Mermaids, Neptune, “Save the Clock Tower” & the City Seal

I mentioned the Mermaid Sand Sculpture a few weeks ago as something that should be commissioned. Well that had me thinking….. where else have I seen a mermaid in Long Beach? AHHH, The City Seal: home of a mermaid, Neptune and a clock tower. Three things that are nowhere to be found. What is the deal with our City Seal?


Yes, our City Seal has a mermaid on it, but there are no mermaids to be found in Long Beach. So, making a mermaid statue makes perfect sense on so many levels. A) It’s nautical. B) It’s links our city with our Seal. C) It will give Long Beach an identity. D) Just for the sake of art.  Where would we put such a sculpture? Let’s do something crazy and put it where people will see it – on the beach!  Our beach & boardwalk is our town square. Yes, I like that it’s not overdeveloped with restaurants like other boardwalk-towns, but it could use a bit more of an identity. A mermaid statue would be perfect!

The Clock Tower on our City Seal is reminiscent to the old City Hall clock tower from yesteryear. We all know what happened: when the current City Hall was being constructed, the old clock tower collapsed. Lets build a replica of it. It doesn’t have to be the same size,  maybe just 15 feet tall. The perfect location would be Kennedy Plaza where the old one stood.  I know we already have giant clocks around town, but those are prepackaged in the “downtown redevelopment” kit – every town has those. let’s do something different.

So what about Neptune, the god of water and sea? Well, I’m  a big fan of him. I guess we already have Neptune Blvd, but a giant statue of Neptune would be kick ass. And it would be totally relevant. We are surrounded by water and sea. Where would we put such a god? Maybe the median at the Long Beach Blvd and E. Park Ave intersection- a statement as visitors come into our city. The God of Water & Sea welcoming all to the City by the Sea.

We need more art and more of an identity here in Long Beach. I am thinking of starting a movement to get something started, at least with the mermaid statue. What do you guys think? As of now, our city seal makes absolutely no sense. I know what some of you are thinking already: “Who is gonna pay for this? I would rather the city fix the pot holes first.” Well, I am sure they can find money for monuments like these and I bet there are a ton of local artists just dying for such a project. It’s a question of art, a statement & civic pride – the sea god knows we need more of that around here.

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  1. The current City Hall is a horrendous building – hiding it behind a replica of the old clock tower is a great idea! Even adding a facade like the one in Back to the Future might help it! Long Beach definitely needs more art – and not the abstract kind — more classical statues like the mermaid sand sculpture are just what the city needs!

  2. All fabulous ideas! What about our talented high school art majors? Would be a great way for a graduating class to make a lasting gift to LB.

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