Regarding the Memorial Day Riot

I received two letters regarding the riot that occurred on the beach on Memorial Day. I would love to hear some feedback on how we can prevent something like this from happening again. PLEASE keep your comments clean.

Letter #1 from a reader named Neil:

The Long Beach Conditions have derated.  There were mobs of people form outside communities on the beach yesterday (Memorial Day) and they were getting pretty rowdy, noisy and disorderly, and the attempts by the police to prevent it was unsuccessful. This was a big problem and should be addressed before the season really starts, as it can result into lots of troubles. Trust me the residents are not going to want to remain here if this continues. Prosecute those charges to the fullest extent possible, making no plea deals “We were looking to take a gentler approach,” Theofan said. This is a direct quote. Gentler approach? That never works. How dare the police not do their job. In any other town on Long Island the hooligans would have been locked up for disturbing the peace and assault. The fact that not one arrest was made is disgusting. I, for one, plan on being at the next city council meeting to voice my concerns with regard to this matter. Zero tolerance should not come after the fact. That is why they came here in the first place. Not a “gentle approach”! YES!!!!! Prosecute those charges to the fullest extent possible, making no plea deals. The “gentle approach” is completely wrong and never works. Again, we elected the city council that appointed Theofan. He made a bad management decision and will continue to make poor judgment calls. The perpetrators should have been frisked and held at the very least. Instead, they were released without any inconvenience to them. I guess it’s better that all the LB residents AND TAXPAYERS got inconvenienced by their creating this disturbance and making our town look foolish.


Letter #2 from a reader named Chris:

They are saying that a “gentle approach” is needed to control these trouble-makers.  We do not need nor do we want a  gentle approach! We need to be serious.  a “gentle approach”  leads them to think that  they could get away with this riotous behavior in the future. Set an example from day one that our city will NOT tolerate this behavior & maybe they’ll think twice about it next time. There is no reason anyone should be subjected to or feel intimidated by these kids while enjoying their day with family & or friends. As for the teens who are checking beach passes, I feel for them & several times have backed them up when out of towner’s give them a hard time about getting on the beach without a pass. We have good kids working to make extra money during the summer & they have to deal with people who try to take advantage of them, it’s really a shame and I’m sure frightening at times for them. We need to think about the enjoyment and the safety of our residents FIRST and foremost.  We need to show these people that LB will not tolerate this sort of behavior. This was not the first time that this has happened, and if we don’t put a stop to it, it won’t be the last. This same type of crowd last summer during school cut-out day, the crowd was enormous, rowdy,  confrontational, thug like, and downright nasty.  The were drinking beer and throwing the empty’s all over the beach and the streets.


Read more about the riot on the Long Beach Patch: ‘Mini Riot’ Breaks Out in Long Beach

3 Replies to “Regarding the Memorial Day Riot”

  1. Two good letters, true and to the point. I wish that the people in charge of the rules and regulations and enforcing them read these.
    We must NOT give these thugs their way. It is clear that Theofan or whoever is in charge of this situation is not doing the proper thing. We need someone to be serious about preventing this, ot they will be ruling us.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Didn’t this same thing happen last year when it was senior cut day involving those same out-of-town high schools? I’m hoping the city starts to put in measures to prevent this again, before it turns into an annual event.

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