The LB Patch review of Avenue Café.

The LB Patch just posted a review of  Avenue Café. Do you know what that means? Get ready for some negative comments….  I’ve been blogging for almost three years now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how only negativity is posted when it comes to restaurant reviews.  My Avenue Café review is a perfect example of that.  Well, just like me, The LB Patch also liked the joint.



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4 thoughts on “The LB Patch review of Avenue Café.”

  1. I was there once, it was OK, but just OK. Very noisy and the staff didn’t seem to be too experienced. The food was fairly good but far from great.

  2. I can be positive on 2 resturants in LB.. One Sugo and the other Duke’s..Great food at both. Sugo’s new chief is amazing.

  3. Humm, funny I never heard that before. I was there only once about a year and a half ago and the experience was far from great. Live and learn.

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