Quiksilver Pro Gets a Map

To continue my contest Quiksilver Pro coverage, the topper is the official event and Live Site map for September’s Quiksilver Pro.

Apologies for the low quality image, but all attempts to get actual info from Quiksilver has led to a whole lot of nothing. I headed down to LB Surf yesterday and was able to pick up the whole event program – which is pretty neat. I’ll put up some impressions and additional info from that later on.

The first thing that stands out to me is what’s noticeably absent. I’ve put together a little Google Map below. While the Allegeria is Quiksilver HQ, the map would lead you to think they are next door to the Live Site, when in fact, there’s oh say a few hundred people living in the White Sands and the Avalon between the hotel and the SUPERBLOCK. Perhaps there are a few more demolition orders going around that haven’t quite gone out. Sorry folks!

According to this map, they will be building Live Site features all the way to the edge of the boardwalk, requiring the clearing the historical rubble that remains there (even though upon inspection, I have no idea how they are going to get all that concrete out in less than 30 days).

And on the topic of the boardwalk, it looks like all the entrances will be located on the boardwalk itself.

And sorry to all those that have heard the rumor that a beer garden would be going in the junkyard next to the Allegria. According to the map, that’s where the media trucks will be setting up shop, though there is a beer tent in the Live Site.

Finally, and this is just a guess based on the number of jetties they decided to draw into the map that’s clearly not to scale, it looks like the Live Site will stretch about halfway into the lot between Riverside and Long Beach Road. Again, just a guess based on the map they are providing.

What stands out to you here?

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