Long Beach Cinemas – All the Links from our three local news sources

I’m really happy that the theater is reopening and I plan on supporting it a lot more than I did. Wasn’t it that great hair metal band Cinderella that once sang Don’t Know What You‘ve Got (till It’s Gone)?  Well I was pretty upset when the theater closed. That corner of Long Beach Blvd & E. Park Ave felt so empty for the past few weeks.

I’m also glad that the theater will be upgraded with some new features, but I am hoping that more will come. How about matching Malverne Cinemas’ “$5 movies on Wednesday” deal? How about playing some more independent films and less blockbusters? Most of the comments that you read on this site, the Herald and The Patch have one thing in common: A lot of people want something similar to the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre.  Perhaps our theater can be a hybrid? A mix of indies and blockbusters? Based on the above articles, it looks like it’s going to be the same old thing, but in 3D.  I really hope the operators consider offering at least one day of discounted tickets and look into the ‘Arts Centre’ thing.   The Huntington Cinema Arts Centre doesn’t just play independent movies, they also have marathons, events and a whole bunch of other stuff that is very sucessful and beneficial to the Huntington community both culturally and economically. Because isn’t that all what we really want in the end?


* Long Beach Cinemas, not Cinderella.