Long Beach Contracting Out Security for Quiksilver Pro (and is hiring)

The ASP/Quiksilver Pro news train just keeps rolling out this week.

Were you wondering how the LBPD was possibly going to handle crowds that could be greater than 20,000 per day on top of continuing to police this city – Even though some rowdy kids can start a riot.  Were you wondering how Long Beach was going to pay overtime on all those cops without raising the Debt Ceiling?  Or perhaps how the Live Site was going to be secured overnight without calling in the National Guard?

Well, no need to wonder anymore.  The amazing solution?  Contract it out!  Because of course, when you’re running security, contractors are always the best solution!

So who are these  masked contracting pros?  No, not Blackwater or anything spooky like that, just New York-based Summit Security Services Inc.  I’m sure they won the contract because they already have a huge cadre of trained professionals ready to go.  Well, no, not exactly.

Wait, what?  Long Beach has just put up a “help wanted” ad on behalf of this company to fill out the ranks of this rent-a-cop force.   An “open house” will be held at town hall on the 20th and 27th.  Interesting, because this was only posted today, and by my calendar it’s the 21st.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

It gets better.  They’re also hiring medical personell too!  Don’t hold your breath for that ambulance to come during the competition.  The contractors will be the first responders.  I feel safer already.

I’m loving the mental picture right now – bands of temporary workers with “authority“, wandering the streets of Long Beach at night around the superblock – perhaps with walkie-talkies and pepper spray – keeping order over Broadway and the surrounding area.  Swell.

But, don’t worry you too can earn “extra income” while working “flexible hours.”

And while NYS Licensed Security Officers are preferred, they are by no means the only people who can get a crack at the job!

According to their website, SSS has run security at the Belmont Stakes and the US Tennis Open.  Perhaps a reader can comment if you’ve been to either of those events as to the candor and skill of the security staffs there.

Of course, I do hope Quiksilver is paying for this security force, but it is always possible part of the way LB attracted the competition here was by offering to pick up the tab on this.

One alternative: let’s just deputize a whole bunch more of the Blue Shirts – the beach party patrol that goes around sniffing for booze and yelling at youngsters to walk their bikes on the boardwalk.  I see that working out almost as well as the current plan.

While my tone is clearly pessimistic, should we look at this as a good thing?  Is LB finding a way to handle security without breaking the bank or is this just a way of doing the job on the cheap?


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4 thoughts on “Long Beach Contracting Out Security for Quiksilver Pro (and is hiring)”

  1. Hi JMack,

    Thanks for the comment.

    First off, I am a big supporter of the Quiksilver Pro coming to Long Beach. I’m a fan of surfing and Long Beach – this is a win, win if done right.

    All I am doing is asking questions. I’m not sure how the Allegria fits into this, but I for one, have concerns that a month before an unprecedented event does the hosting town become required to start holding a job fair for a third party company that in theory should be on top of this.

    Now, to me, that’s how it appears because Long Beach has punted publicly on a lot of details. This could all be part of some big plan that has not yet been made available to the public at large, but then, there is reason for me to speculate.

    I appreciate you keeping up with this and if you have any news that I haven’t heard, please forward it along.


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