Live Site Construction Update (Under the Gun, Under the Sun)


UPDATE 8/7: On Saturday, crews were back and finished the huge first section of platform, and have begun a second section.  The second section starts halfway down the boardwalk next to the metal rail, and is actually being built some 8 feet above the boardwalk (higher than the metal rail).  Are they working in the rain today?  Please post below.

As the buzz builds towards Surfpocalypse,  I rolled past the Live Site on the SUPERBLOCK and was blown away by the progress.  I talked to a few of the workers and snapped some photos of it.  Following up on this post, it turns out they did indeed get the job done with only two trucks, and are now fast at work leveling out the remaining sand and building the decking that will go to the boardwalk.

According to the construction workers, the decking will run 120 feet from the boardwalk towards broadway.  It is level with the boardwalk and will serve as a platform for tents and will also be the entry point into the Live Site.  The guys said it will “go most of the way” down the boardwalk “with a few breaks.”  They were working fast, and had all sorts of gizmos to help level the platforms.  They said the whole project will take 2-3 weeks, but that likely includes other jobs, because they were making fast progress.

Farther down the boardwalk by Riverside, I got the scoop that they are not removing the remaining concrete – that will stay, but is now exposed and dug out.  So for all those history buffs out there, there will remain some of the WWII defenses for some time on the SUPERBLOCK.

Now the last bit of news I got from the very nice construction dudes was that the SUPERBLOCK lot to the east of Riverside will be where the stage is built for concerts.  This fits into the map outlined by Quiksilver, but also better confirms the location of the stage for the concerts.

While I was there, I happened to start talking to a gentleman on a bike who lives on Lafeyette named Dave. He was curious about the competition and what was going on the site.  To paraphrase his response to the cleanup, he said “good riddance” and saw it as a sign of progress for an area that has not had any real development in years.  I’ve got to say, I agree with him and with all these pieces moving, am getting more excited about the event.

Some additional photos follow.

It’s one big game of legos and Jenga putting the platform in

With all sorts of buzzy gizmos, they place, level, and set the platform ahead of the event


Showing some detail on the legs – let’s hope they packed that sand!

Looking east, showing both the leveled sand, and the remaining concrete

Looking west, showing the leveled site, still under construction

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  1. Oh Lordy, what we are in for. All this for 8-10 days of nonsense. They should have put this show on in Coney Island with the rest of the freak shows.

  2. The “foundation block” is a term that is interchangeable with “superblock”. That site has seen the lb hotel. The foundation for a new lb hotel that was never finished. World war II defenses. An amusement park. And then 20 years as an abandoned lot that hasn’t been able to secure financing for any construction projects. I think you can call it a whole lot of things and SUPERBLOCK in caps is just fun to write.

  3. Jack – are we all little babies? oh no….not my poor city. I don’t want any of those people here. This is new and exciting….get on board or move out.

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