Is that a “Cat Dying?” (Long Beach’s New Siren)

Summer in Long Beach.  The gentle lapping of waves.  The graceful squawking of seagulls.  The car horns, the yelling, and the sirens of firefighters, police, and other emergency responders rushing up and down congested roads.It might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing way to spend the summer, but it’s an unavoidable fact of life here.  So when a car is double parked on Broadway, I’m sure we’ve all heard a fire engine laying on the klaxon to get the otherwise oblivious driver out of the way.  But if you’re like me, you’ve heard something different latley.  From my perspective, it started around May.

It was a strange ethereal rise and fall of a noise that sounded like a mix between a car alarm whose battery was running low and some sort of Close Encounter with the Third Kind.  Immediately drawn to the sound, I looked out the window to see none of the above, but instead an ambulance zipping by.

So, I finally gave the LBFD a ring to get to the bottom of this alarming story.

When Long Beach Fire Chief Richard Corbett first heard the new alarm, he asked himself “is that a cat dying?”  He too, found the alarm quite odd, but got passed the noise quickly because of its results.

Corbett said recent studies have shown this sound to be far more effective at getting people’s attention and at cutting through other noises – perhaps a teen driver blasting the latest Ga or whatever else the  youths are listening too.  And he says he’s seen it work, “it just grabs your attention.”  And that’s the point.

The new siren starts off with the weird new noise, but can also transition into the normal alert siren we’re all used to.

Right now, the siren is only on Long Beach’s brand new primary-responding ambulance, but by the sounds of it, most ambulances and fire trucks may have alarm systems like this in the future.  At least we don’t have the new alarm system being used in other parts of the country, the rumbler.  Love it or hate it, the new sound is here to stay.

So what do you think about this siren: irritating or alerting?

32 Replies to “Is that a “Cat Dying?” (Long Beach’s New Siren)”

  1. Some one INCLUDING the Police who seems to ticket you for everything else, should do something about these Car Alarms that are going off constantly near the Boardwalk.

  2. The valets really make pests out of themselves. and why are they allowed to block off part of the intersection for them to reserve for parking their customers cars on CITY streets!!!!!

  3. Here we go again with hotel complaints… LOL can’t figure out why people want this place to fail. If this place makes it helps LB.

    Here is an idea for those residents who are complaining.. why not start using the valet if you can’t find a spot.

  4. And why does the Manager Charles Theofan, the Police, etc allow the Hotel to have those Gigantic Buses park on the Edwards lot where it clearly says, “NO ENTRY, Police Cars Only”? and they park there over night as they are today.

  5. Certainly is a mystery. As to the big bus – the Hotel holds the Jones Beach contract in part or in whole. Whenever there’s an act at Jones Beach, they will generally stay at the hotel – very convenient for them! That bus is either Weezer’s or the Flaming Lips.

  6. This will be a two-week lesson on Mistakes made, and on what not to do anymore.
    I think it is interesting that the people who do not live here in the community are the people making these ridiculous decisions.
    Our representatives, elected or not should come from the community.
    A prime example is the people making the ridiculous decisions on what the Hotel is allowed to do and get away with doing.

  7. oh please…have you ever met Theofan?? Talked to him?? Done anything with him?? I have! I am not political in anyway. I meet him over an a few issues in my neighborhood. He was understanding and truly wanted to help. Felt like he was pro_LB and truly wanted to help.

    I live near the hotel and find no issues with it at ALL…In fact love stopping by and getting a drink on Friday night. I also like looking at the nice cars in the private “city parking lot”. I also pay taxes and careless that they are allowed to do that.

  8. Maybe everyone would be happy if a low income building would go where the hotel is? GIVE ME A BREAK GET OVER IT….THE HOTEL IS A LOT BETTER THAN WHAT COULD BE…BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR

  9. This town doesn’t need anymore attractions or gimmicks. The locals and people that pay a lot of money to live near the beach don’t want any of that. The city needs to stop commercializing our town. Get rid of the hotel’s special privileges, if they want to be welcomed here, then let them abide by the Cities rules. Stop letting them park cars wherever they want. Cancel this deco-bike fiasco! This town is not Coney Island.. Listen to your constituents and fix the boardwalk! This town is not a tourist attraction, we live here.

  10. Gimmicks? I have lived here for forty years and you are talking about gimmicks? This town needs help. You are right we pay ALOT of money to live here. The west end is a dump. The sidewalks are urine and puke infested. City hall looks like the same one from the movie back to the future. Your right it’s not Coney Island. Have you ever been there?I assure you there are no high end hotels or condos in Coney Island. This is a beach, and there is and always will be parking issues….parking issues occur in places people want to be..
    I can assure you we did not have parking issues in the 80’s….. People didn’t want to come here then….
    As Earl says be careful what you wish for…..

  11. Speak for your self..” we don’t want any of that” I want the high end hotel and the wealthy folks it brings.. I want the city to attract folks so they will shop in local stores. If local stores close and we have empty stores would that make you happy? How about more dollar stores and less ohh lala type stores? People who go to the hotel also shop, eat, and play in LB bringing money to the community. Money that pays things. You are so short sided.. why not move to another section of the boardwalk away from the Hotel.. How about Lindell where the drug/mental hospital is maybe that would be more pleasing for you.

  12. Great Post… Thank You.
    LB Resident if you like the way things are, then great for you… WE DON’T
    We Don’t like the Hotel’s getting special privileges, we don’t like the Monument on the lot being torn up for a 8 day event for the tourists, so that they could buy Sausage and Pepper sandwiches.

  13. People that go to the hotel drop their money there and go home, we have to live with the MESS that the Hotel makes.


  14. What mess does the hotel make? Is it the same mess that comes from the section 8 housing across the street?
    Get a grip WE love the Hotel
    Suzie pack you bags!

  15. Suzy who are we?? We the extremely old who want the nursing homes back?? We the section 8 who want more beach front housing??

    NO it’s are upset about the special privileges, the surf comp
    FYI they are not doing Sausage and pepper sandwiches..that right there tells me how old you are!!

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