‘Self-Service Bicycle Rent/Sharing Program’ (by the sea)

At the June 21st council meeting, there was talk on bringing ‘Bicycle Rental & Sharing’ to Long Beach. From the proceedings:

A “Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Contract for a Self-Service Bicycle Rent/Sharing Program for the City of Long Beach” was tabled

With the Quiksilver Pro this September, bicycle rentals could be a cash cow for the city. But what about the long run? I guess if the rental kiosks are strategically placed in the right locations, it could work.  In other words, don’t put one in the Waldbaums shopping center.

So what do you guys think? Do you think something like this might work in Long Beach, or will it suffer the same fate as the pedi-cab experiment of 2009?



*photo is unrelated to Long Beach, NY.

4 Replies to “‘Self-Service Bicycle Rent/Sharing Program’ (by the sea)”

  1. It’s a terrible idea.

    People will treat them rough because they’re rentals and maybe even make off with individual bikes once a deposit has been made.

    Between destructive teenagers, and the other anti-social elements in this town

    I wouldn’t expect the fleet to survive the year in working order.

  2. It’s really tough to say. It works in so many municipalities across the world, but this is NY and a lot of people here don’t care about property. There, I said it. a lot of Kids here are bored and need to destroy things in order to look cool in front of their friends. Something you don’t see in cities like Seattle – an area that i’ve been to over 10 times and never see the stuff I see here. Whenever I leave NY, I am always shocked when I come back and I see all the graffiti, damage and garbage. enough with my rant……

    If Long Beach plans on doing bike rentals, they should just set up one kiosk in the best location that would be protected from destruction.

  3. Bike sharing programs are wonderful and work in places around the world that have have an existing bike culture; bike routes and an equal share of the roads with cars. We do not currently have that in Long Beach (but we could, and quite easily).

    As this proposal stands, the company would introduce up to 400 bikes into the community. Long Beach cannot at this time handle 400 more bikes on the sidewalks and/or roads. Furthermore, these bikes would more than likely be rented to out of towners which is great for business in areas not surrounding the LIRR; however, without bike lanes and an understanding of the flow of traffic in this city (I’m thinking of the West End in particular on this one) this could lead to a potential traffic clog and safety issue for bikers, drivers and pedestrians.

    A second issue is the lack of parking we already have. On any summer day there is a shortage of bike racks which leads bikes to be locked to the boardwalk ramps or using inconvenient placed structures that create unsafe sidewalks for pedestrians, strollers and handicapped. If there is a need for bike racks as it is, where would the installation of between 20 – 40 locking racks for up to 400 rental bikes exactly be?

    Third – and most important- is the local bike shops that already rent bikes. The owner of Buddy’s Bikes on Beech St and Local Cycles on Park were not aware of this program; they simply were not approached by any member of the council about a need to bump up bike rentals and/or to make them more conveniant. Charles Theofan simply did not approach them. What gives? Since when has Long Beach shut our their own business owners to favor out of state business?

    And finally, this bike sharing program would lock our city into a 6 year contract. 6 years.

    While I understand the need to bump up revenue via 10% share of profits via advertising, the consequences to our streets, business owners and overall safety is not worth it.

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