Allegria ‘Trip Advisor’ tampering & rating update. (The Love/Hate Continues!)

With all the Chapter 11 rumors & facts, Surfpocalypse coming to town and a new rooftop pool, I figured it’s time to do an update on the rating of everybody’s favorite hotel: The Allegria (80 West Broadway- Long Beach NY 11561).

First of all, we must talk about the warning message (see image on the right) concerning ‘rating tampering’ that has been posted on the Allegria’s tripadvisor page. This was noticed by our new contributor Adeel, who writes:

I dont think I have ever seen that warning on tripadvisor for any other hotel, ever. I dont know if its anything nefarious, per se, but its definitely kind of funny. Just thought I would send it your way. 

Before we go on accusing the Allegria folks for tampering, let’s look at this from a business perspective. This sort of thing must happen at least 90% of the time. The internet is a dangerous place; most people who leave ratings do it out of frustration. Maybe the Allegria was trying to “correct” some “unfair” comments. Besides, I know if I opened an establishment, I’d make sure all my friends leave glowing reviews; even if the place sucks. What do you think? Is it the Allegria’s fault??? (A common theme on this site). Or, are all the ratings genuine?

Now, on to the ratings:

Let’s pretend that all these ratings are genuine. Based on the chart above, the Allegria really stepped up their game. Just by looking at the ‘excellent’ & ‘terrible’ categories, in September 2009, the ‘excellent’ to ‘terrible’ ratio was 1:1. That stayed the same a year later in 2010 after a lot more votes. Today, in 2011 – ‘excellent’ gained major ground with a 7:4 ratio.

The ‘average’ category continuously gets the lowest amount of votes. People just don’t have a mediocre time there; they either love it or hate it. Posted a year ago in August 2010, The Allegria: a love/hate affair still applies. Based on the comments on this blog, that holds true. According to you, this hotel is either the greatest thing that ever happened to Long Beach or it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

In the Allegria’s defense, a lot of the negative ratings aren’t fair. You can’t give it 1 star because the place is overpriced. I mean, don’t you do research beforehand? Come on people!  That being said, I’ll leave you with a few tripadvisor comments that will make you laugh (or cry):

“Engagement Night Ruined By Terrible Service” My now fiance booked for us to stay at this hotel fourth of July weekend as a surprise because he was proposing. He booked a “Dolce Vita” package, which was anything but Dolce.

“Ridiculously awful” There are not enough bad words in the English language to express how awful the hotel is. 

“Filthy! Falling apart already!” This hotel is disgusting! It look great at first glance, but every corner has dirt and hair. The walls are scuffed up. No air conditioning. Who ever built the place did a great job, who ever maintains the place is a pig! 

“Over Hyped all the way” I can’t begin to tell you how unprofessional the “children” that they have running the hotel were..

Ouch! I stayed at the Allegria. I liked it. But then again, I am a very easy going person and don’t expect much. It will be interesting to see how these ratings move after the Surfpocalypse this September.

21 Replies to “Allegria ‘Trip Advisor’ tampering & rating update. (The Love/Hate Continues!)”

  1. Awesome – love the stat crunching. My mom had seen the same thing a few months ago and agreed, she’d never seen that warning on any trip advisor page before.

  2. After reading some of the reviews ripping the hotel for lack of AC, service, being double charged, and various other disasters, this review is sandwiched between one called “over priced” and another called “over hyped, with five stars in all categories:

    “Awesome hotel! Felt like I was in South Beach! Loved the rooftop pool and the and the service they provide with the cabana boys on the beach. The best bartenders and wait staff ever! Danielle was my favorite! They do everthing possible to make your stay comfortable and the Manager even charged my blackberry for me when I forgot my charger! I LOVE THIS PLACE!”

    Also the review is called “Best hotel in Long Beach,” forgetting the fact that it is the only hotel in Long Beach.

    And user “cclove11” has one and only review to her/his credit. Very interesting. Further, this “review” reads more like an advertisement or a brochure on the hotel. This is what trip advisor is flagging. Reviews that are comically over the top from users with 1 review to their name. “south beach?” Really? That’s the exact idea Allegria has been cultivating in their marketing this summer, like in this video:

  3. Alright, still going on a rant. But this one is epic:

    Wantagh, New York
    1 review

    ““Great stay”
    Reviewed June 27, 2011
    This place is a perfect getaway from NYC. The beach access is wonderful w/ the Chairs and umbrellas waiting for you. The Cabana boys were great in getting you towels food/whatever you wanted. The hotel itself was spotless and bartenders at the bar were extremely helpful and genorous. The upstairs bar/lounge will be something when it opens up.”

    Why would a person from Wantagh mention it is a perfect getaway from NYC? He would have been coming from farther East than Long Beach. Then “The upstairs bar/lounge will be something when it opens up.” why would you review something you haven’t even been able to see or use? From a patron’s perspective you would see construction and closed areas – why would you even mention this?

    Again, 1 review to the persons name, joined in 2011, five stars given, and reads like an advert

  4. Wow….I could definitely pick out all the bad ones and say that they came from that shack of a building across the street….Give me a break…Can you report on something other than the Allegria?

