Zero Cost to the Taxpayers.

Our county executive, Ed Mangano (yes people in Long Beach, hard to admit, but we are part of Long Island) today along with Town of Hempstead’s Kate Murray and New York Islanders’ owner Charles Wang unveiled a plan that will give us a new arena, a minor league baseball stadium and convention center.

I am not about to get into the specifics, but I do want to address false information that is going around. Yes, Nassau County will ask us to vote for $400 million dollars in bonds to pay for it, but it will ultimately be at zero cost to us, the taxpayers.  Today at a press conference, Ed Mangano specifically said over and over how it will be paid off by the New York Islanders, the Minor League Baseball team and whatever other development that happens there. It’s called revenue sharing.

Mangano knows not to ask the taxpayers to foot the bill, so please no comments about how you don’t want to pay for this. I will not post them. We desperately need a new Coliseum. It’s a question of quality of life, entertainment and culture. A new coliseum would bring us just that. Besides, anything is better than another shopping center.

That’s it. End of story.

Read the official Press Release for more info.

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