Coming soon to NY State: Complete Streets

I just receive word that the Complete Streets Bill was just passed in New York State. Yes, that applies to us in Long Beach too! But what are Complete Streets? Well, instead of me trying to me explain that, I’ll just take cue from wikipedia:

In U.S. urban planning and highway engineeringcomplete streets (sometimes livable streets) are roadways designed and operated to enable safe, attractive, and comfortable access and travel for all users, including pedestriansbicyclistsmotorists and public transport users of all ages and abilities. [1] Official policies that encourage or require such accommodation are known as complete streets policies.

So basically every new roadway project in NY State will take pedestrians & bicyclists into consideration. This is a major win for Long Island – an area that is no longer a bunch of potato farms, but a sprawling suburban high density disaster filled with tons of roadway fatalities.

I know. I know. I know how some of you think. I read the emails. I read the forums. Some of you think that bicyclists and pedestrians are the ones that need to learn how to  share the road. I agree that not every case is the drivers fault, but let me leave you with this:  Automobiles are the faster, more dangerous weapon. They are also driven by adults. Anybody can ride a bike or walk across the street and these people come in all ages (kids), shapes (kids) and sizes (kids).  They are the ones that need to be protected.

I’m looking forward on seeing some bike paths and better side walks.