Long Beach Cinemas closed? (updated x3)

Updated (May 6th): One week after the fact, Newsday is finally at the party, but with no added information (Read Newsday – Last picture show in Long Beach?). From the article:

Long Beach Cinemas abruptly closed last week with no explanation. Representatives of Philips International, which has operated the movie house since 2002, didn’t respond to requests for comment this week. Long Beach officials also haven’t been able to find out the reason for the closure.

“When we called we were told, ‘No comment, speak to the bank,’ ” said City Manager Charles T. Theofan. He added that city officials were investigating whether Philips had encountered financial problems.

If the City Manager knows nothing, that means the theater owner (Philips) hasn’t filed for any building permits yet for a change of use. Please note: I used the word YET. Something could be in the works. AS of now, that dispels any rumor that a restaurant or dollar store is moving in. It’s not that easy: there are building codes, zoning, change of use, certificates of occupancies involved, & assembly issues. One interesting note from the Newsday article is something that I mentioned in my “theory” article. The fact that Philips is a large company.

Philips, based in Manhattan, is one of the metropolitan area’s largest real estate developers. Its portfolio includes more than 200 office, condominium and retail properties in seven states.

How can a small movie theater be such a financial problem for a company that owns property across seven states. It’s a drop in the bucket. Philips still owns the property and they have to have other plans for it. Please read my theory on the future of the movie theater, as well as the rumor mill which includes ‘bed bugs’ and Peter Lugers.

Now, also in today’s Newsday, under the Movie Listing section is a place holder for Long Beach Cinemas with a phone number to call. I called the number and got a “phone disconnected” signal.



Updated (May 2nd): The LB Patch posts an article, but still no new info. The mystery remains….


Updated (May 1st): The LB Herald has some new info, but the still not enough. Read: Long Beach Cinemas abruptly shuts its doors


(April 30th): I got a tip earlier today from a reader named Susan regarding the Long Beach Cinemas. To quote Susan: “no marquee-no posters-no lights”. I just passed by the theater and she is correct; it just looks vacant. Susan added how she heard that it was a bank foreclosure. I can’t confirm whether or not that info is true.  I do, however, have hope that a new operator will step in and take over. Of course, I have a dream that it will reopen as a Huntington Cinema Arts clone, but I doubt that will happen…

Anyways, I’ll post more info as soon as I can. In the meantime, if anybody has anything to add, please comment here or email me using the contact form.

(ghetto photo courtesy of google maps)

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  1. The last thing we need is for that Theater to be permanently closed down. I am hoping a new operator will take over and do a better job.

  2. They had some nerve charging $9.00 for their lowest ticket even for a 5 year old. Their concession prices were nuts. I would go there for an early movie at 12:30PM from Lynbrook and was very surprised when I passed it yesterday when going to the boardwalk. Long Beach surely doesn’t need another restaurant.

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