holds the biggest swell. Just big A-frames. Kinda Puerto-style. That’s the spot. We call it Lido Escondido (laughs).

Watch the video & read – Long Island local Balaram Stack talks Quik Pro, NY