My Long Beach Cinemas Theory (Pure Speculation)

Long Beach Cinemas closed down. Why? Nobody seems to be able to answer that – including The Patch and Herald.  Was it financial troubles? A bank foreclosure? Based on the Patch & Herald articles, the theater manager doesn’t even know why it closed. Everything points to the property owner.  I decided to do some digging around and I now have a theory.

Ok, so the property is owned by a New York-based company called Philips International; a giant real estate company with a very large portfolio. Just see for yourself. This company is big. That makes me believe that “an owner with financial troubles” wasn’t the reason why this theater closed down, but a bad tenant (the theater operator) was.

I decided to contact Philips International and find out what was going on and to see if the property was for sale. Their reply was very vague, but based on their giant portfolio, I have a feeling this property isn’t for sale. This is a company that owns and rents. That makes me believe they have other plans……

Amongst Philips’ vast array of properties are two theaters – both on Long Island: The Franklin Square Cinema and the now-defunct Long Beach Cinemas that we all know and loved (and hated).  Lets face it people, there were issues with Long Beach Cinemas. They didn’t play the movies we wanted. Sometimes the projection was crooked or the sound was too low. They had no discounts. Blah blah blah.

On to my theory:  Philips’ theater in Franklin Square is operated by Clearview Cinemas. Being that they already have this relationship, maybe a deal has been made for Clearview Cinemas to takeover operation in Long Beach.  Yeah, It’s not AMC (which owns Loews & Regal), but it’s better than nothing.  Clearview Cinemas would bring a better overall experience than what we had, plus we get our theater back!

Now for those who want an independent art theater like the ones in Malverne or Huntington, Clearview Cinemas has those too; Manhasset & Roslyn are just two examples. If Clearview does take over,  it would be great if they turned our theater into a hybrid: A mix of Independent art films along with the blockbusters. As of now, I’ll take anything. As long as a theater stays there.

So, will the Long Beach Cinemas be rented to a Clearview Cinemas operator? Please understand, this is pure speculation. I have absolutely no idea what is really going on, but based on the owner’s giant portfolio and the fact that they already have a relationship with Clearview Cinemas at a theater nearby, it seems plausible.

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  1. If your theory were correct, the place would have simply changed management. It would not close. Closing a business turning away patrons is not the preferred way to change managements. But I hope you’re right!

    Nice blog!

  2. I actually work for a property management company and see this happen all the time. Unless it’s an assignment of the lease, businesses will temporarily close if it’s the same use.

    SInce the theater suddenly went dark, I’m guessing there was no lease and that the tenant was there month-to-month. In that case, the owner (Philips) can terminate their occupancy whenever they want.

    Besides, If this Theater is going from a small operator to a major company like Clearview, renovations might be in order and with renovations comes building permits which sometimes takes a while to clear. This goes for any renovation, such as moving a wall, anything that has to do with electric or plumbing. Commercial businesses can’t get away with not getting permits like homeowners do.

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