20 MPH, Enforcing the Law, and Stop Signs! Oh, my!

I just wanted to express my opinion on the countless articles I read in the LB Patch, LB Herald, Newsday and everywhere else with regards to making our roads safer (and slower).  I really do agree 1000000000% that something needs to be done with the speeding in Long Beach.  I agree 1000000000% that we need to Slow Down The Town.  BUT enforcing the law, stop signs & 20 MPH speed limits just aren’t enough.

  1. You cannot have a police offer at every single interaction enforcing the law. Cars speed because they know this.
  2. Stop Signs don’t stop cars from stopping. I can see three stop signs outside my window and the majority of the cars don’t stop at them. Heck, a good number of them don’t even slow down.  I wish I could set up a video camera to prove this, but there might be some sort of invasion of privacy issue that I don’t want to deal with.
  3. 20 MPH? See #1.

All of the above are good ideas and would help, but the only way to really slow cars down is to install speed bumps at every single intersection on all the side roads. You paint them yellow, put a”CAUTION: SPEED BUMP” sign before all of them and call it a day.

I lived in Bayside, Queens about ten years ago and saw speed bumps in use. The area I am talking about is north of Northern Blvd and a few blocks east of Bell Blvd. See for yourself; they work. Cars slow down. They have no choice. Everybody is so much safer.

End of story.







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  1. I agree with you 100%. Stop signs should be renamed “slow down” signs. If you’re lucky, that’s all that most drivers will do. I tell my kids everyday, ‘Don’t assume a driver is going to stop. Wait until they actually do stop before you cross the street’. Speed bumps force the driver to slow down. End of story. =)

  2. I agree with you 100%. Stop signs should just be renamed ‘slow down’ signs because you’ll be lucky if a driver even does that. I tell my kids everyday, ‘Don’t assume the driver is going to stop. Wait until they actually stop before you cross the street’. Speed bumps force drivers to slow down. End of story! =)

  3. Why is it that towns with similar density like Rockville Centre and Lynbrook have only a fraction of the stop signs, no turn on red warnings, and lights? Yet traffic seems much more orderly and drivers seem far more attentive?

    Could it be that Long Beach has micromanaged traffic to such an extent that it creates driver fatigue/frustration/annoyance to the point that residents and frequent visitors start to tune them out?

  4. Mark, it’s an interesting theory, but the layout of Long Beach is so much different than those towns. Long Beach is long and narrow with fewer main roads. Most cars here are traveling in the same direction. Mostly east or west. Plus the fact that it takes us longer to get anywhere due to our “barrier island” isolation. I see what you are saying, but what would the answer be then? Get rid of stop signs and stop lights? Don’t forget, we also have a lot more pedestrians and cyclists thoughout the city. Pretty much all the walking traffic in Rockville Centre is contained in their downtown – which on their Park Ave has only one lane for both directions. Our Park Ave in our downtown has three lanes each for both directions.

  5. One more point that I wanted to make. Lets just say you are in Long Beach and you want to get to the LOOP Parkway. A lot of cars will drive really fast on Walnut Street just to bypass all the lights on Park Ave. If you are in a town like Rockville Center and you need yo get to the Meadowbrook. your options open up. You can go to Ocean which will take you to Southern State. Or you can take either Peninsula Blvd, Merrick Rd or Sunrise Hwy. You can almost say the same thing for Lynbrook. We don’t have those options in Long Beach. We just have Park Ave and a bunch of side streets that run Parallel.

  6. They could start by enforcing whatever jay-walking statutes are on the books.

    I see no shortage of dangerous pedestrian behavior whenever I’m forced to drive through Long Beach, people walking right into the middle of traffic as if they were invincible and forcing cars to stop short or make last second lane changes.

    Rockville centre has similar levels of foot traffic on weekends. Park Avenue and Sunrise Highway are major roads.

    The primary difference between Long Beach and Rockville Center seems to be that in general, pedestrians and drivers behave a lot worse.

    Speed bumps are a poor solution and damage cars.

  7. I agree that not all pedestrians are innocent, but cars are still the bigger weapon and are the ones that do the killing. Besides, cars are driven by adults with drivers licenses. It’s a privilege to drive. Not all pedestrians are adults…..

    and Speed bumps work and won’t damage cars if used the right way. You need to place them at the stop signs, that way, the cars will at least slow down. At least the ones that somewhat follow the law. RIght now, a lot of them don’t even do that.

    I saw speed bumps work when I lived in Bayside Queens – an area that is far more dense with cars and pedestrians than in Long Beach. Yet, I never heard of any incidents when I lived there. The speed bumps were placed near stop signs and forced cars to at least slow down at a place there they are supposed to stop. Speed bumps only do damage when cars drive too fast over them, and in this case they would be breaking the law – so too bad.

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