  5. Oh and your a review specialist? Give me a break. Read the bad ones they read like someone who does not want a hotel in their neighborhood
    Good luck when section 8 comes in

  6. Hi Earl,

    I made no generalization about “all” the good reviews just as one shouldnt generalize “all” the bad ones there are plenty that are clearly real and informative about the good and bad. I’m sure there are other fake reviews going the other way but haven’t seen any as over the top as these. And the most glaring “bad” reviews are by users of trip advisor with several reviews over a span of time under their belt. That’s the difference.

    And as to my credentials as a “review specialist” – I write on the Internet a lot. I read and write reviews on sites just like trip advisor all the time. They all have similar styles and patterns. I’m just pointing out a few that seem “interesting” to someone curious about the story.

    Feel free to tune into our continuing coverage of the Quiksilver Pro if that is more to your liking or please suggest any stories you may have about town!


  7. I like to report on the Allegria because people like to comment on the Allegria. See? You commented!

    Thanks for visiting the site. If you have any story suggestions, please let us know. Otherwise, just skip the ones you don’t want to read. It’s a free country after all…

  8. Oh, silly me and all this time I thought that the “wonderful South Beach like hotel” reviews were real! NOT!!

    Really, who would write these things about the hotel’s “Wonderful and Friendly desk clerks, and Managers, and Beach Boys, and Room Service people, and near by shopping, if not HYPED!
    I read the reviews and I die laughing thinking that they really expect people to believe them.
    Especially when they write about their “the culinary excellence” with the Chef. A “hidden treasure” Give us a break!
    I was there only once and that was all it took to see that the food sucks. And the service sucks.

  9. my most recent allegria experience involved calling the hotel’s main number at 9:30 p.m. on a tues evening and listening to it ring and ring for at least ten minutes. I was told the next day that reservations are closed at that time (okay but no one answers the phone on general principle?) Interesting because i was cancelling a reservation and the website and my confirmation indicated i must call to cancel a reservation. Perhaps if the Allegria management had some competition from a chain hotel or a bed and breakfast, they might revisit that policy. When you are the only game in town, you win!

  10. First off if you write on the Internet “a lot” that in now way shape or form makes you a review specialist. I read the reviews and Earl is 100 percent correct. If is so clear that many of the negative reviews come from people who live around the hotel and do not want it to succeed. Most of the negative reviews have only 1 review in their history?????? Come on now Shaun? Little fishy?
    Why don’t you write about what a dump Waldbaums is and how these bodegas are ruining our city??? Too political for you??? Step up and talk about real problems…talk about the things people are afraid to talk about…don’t take the easy way out

  11. As per “real problems,” I live in Long Beach. Things are so good here even with the “political” bodegas and “dumpy” Waldbaums, that the only “real problems” we have to talk about are goofy stories about how the hotel could be messing around with a website – and stories on bars, history, restaurants, a massive surfing event, the death of a local, fires, real estate, and development.

    Life is good!

    “Review specialist” is a comical term created by Earl and I was ironically using it. I’m sure you’re as much an “expert” as I am.

    Trip Advisor, not I, said these reviews are suspect. A hotel should never be in a situation where they are even possibly suspected of falsifying reviews, it is beyond juvenile and unprofessional. It is the internet, people write nasty stuff about you, get over it, and make sure the actual “guests” never have anything to complain about. That will fix your review problem in a hurry.

    And why does this conversation constantly devolve into “The hotel is great” or “I want the hotel to fail.” It is somehow possible that there is a middle ground. I personally, do live very close to the hotel. I, more than most, want the hotel to do great and fit right in to the community. This idea that if I, or others (while some are over-the-top negative and short-sighted) are negative about an aspect of the hotel that immediately means I want it shut down and “returned to section 8 housing” is ridiculous.

    If a restaurant is in town, charging a fortune and delivering crap, I’m going to complain and be negative about it. If a service opens and does a poor job, I’m going to be negative about it. That doesn’t mean I want that business to fail – instead the opposite. I want them to do better and succeeded because they have that potential.

    It is the exact same thing with the Hotel. They have an amazing opportunity to anchor a new wave of tourism and luxury in Long Beach, and they seemingly have squander many opportunities, and have had a number of hiccups along the way. They are seemingly given many breaks by the City to aid them in being successful – from lax parking rules to hosting city and county functions there – and that puts them under greater scrutiny.

  12. Great article Sean. I am a LB resident, and have gone to the Allegria a few times. I found their food and drinks to be great. With that being said, the Allegria isn’t trying very hard to be “a part” of the LB lifestyle. Personally, I would like to see them welcome the community a bit more, ESPECIALLY during the winter, when I’m sure very few people are trying to stay at the Allegria, why not welcome the residents with drink specials, happy hours, etc?

  13. I ate there 3 times and didn’t care for it at all.
    The first time we said, ok, the place is new give them another chance.

    The second time was even worse.
    The third time was for lunch only, we figured how can they screw up lunch? They showed us how.
    That was strike Three.

  14. I stayed at the hotel for three days in Sept 2009(after Labor day), though expensive,I enjoyed it. Let me add, however,this was my first visit to Long Beach since I left for Florida on May 16,1966.

  15. Hobehum,

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Long Beach after not seeing it for so long; how much it has changed since then.

    If you ever wish to write something for the blog on that topic, please contact me.


  16. I’ve been hearing various rumors in regards to Allegria hotel. Just wondering if anyone can answer the following

    Is it true that the Allegria hotel is allowed to, serve alcohol on the beach.. Also is it true that they charge $15.00 to park your car when you dine at their restaurant?

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