Today at last, the Courtesy Hotel in West Hempstead crumbles.  Is the Long Beach Motor Inn next? PLEASE TELL ME IT IS! Getting rid of the Courtesy is a great for the West Hempstead community. Folks in Island Park have been crying for the same thing for years. How great would it be for both the Courtesy and LB Motor Inn to be demolished the same year? Kate Murray are you listening? It would make a great photo opp!

TEAR DOWN THE MOTOR INN! Maybe Roger Waters will sing about it 🙂

Read: Courtesy Hotel crumbles – W. Hempstead Herald

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One thought on “TEAR DOWN THE MOTOR INN!”

  1. I’ve heard from multiple sources that this place houses sex offenders fresh out of jail. Its a breeding ground for sleaze balls and should be turned into something that would benefit the community.

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