JAX Tacos and Dogs @ Sugo Cafe (The Taco Edition)

Alan, the owner of Sugo Cafe told me that it started off as a goof, but the feedback was so positive that it became full time gig. I am talking about Jax Tacos and Dogs (62 W. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY), the satellite food joint attached his main restaurant Sugo Cafe.

Today’s taco specials were: blackened fish, jerk chicken, Korean & pulled-brisket, but Alan made me feel like I could order anyting I want.  In fact, the couple after me mentioned to him that they were vegetarians. Alan quickly said, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll whip something up.”  I, on the other hand, am a man that needs guidance when it comes to food, so I just stuck to the menu and ordered all four of the ‘menu’ tacos – to be split with my wife of course.

The tacos are 5 bucks each, 2 for $9 and are well worth it. We couldn’t pick out a favorite because they all were very different from each other: The pulled-brisket had a pico de gallo with a kick; the jerk chicken had a pineapple / mango salsa and was also slightly spicy; the blackened fish had guacamole and the korean was bbq beef & kimchi. Just thinking about these tacos makes me want to go back.

Alan came over and asked how they were and I told him how I wanted to just sit in front of his place all day and tell people to eat there.  A little bit of a disclaimer: I’ve been to Sugo Cafe a lot and Alan recognizes me and my wife.  Has no idea that I write this blog, btw.  He thanked me for my kind comment and came out a few minutes later with a small chili on a corn chip treat. It was a great way to end our lunch.

Wait a minute? What about the dogs? Well, didn’t have one today, but I will pretty soon!

Jax Tacos and Dogs  
62 W. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY

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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know, but I am guessing between noon and late at night. We went for lunch, but I have seen folks eating there after 8pm. If I do have one negative, it’s that everything is up in the air. No menu was posted and you have to hope that somebody is at the window ready to take your order.

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