So I went to the “new” Long Beach Cinemas…..

Saturday night I went to our reopened movie theater and I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share. This is mostly regarding theater #3, which was playing X-Men: First Class:

The Good:

  • The seats are a lot newer than I remember. Although, this is always the case for me at this theater. I have this idea in my head about the seats that always changes once I am actually there. I think this has to do with the impression I get when I leave the theater (more on that later).
  • The sound seemed much better. I’ve been there in the past when it’s too low. I am not sure if the sound system was improved, but the volume was at a much more audible level.
  • Plenty of seats available at the 8:30pm showing of X-Men @ a theater that is much more convenient and a lot less annoying than the one in Rockville Centre.
  • Although I didn’t see Kung Fu Panda 2, seeing a bucket of 3D glassing in the lobby reminded me about the upgraded projector. A plus for those who like those movies.

The Bad:

  • The image in the screen had a keystone issue; that is when the projected image looks like a trapezoid.  It wasn’t so distracting that I couldn’t watch the movie, but I am an audio/video freak and notice the smallest things.  I’m sure 90% of the audience didn’t notice, but there are those like me that do.

The Ugly:

  • The concession / lobby area. It is SOOOOOOOO depressing. There is nothing there, but a few movie posters and an old concession counter that looks kinda dirty, even if it isn’t. I would love for a complete makeover, maybe that old fashioned theater look? Some tin ceilings, subway-style tiles on the walls, movie props, anything! As of right now, it just looks depressing and it gives a bad first and last impression.  Yeah, I know that costs money, but sometimes you have to invest a little to get a bigger return.  A happier looking lobby would bring more return costumers.  Every time I leave, walk through the lobby and think how ugly the place it. That thought always sticks with me and makes me less excited on going back.

Seeing a movie at The Long Beach Cinemas really isn’t that bad of an experience. Once the movie starts, there is no difference between this theater and other small theaters that we keep saying are better. In fact, LB Cinemas has much better seats, bigger screens and better audio than the one in Malverne. But why do we like Malverne more? Independent films & less blockbusters are one reason; the look of the lobby is the other.  My movie experience is never that great in Malverne, but that place is just so darn cute and it makes me happy whenever I go there. That is my one advice: Long Beach Cinemas’ owner, please make our theater cute(r).

Anyways, it’s all about the movies and I am so glad this theater reopened. I plan on supporting it as much as I can.



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