LB CityBeat – Summer 2011

The latest issue of Citybeat (no relation to Teen Beat) should be in your mailbox, but for those who can’t wait, you can view it online. Citybeat Summer 2001 –

Highlights include:

  1.  0% Tax Increase approved by City Council – 100% of the tax payers in Long Beach should be happy about this one.
  2. Dog Run near the skate park.  – Don’t we have a dog run already? It’s called my front lawn.
  3. New street lights (fixtures?) –  Are we talking bulbs or the lamp posts? and if so, will these be the same ones that were installed last summer near E. Broadway & Long Beach Blvd?
  4. New parking mall between Monroe & Long Beach Blvd.  – This needs to be done, but I love the trees at this mall. They’re most likely to be removed since they take up too many parking spots…  I’m also surprised they plan on doing this work now, to be completed in October, since parking is going to be extremely scarce when the Quiksilver Pro rolls into town. 

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