More Bike Rental Info (girls not included).

The Long Beach Patch has more information on the city bike rental service. (see – City May Add 800 Wheels to Long Beach Streets). The article answers the following questions:

  • Why don’t we use local bike shops?
  • Why did the city signed a six-year contract?
  • Are bike lanes in the mix?
  • How much money could this potentially bring to the city?

One interesting fact from the article is that DecoBike will be the operators.  From what I understand, Decobike runs a top notch bike rental service that works really well in Miami. Their website gives us a sneak peak of what to expect here in Long Beach:

How To Use DECOBIKE (Instructional Video) from DECOBIKE on Vimeo.

Source: Long Beach Patch – City May Add 800 Wheels to Long Beach Streets

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  1. I love the idea of more bikes and less cars, but they need to fix the Park Ave situation. You aren’t supposed to ride bikes on the sidewalk in front of the stores and there arent enough bike racks.

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