Biddy Mulligan’s Comes to Town (With the Best Specials in the City)

Rejoice residents…. another bar – excuse me, Pub – in Long Beach that claims to have Irish proclivities.

A month or so ago, Biddy Mulligan’s opened on East Park between Riverside and Edwards (22 East Park to be exact).  Living close by, I was quite excited to take a stroll and see what the new establishment had to offer.  Another knockoff Irish bar or a good time, read on for my impressions.

Fillling the old hibachi spot, the owners have clearly put a lot of time and money into the interior and exterior and haven’t simply thrown some shamrocks on the wall of a Japanese place.  Inside you’re greeted by a large U-shaped bar, flanked on both walls by two-seater booth tables.  Hanging through the bar are large flat screens featuring baseball, ESPN, and of course football and other euro sports.  Down the hallway to the right is the  restaurant seating area.  While some of my neighbors think of this as a weird layout, I prefer having the bar more separate from the restaurant eating area.  The pub has an excellent outdoor area that’s built into the recessed front of the restaurant, so no fearing roaming bicyclers colliding into your pints.

From what I understand, this will be the fourth bar (pub) from the same guy that brought you Stingers in RVC and Paddy Power in Merrick (among others).  With him, comes an experienced waitstaff and and at least one veteran chef from one of his other establishments.  This combo of experience seems to take care of the hiccups that some new establishments have been plagued with in their early weeks.

To the point, and why I really like this place:  the drink special.  Everyday from open to 7PM all drinks are $4.  It doesn’t get much better than that (well running the special all night too might help wink wink).  Selection is good too, about 10 beers on tap, including Blue Point and some nice Irish choices.

And the ultimate test? I ordered a pint of the dark stuff, fearing the classic lazy bartender pour (filling the Guinness straight to the top), but was pleasantly surprised to see the her perfectly pour the pint. Upon additional returns, I’ve seen other bartenders also aptly pour additional pints.

The food: the menu has an extensive selection of sandwiches and munchies – perfect bar food, and a more elaborate entrees section. While I’ve only dabbled in the “bar food” part of the menu, I found the food to be alright – not great. The prices here are very reasonable, so while the sandwich I had might have not been the best I’ve ever had, for 7.25 it was pretty good to wash down the cheap beers.  I’ve heard from others that the main courses – from the steaks to Frenchie’s Chicken are quite good, while the Shepards Pie was lackluster.  Irish staples are something they will have to work on if they want to become known as a true pub, as opposed to an Irish watering hole.

I haven’t yet been here to “party” later at night (perhaps after the volleyball leagues let out on week nights) so can’t attest to the crowd or the “scene” then, but please comment if you have.

I’ve swung through here a few times over the last three weeks and have really enjoyed it. I found the pub a nice casual spot (with great AC on the hotter days). The staff is friendly and outgoing and the drinks get the job done, though the food could still be tweaked to bring it up passed “alright” – at least the food I had. Without a doubt I’m a fan and will be back.

Who else has been down here?  What are your impressions?  A stop for you and your friends or just another money pit for the tourists?

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  1. I was there and I agree with you, this place is awesome. It’s about time we had a new and exciting place to go to in LB, instead of those same old rip off joints with the waiter that have attitudes larger than the portions that they serve.

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